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  1. At one of the fields the plate is apart of the turf. So as a runner you have no clue if you touch the “plate” or not!
  2. We have 4, 60-90 fields. And 2 of them are half and half. I’m a fan of the turf just so clothes and shoes don’t get dirty (the girlfriend likes it too! :P)
  3. We have the “no sunflower seed” rule. And we are to treat it just like the tobacco rule in NCAA (player ejected, coach ejected) a little much imo but rules are rules. Turf is also rough when you do a lot of games in a day. I’ve noticed a pain in my foot and hip from basically standing on the harder surface and has no give unlike grass
  4. Here in my town, all the fields used for summer ball are turf. So I’ve became used to them and now I want to know what other guys think. Natural or turf? And why?
  5. This kid stood up and walked off what is the “point marked by the dislodged base. So that was my reason for calling him out. But I understand the rule and I should have just let it slide.
  6. That’s how I actually found this website. But unfortunately I coach highschool football in the fall and I won’t be able to go this year. But hopefully if every thing goes as planned I’ll be there in 2020
  7. Heck no! This site is awesome! I just wish I could have found it sooner. Thanks for all your feedback, hopefully I won’t “blow it” next time haha
  8. Are you still firm on the $100 price or are you willing to negotiate?
  9. As soon as I called him out I was 85% sure I had gotten it wrong. But what if the ball goes into left field and the runner gets up and runs towards home? Kill it or let it play out? I hate breakaway bags!!
  10. I was doing my first little league game this evening (I’ve been doing hs and travel ball) but they needed a body so I volunteered to work. The play in question: Runner on 2nd, 1 out. R2 steals 3rd base and slides into the breakaway base. The top of the bag comes off and the runner stands up and gets off the bag without asking for time. The 3rd basemen then tags R2 and I call him out. Nobody complained about the call but I was just curious if once the bag comes off if I kill it right there or wait for a lul in the action so I can call time and fix it.
  11. Hi everyone! I’m new to this site so I thought it would be a good way to learn a few things and give some tips as well. I umpire anywhere from 9u-18u baseball.
  12. I have a youth tournament in Branson Mo this weekend on turf fields. Not gonna be too hot this weekend so it shouldn’t be too bad. I have a total of 15 games over 3 days. This is the 3rd weekend I have done that many games and I survive. (Sore on Monday but it’s all worth it in the end) the max plates I’ll do in a row is 3. And I would rather be behind the plate than in the field
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