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  1. I started just as young. Remember that YOU are always in command when you walk on the ball-field. Daddy coaches tend to want to self-police for some-reason, but you make the decisions and do not allow them to bicker at each other. It sounds like you are getting into the rules (at least the local fools' rules, make sure you give the same attention to the real book for when you move up) and that you care/having fun. With experience you will find the right mix of approachability and don't-mess-with-me confidence and when it is appropriate to act as such.
  2. If you had him in previous games I say that's enough right there.
  3. Coach: "Listen here buddy, this is 10U baseball. Every close call is an out". Partner: "I didn't have a tag coach, but I'll remember that next half inning". Another game coach: "You've got to be smoking crack!" I have no clue why, but how he said it I could barely not laugh out loud.
  4. I never said that simply carrying a ball into DBT was a one base award, although apparently after the rule change it is.
  5. 'Catch and Carry' didn't mean there had to be a catch... just covered carrying a ball into deadball, which 97% of the time was preceded by a catch. This scenario would have been one of the other 2%.
  6. Hey, I know OBR well. Damn well IMHO. I check FED each spring, because I know they're volatile. I don't really expect MLB to fiddle with rare umpire-level knowledge rules that aren't going to make media time. But point taken, spring will include checking the new book not just re-reading.
  7. Damn. That's no fun. I don't really expect fundamental rules like that to change, but I guess I should browse this site more than just the offseason.
  8. What am I missing here? This is under catch and carry, unless the catcher throws the ball or falls down, him going into the dugout doesn't mean anything. R2 is definitely being called out, but the play is still live.
  9. DVA7130


    These rules are worse than LL.....
  10. DVA7130


    I will in youth and travelball games consistently. I almost never will in a high school game though. Even though I don't have a problem with them professionally, I hold myself to an arbitrary 'higher' standard on the pretty diamonds.
  11. This whole damn thing makes my blood boil. I would burn every bridge possible and raise Hell with GHSA if I was on that game. A proper appeal upheld and the correct ruling made by rule. What am I missing here?
  12. I've been out of HS for a month now, what happened?
  13. My own video from a recent MLB game. http://m.mlb.com/video/v1339221683/balnyy-showalter-gets-tossed-after-balk-call-in-9th/?query=balk
  14. I can't imagine any of us wouldn't call that strike if just for the laughs. Very few to none coaches would ever argue this because they are jumping on their player for being a boneheaded hotdog.
  15. The area is actually pretty upscale, and I don't think you would feel very unsafe especially compared to Turner Field. Best parking is across the freeway.
  16. I couldn't imagine reck ball being expected to be solo if it was kid pitch. The varying conditions across the country are interesting.
  17. That was intentional. I like the call on the field.
  18. I agree that is nothing. It can be, 'fixed' by the catcher tagging the runner coming home!
  19. Are LL guys thought 1BLX only on plays at the plate? In the GA/TN on the no slide play at plate that leaded into the ridiculous replay review debacle (WTH was that?..) I think HBP made his life so much harder by not rotating.
  20. The fact that I wasn't aware of this interpretation, and likely missed this 100 times, does not bode well. I can see strong arguments that he disengaged, as in the video. Does this apply to FED similarly?
  21. So this is well agreed regardless of where the pivot foot lands? I feel like this is going to cause havoc at the lower levels.
  22. I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I don't see it. Could I get the explanation?
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