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  1. "Coach, this is your ball/strike warning. Anything further and you will be ejected." Unless this is FED, there's no reason (in my opinion) to take the 'restrict to the bench' step. In fact, I'm not sure it's a rule-supported option outside of FED games but I could be wrong. Ignore him. Acknowledge him. Warn him. then eject him.
  2. I had this exact situation many years ago when I was still doing travel ball. Coaches coming together to sign card and an assistant came up and offered his opinion about how terrible/horrible/embarrassing I was as an official. Apparently 'Go F**k yourself' is NOT an appropriate response!. Who knew?
  3. Throw me out.....Nope Throw me out.....Nope Throw me out.....Nope Don't boss me....
  4. Cajunyankee


    So if a kid throws a punch but misses, he's not ejected? I hope this is not what you mean?
  5. Got bored. Things are slow!!
  6. Hey Bruda...you're becoming the guy that resurrects old threads on U-E. Aren't you the guy that pokes fun at those guys on ABUA...lol

    Glad to see you posting over here though. This web site seems to have more "action". 

    1. Cajunyankee


      I was thinking that too! I never really spent much time on this site, so these old threads are new for me....

      Glad to be here!

    2. johnnyg08


      It's fun to see some old threads picking up action again!  

  7. A curveball that would have been at the TOP of the letters that the catcher didn't catch was called a strike and the batter didn't like it.....can't imagine why....
  8. Ohh, I gotcha. I lurk here a lot, but haven't posted much. THanks for the welcome.
  9. My Team Wendy retrofit is perfect! Also, my Delta Flex fit with no modifications. I'm 5'11" 200.
  10. So they made 2 modifications that make this protector more-similar to the Wilson products....
  11. Cajunyankee

    Easy one

    Here's your warning: If you do that in another game, I'll eject you again!!!
  12. Who cares what the fans do? Unless they're shooting at each other or actually setting the venue on fire, why would you grab that end of the stick? If they're bothering you (and they should not be able to bother you), it's best to have game management handle them. Understand though, once you acknowledge their presence/behavior, you validate them.....it's best not to.
  13. 12U ball and this guy is cursing loudly and mocking the PU? He's done. Quickly. This is not 'real' baseball (in that the testosterone levels are low if non-existent) and your partner was obviously not a 'real' umpire so the 'real' rules of umpire/partner etiquette don't apply. This guy is gone and anyone on the field that argues with me about the ejection is likely also gone. 12 year olds?!?! Seriously?!?!?
  14. When I was asked the 'What's your zone' question, I always tried to answer 'I'm never sure where it'll be, but by the 3rd inning, hopefully we'll all know'. Tongue-in-cheek and necessary for sure, but funny nonetheless.
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