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    Coach on field

    First things first and this is a pet peeve of mine that a lot of umps let go. Do not allow coaches to sit on a bucket outside the dugout or stand outside the dugout. You are asking for trouble and they do not belong there As far as what you were asking about. I always address it at the plate meeting when I say coaches if you would like to discuss a call please call for time and wait for it to be granted. This stops coaches from coming out while play is still going and teaches them that I am their daddy and they better ask my permission lol


    I am confused here. If a pitcher with runner on throws from the windup and pauses for 3 seconds it seems to me my 64 year old mother could steal a base in that time. If he starts the motion and throws to a bag at anytime it’s a balk otherwise it’s just a kid that pauses and allows everyone to steal with ease

    Hit by pitch

    Why would a coach stand there for a minute and watch a child in pain? I feel horrible for the kid. I never check on kids that get hurt because of liability. I will lean down and ask if they are ok or do you need a coach and summon him. If a coach did this I would give him a wtf look as in wtf are you lazy or stupid, your player is hurt come help him.
  4. Ok weird situation that happened last night. Batter in box all the way back and catcher in normal position. Pitch comes in and batter takes a swing that looks to be not normal and swings almost down at the back of the box hitting the catchers glove. My question is can you call intent from the batter to hit the catchers glove on purpose? The ump called it that way and everyone blew up but after the game one of the batters teammates said he was trying to do that. Never had this happen and not sure if there is even a case play for it

    Dropped third strike

    Wow just wow I am both speechless and as a UIC I feel like I should apologize to you for what he did and said. This is not even a hard call to make no ideal how a UIC would not know this. He had no right to chase you down and then threaten you. I would call the TD and company who ran the tournament and file a complaint.

    Injured player

    We go by obr. League bats roster. Kid gets hurt so it drops them from 12 players to 11. Is it an out when the injured players spot comes up?
  7. He is an assistant who started talking about the zone and wanting to get out of there before the game started. When he started chirping about the zone he is getting a warning and anything after that and he is going home early like he wanted to in the first place
  8. PU did not have a chance as soon as ball dropped everyone started screaming
  9. I had a similar play a few years ago. Bases loaded no outs I am BU. Strike 3 looking catcher drops the ball and everyone starts screaming run including the first base coach so he does. Problem is runner at first takes off also gets half way to second and figures out he is in trouble. Defense tags him out and HC loses his mind on me. He wants dead ball at first then he thinks it is my fault for not telling his runner not to run. I said coach it is not my job nor is it fair to assist your players on the field. Walking back to his third base box he thought it would be a good ideal to yell to his fans that the other team paid us and we were cheating....see ya
  10. I have had a few ejections for doing what you said. No reason for the cleats to ever be thigh high on a slide and if it is that is text book MC see ya. At the youth level we promote sportsmanship first. I have also thrown coaches who tell their kids to take out fielders in the base path.
  11. KCKUMP

    Protest Handling

    In the league I work it is $100 to protest and it’s due before you leave the park. If you win you get your money back if you lose they keep it. In 8 years there not one team has protested a game
  12. My first thought is it is a 3rd grade game and coaches are way too intense. It is a rule in second mound visit pitcher has to be removed. I have had this happen before when a kid was hurt and as soon as defense teams HC came out I told him one word to his pitcher and it’s a visit, however telling a pitcher if he hits one more and he is being pulled is not really a mound visit to me. He was not telling him to follow through or open his hips.
  13. KCKUMP

    Inadequate pitching

    I totally get what you are saying. Nothing is worse then a first place undefeated team playing the last place no win team, being one or two runs away from the spread and deciding to put their worse pitcher who can’t pitch and worse they put the right fielder at catcher so you are about to take a beating. I get what they are doing but at the same time I am hot and now getting hurt so you can make Timmy feel good and he can tell people he caught a few innings. I will admit a few times when I have taken a shot to the cup or arm I have set up behind the batter and called it the best I could. It is ridiculous to expect me to get hurt in a game that is over so Timmy can catch.
  14. I just had this a few weeks ago and after I called it no one said a word. My favorite was last year had a runner come home on a passed ball and slid right into batter who did not move. Batter falls on runner and catcher tags batter looks at me, I say nothing then he tags runner who is still under batter and I signal out. Everyone got a good laugh
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