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  1. It really saddens me that UA will no longer have their poly wools. I picked up a pair of each last spring and love them. Now I need a couple more so. I have a chance to get the PWs cleaned. I just received a pair of the Smitty PWs from Purchase Officials. First off, they didn't come in the wrapper that Smitty products typically come in. That leads me to believe that I have been sent a returned item. The were just stuffed in a Priority Mail box. They look awfully. Pill ed up and everything. A no brainer return. I decided to check the Honigs PWs, and noticed "New 2013" Ultimate Pants. Do any of you have info on what's so new about them? Thanks Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  2. What do you think about the pads?
  3. Is there a verdict on this mask yet?
  4. Yeah. On the drive home, that's the conclusion that I came too.
  5. D3K. Ball goes to the backstop out side of the 1B line. The throw brings F3 across the bag into fair territory where B1 is running out side of the running lane. Ball, F3, and B1 all arrive at the same spot at around the same time. I got interference. What say you?
  6. Awesome pics dude. I left KC right when the started the renovations. What were the schools? I can't tell from the pictures.
  7. tjthresh


    Looks like I need to go back and figure some more mileage. For record keeping, do you record each leg of the travel separately?
  8. tjthresh

    Place runners?

    Yes he did! Are Fed rules different? Yes but not in this situation haha Does someone have a Fed reference? I've never seen that in a fed book.
  9. tjthresh

    Place runners?

    Yes he did! Are Fed rules different?
  10. tjthresh


    What do you guys claim? From where to where? Now, what is legal to claim?
  11. tjthresh

    Place runners?

    The throw to first is the first play by an infielder. The award is two bases from the time of the pitch. R2 gets home and BR gets second.
  12. PU is the only one that matters. 9.04 A(2) Do you have a Fed reference?
  13. I had my first Varsity plate a week or two ago. My heart was racing. As a result, I was quick all night. Missed 3 nice curves because of it. I over committed on a rotation to third and the play ended up at the plate. I made it back in time to make the correct call though. I didn't tell my partner that it was my first Varsity game beforehand because I wanted a good strong critique. In the end, he said calm the help down and work on game management. My first Varsity base game is Monday.
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