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  1. I've noticed the same problem with my PWs from U-A. I have four pair of Honig's PW pants (two plate, two base)...2 sets are 4+ years old, other 2 are almost 2 years old. I wash them during the season (gentle cycle w/ Woolite, drip dry) and dry clean them at the end of the season. Still look like new and no pilling whatsoever. I bought two pair from U-A this year (plate/base)...halfway into the season both have pilling, particularly in the front, and they are worn the same/get the exact same TLC as the Honigs variety. I was wondering about this and now see it is not an isolated issu
  2. Noticed those are NCAA references and didn't recognize the Marucci Black bats as being on the FED list. Maybe those haven't trickled down yet to NFHS, but attached links show only the Reebok Vector TLS 32" & 33" models, and Marucci CAT 5 and CAT 5-2 33" models as decertified for NFHS use. Additionally, we've received clarification from TASO on RIP-IT bats (BBCOR sticker being placed on the taper vice barrel of the bat). http://www.nfhs.org/content.aspx?id=8394&terms=decertified%20bat http://www.nfhs.org/content.aspx?id=6655&terms=decertified%20bat http://www.nfhs.o
  3. My bad Jeff...I just saw the thread dumbdumb mentioned. I've been working games/busy the last 13 days and haven't been on the site until lately...checked mechanics and professional sections, not that one. I reckon all those fans are right...I am blind!! Anyway, I agree...NO re-hashing of this one! So, I have no heartburn with, and will even ask a mod to delete this thread. Thanks.
  4. This is from a spring training game on 19 Mar...didn't see this posted previously anywhere else, which actually surprises me with all the eagle-eyed baseball fanatics here. Of course, given the discourse in a related thread, I even hate to go there with this, but what-the-hey...I know I've never seen this in a MLB game before, albeit a spring training game. What really gets me is Roenicke's comment that they used to do this "all the time in the Minor Leagues." I've been to a lot of MiLB games over the years, A thru AAA and never saw this....maybe some others here have. Good on McClelland
  5. Good evening fellas. I've always worn a Platinum and have been real happy with it for the most part, especially after installing a DF harness. Only concern I have stems from having a 46" chest and 54" shoulders...I'm not as protected in the pec, shoulder, upper arm area as I'd like. So, have had my eye on a Gold and got one last year after finding a great deal. I wore it just a couple of games....protection was great, but between my dimensions and the padding on this thing, felt like I was ready to put a football helmet on again. Saw this thread, corresponded with Sheilah and shipped
  6. What is wrong with you guys?!? It is totally real and I know it's real because I found it on the internet. And everybody knows they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!! Obviously it's staged...too many giveaways, such as the cupholder for one, but least of which is it's a commercial for Pepsi and they have admitted to using another driver and practice runs (check out the tire marks from previous runs). Pax is probably an actor...I told the wiff if that had been real, he would've had a stroke or something!! But, it was well done and still dam funny!
  7. Not baseball, but this is so incredibly hilarious I had to share. My other 0.5 showed it to me this morning and I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5mHPo2yDG8
  8. Thanks for bringing these up...they have been mentioned in other posts, and I personally wear them (I exclusively use a box-style stance in the slot, very similar to Dale Scott). However, don't think for a minute they are the be-all, end-all to bruises! I took a shot near to the top of my thigh the other day, which hit right on the padding of these shorts. Still felt it and still got a bruise, but they do lessen/mitigate the impact, so it was not near as bad had I not been wearing them, which is what they are designed to do as they are soft padding only. There is a version of these made
  9. Good idea gnhbua...will do that on my other/any future gear.
  10. Sdix/all, Here are two, with the first being most relevant... http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/5424-running-lane-violation/ http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/31738-runners-lane/ Great job hawk and congrats!
  11. +1 I would add that I use Woolite as I don't want to risk anything with the padding using heavier detergents. Not just that, but I find the Woolite rinses out easier than other detergents I've tried. Not saying Tide or something along those lines doesn't work, just my routine...YMMV. During weekend tourneys where I can't clean them, I allow it to air dry then spray with Lysol, then Febreze (sport formula)...keeps them tolerable until I can clean 'em. Other than that, I do all this in the sink or outside, not in a washing machine. As the tags on the padding indicate, I would not completel
  12. C’mon man, haven’t you heard?!? There’s no crying in baseball! No crying! Seriously, great post. As NFUA mentions, it can all be boiled down to simply having that passion for baseball. I’ve had the honor/privilege to play, coach and now umpire it. And for me, the deeper aspect behind all that goes to my dad. Of all the people I’ve known/encountered, I’ve never seen anyone more honorable than my father. He served his country for 28+ years and until I served myself, I had never appreciated what an incredible man, husband, father, officer, athlete and leader he was/is. He
  13. "...and I owe you for coming to XX LL,..." Besides, makes no difference to the EJ & the actions that led to it. Good EJ Lou...this guy ran himself & you just punched his ticket. Great to see the support you are getting from the league/board with immediate feedback like that. Rare.
  14. Had a nagging afterthought to the above discussion regarding interference on a steal of home and realized what it is. IF the pitcher disengages the rubber, thus becoming an infielder, and throws home to retire the runner, then the previously mentioned situation (batter stepping into the throw) would be interference, same as if the batter had hit the thrown ball (not a pitch).
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