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  1. Have a guy looking for Wilson shinguards size 15. Please let me know what you have for sale
  2. Not likely. I wear cloth pads but the wipes would only clean the surface.
  3. One can only hope this is better than the smitty. Ive only had experience with the smitty but they are not my favorite.
  4. Thought I saw Joel make a post something to that extent on the UW main page. It was a few weeks ago. I dont think it looks bad. I just think everyone didnt like the hood under it when Estabrook first started wearing it.
  5. That is a great option. I know some guys who use the card. I just wait the 3 days to get my $$$
  6. BINGO @BT_Blue as far as the OP @wwsodeputy let me ask you this question. When you are in your stance, the bar covers the cp right? I believe that is what was written. However, if the catcher comes up and we look up slightly are we still protected? I'm not 100% sure. That is the answer each umpire has to answer for themselves. I don't need one because of my stance but when that catcher pops up I want it there to be safe.
  7. Fair enough! I was lucky to be one of the last age groups to not be forced to wear the awful HSM as a catcher. I hated that thing when I umpired. I would consider wearing the hard cap like Estabrook and Tumpane do but I want a skull cap that fits like a normal hat. I also need to figure out the logos. I work for a bunch of different associations. Some are more strict than others. I have tried a few of them but want to have the foam around my head completely, not just at the front and back. @MadMax any thoughts
  8. My curiosity is how this would work with us who crease our caps. I love the creased look. If it didn't mess the crease up, I am all over this. Thoughts @MadMax and @BT_Blue
  9. Lucky! Not sure if the temperature will get above 0* today in SW Minnesota. I have 5-foot snow drifts outside of my Apartment! Had an indoor scrimmage last week and one of the first live pitches I had was 88 up and in.
  10. Agreed, Im 6'6 and weight 170 on a good day. I do not come close to fitting in the gold. I did the modification to mine similar to @NicNag and I still wasn't a fan. I'll keep my 17 in Champro 2xx.
  11. To specifically answer your question about throwing four pitches. At our preseason meeting we were told that you could still do the 4 pitches on an IBB but why would you?
  12. That is how I have understood the rule. It is principally a safety issue. In this situation, if you have contact, the question is "is this a legal slide?" The answer here is no it is not.
  13. @JimKirk I know you work with Majestic. Is there any hope for us young guys to be able to get our hands on the Majestic jacket?
  14. From what I have read, it is my understanding that so long as they are in a legal pitching position, this is legal.
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