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  1. Thank you for sharing your situation. The more we recognize our brains need as much care as our muscles and our endocrine systems, the better off we all will be.
  2. I had one of these at my first state 10-11 tournament. Or rather...I should have. Was U2, dropped the flag to mark the violation on four straight bases loaded pitches on R2....on the 5th he stayed on, and the batter hit a ground ball, E-5. My moment, lost in time.
  3. I'm going to send that around to my LL umpires as an example of what it means to "take the spotlight" on a big, unusual call. It was great.
  4. At the Richmond clinic, they were trying to sell that the pay wasn't that bad any more. Ha. I don't remember the exact number because that's not a path I was focused on. It was not a number that made me think it was more than a small improvement.
  5. I've been wearing it the last two summers. Haven't noticed a thing other than blissfull heat transfer. They are a flexible matrix of frozen solid pouches. They do have a stiffness such that they have a bend if not perfectly frozen flat, but they do yield when you bend them into shape to fit in the pouch.
  6. Thanks for all endorsement and encouragement on this. I went yesterday, had a great time and learned quite a bit. Enough instruction and critique to be useful, and enough fist bumps, high fives and validation that I do know quite a bit of what I'm doing out there. Felt great! Some links were in the Richmond paper here: https://richmond.com/search/?sd=desc&l=25&s=start_time&f=html&t=article%2Cvideo%2Cyoutube%2Ccollection&app=editorial&nsa=eedition&q=umpire
  7. Nope, normal OBR Type A/B (or 1/2, however you want to think about it) in Little League.
  8. In the Little League Softball rulebook, that's the same. In the Little League Baseball rules, the exception #3 is not there. But, at levels with uncaught 3rd strike, either player may use either base. I think your answer will have to be found in your specific rule set.
  9. That's what happens when it misses the left turn at Albuquerque.
  10. When my daughter was 3, she split her forehead on a coffee table and needed stitches. I told her if they asked her a day care, she should say "You should see the other guy." A month or two later, I was icing down one of these, told her I was hurt. She looked at me and said, "Go see the other guy!" So close, kid, so close.
  11. Or course it has value. So does (most) everything one donates. And it is absolutely critical, as a volunteer, to make sure that time is used well and respected (e.g. if the coaches aren't held to account for their abuse, stop giving that org your gift.) I don't begrudge your (or anyone's) choice not to volunteer your services one bit. I'm doing so as my part of being involved in my community, and to scratch my itch to do something unselfish (while selfishly choosing an activity that I enjoy anyway.)
  12. I am UIC for a LL that does 50/70. First of all, thanks for volunteering. One thing I always tell our new trainees is that that fifth game will go better than their first and their 15th game will go better than their 5th. Hang in there; it will start to come. It took me a couple of seasons to really get the feel for clearing the shortstop's lanes. I've ended up on the slope of the mound a bit, which makes for an interesting pivot for the play at 1st, but oh well. It's so much more compressed than the 90' diamond. I would remind you that counting calls ("That's the second one you missed") is a good reason to send a coach home. See if your game doesn't get better when you do. And remember, you're working on your craft; the coach isn't. (And they may not be working on their own craft, either.) Focus on what your partners have for you, and what you have for yourself, but don't sweat the coaches. And have fun out there!
  13. Did you even listen to what Lindsay had to say? We're not longer at the stage of attacking the "easy" racist targets like lynching and segregation. (Although, based on visitors to Charlottesville, VA a few years back, maybe we're more in that stage than I'd like to believe.) It's the pernicious stuff that can permeate even the most well-meaning folks. Like, the act of reducing someone by infantilizing them, denying them their own agency--to Schildt, and to me, it would be just an off the cuff, back-handed FU. To Richardson, it has echoes--denying him his own personhood is a callback to generations of still-ongoing marginalization and suffering. If I step on someone's foot in a crowded store, I didn't mean to do it--but I still apologize, because I hurt someone. It doesn't make me an awful person, just one who should try to watch out a little better. That's what's going on here.
  14. That's my gear of choice for Little League. I love it and haven't had any problems with it. It's wonderful on muggy mid-Atlantic days.
  15. As a Little League UIC, I would absolutely make accommodations like this to keep you out there with us. Or, if you could do plate, not expect you to get up to third. (I would also try to tap your expertise and get you to help in training and evaluation, but I realize that's not what you asked.) I would suggest being candid with your assigners/association and try to see what can be worked out. Also, you know, give yourself time to heal. Maybe a season off would give you a chance to come back at full strength (but that's more of a question for your medical team.)
  16. Max, I love reading your posts and always learn a lot. But I think I found a distinct difference between you, and many of us less experienced umpires, on signalling needs. Not specifically saying we need a U3K signal--but in my case, running a teen and volunteer Little League umpire program, it's nice to try to instill the signal rituals that reinforce the situational awareness you have ingrained in yourself through experience. I mean so few of them listen to me anyway but i try gosh darn it I try
  17. This is setting off all of my quackery alarm bells. "Wellness industry." An orthopedic surgeon as the medical cite (not that they can't know things, but it's outside their specialty lane. I don't see anything that would hurt anyone, but I also don't see anything that couldn't be done by blending a banana and salt into tap water. I mean, I usually get Powerade Zero so I shouldn't judge. If you're enjoying it, great. But I'm seeing more snake oil than penicillin here.
  18. In LL Majors and below, headfirst slides are outs. I haven't called one in years; I'm up to four so far this season.
  19. Welcome! I'm doing LL up in Arlington. Maybe we'll see each other at a tournament sometime!
  20. Correct--no "receiving the throw" protection in LL. Sounds like a great call to me.
  21. When I moved out for a postdoctoral fellowship, I figured it was time to give back to a community, now that I couldn't claim perpetual studentdom any more. I'd umpired (if you can call it that with no training or support) for youth rec while in high school, so I figured on that and found my local Little League. I had so much to un-learn, but I did. I'm glad to be part of a League and community, stay involved in baseball, stay somewhat active, strive to perfect a craft I'm pretty good at (if I do say so myself), and teach teen umpires to grow in their personal development. The proudest moments are definitely the letters of recommendation I've been able to write for those young folks I've seen grow through our program.
  22. Fielding the throw is not an exception or "protected behavior" in LL. We're weird that way. See the first note from the RIM excerpt Senor Azul posted. For most other codes, I believe, act of fielding the throw is a relevant consideration.
  23. You're allowed to suspend the game for "unsuitable weather conditions" in the Little League code, and I'd assume similar language in other codes. In this case, those conditions would be "insufficient cloud cover in front of the sun." I've done it in our league before, and I think it's completely legit.
  24. stevis

    LHP Feint to 3rd

    Correct; feints to third still allowed in the LL code.
  25. stevis


    Yeah, we put up a cone halfway down. We were literally throwing bases out on park fields every week, it wasn't a precision operation for us.
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