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  1. I have seen younger umpires do this when asked they advised me that they were taught with 2 outs and a right handed batter go to B.. I was thinking for check swing?? and asked why the response was most likely the play would be at 1st base and they wanted to be that much closer to the play... I dont necessarily disagree with it however i choose to remain in the position im supposed to be in...
  2. Nice!! I have never seen that before
  3. Kill It and advise batter ... no sir stay right there
  4. sounds like the golfer needs a good old fashioned A** Whoopin...
  5. I agree it only applies to the pitcher being in possession of the ball in the circle.
  6. I have used Epic Sports several times without any issues. I agree if you are in a hurry you may want to look somewhere else.
  7. I agree with Mad Max however i have used the Schutt Scorpion shins and loved them the are light weight and comfortable. I used them at the High School Level and had no issues.
  8. smckin


    I agree had to be there however I would lean towards nothing ...
  9. The Batter owns the batters box he is NOT required to vacate or move for the catcher to make a throw. He in no way attempted to interfere with that play. WOW
  10. does the top pad have the plastic plate as well?
  11. smckin


    I am seeing a lot more knuckleballers in central Florida than I used to. however it is generally pitchers that throw decent fastballs and have added the knuckleball in lieu of a curveball and or a slider. I agree that the cutter being thrown with finger pressure is a great tool for young pitchers.
  12. The best one I have found !!!!
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