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  1. I'm very interested in getting the new New Balance when they come out in January... My only reservation is that they are so ugly! I know looks shouldn't matter but I like think I (or my uniform) looks good when I go out on the field, but geez I hate the looks.
  2. My dad bought a majestic thermabase and I plan on buying a smitty thermal and compare them.
  3. I knew it would happen eventually, and I'm sure many on here won't even think about buying this. But for sake of equipment news, here it is: Smitty now offeres the Majestic style polos they wear in the bigs. They are $26 compared to the $35 of the majestic. They claim it's the same "100% polyester pebble knit" that the majestics have. I might buy a pair just to have. Purchase Officials also has a pink alternative that was posted on eBay a few weeks ago. Purchase Officials They also have new thermal jackets... I'm always looking for a deal. They are $70 compared to the Maj
  4. I just got a similar email! Bummer!!! Jax, We should fight this!
  5. Email I got from them this morning: Brandon, There seems to have been a mistake on the pricing of the FM25TI-UMP you have ordered. The price of that item is $199.95. Would you like me to make the correction on your invoice and ship you out your order? Or we can take that item off of you order and ship you out the other items, or cancel the whole order together. Please let me know what you would like me to do for you. Thank you,
  6. When I went to his 5 week course he said the annotated rule book was pretty much done. That problem, that he said was the length. I too look forward to this book. And I have to say, the Maximizing book is the only true textbook for umpiring mechanics. He refered to this book every day during classroom lecture. Well, he didn't, mostly Dick Nelson took over the mechanics portion of the lecture. This is what they teach at the Evans school. And just like Mr. Teater (my neighbor, and for some reason I have not met in person yet???) I recommend any form of JETS to anyone. I value my 5 weeks
  7. I believe they'll be there at production time.... I think .......... that said though, there are ankle protectors, but it's fairly thin and not as hard as we'd like ...but again, ...like Slo said, I believe they're coming production w/ harder thicker plates and a re-adjustment on the last strap to keep them at your ankles so they don't flare 'out' ....... Believe me, I'm not going to flare out. I'm just waiting for the CP to come out. I already bought an MVP bucket and fell in love with it. If the rest of the System 7 line is as good as the MVP, I'll be covered head to toe in All Star
  8. No ankle plates.... thats a deal breaker for me I really need those ankle plates. I like that knee protection but I get hit in those ankles like you wouldn't imagine... Please All-Star, give me ankle plates....
  9. How do I get on the testing committee for that one????
  10. I'm sold... I'm just waiting on some new All Star sin guards :)
  11. The only relevance the play before the one at first has is whether we bring out the "banger mechanic". I - Important C - Close + E - Exciting Banger Mechanic Call it how you see it. Plain and simple. There are no ties in baseball. It may be really close, too close for you to differentiate, but there are no ties. It's against our moral code. Don't give an out because someone "deserves it" because of a diving stop. and don't give a safe because the second baseman made four errors on one ground ball. Call it as it happens, that's simply your job.
  12. Awesome, Nate. As a 2011 graduate from Jimmy's school, I can say you are making a great decision. All of the tips up there are great, just remember to have a little bit of fun. Any specific questions, let me know.
  13. This is something I want to do. My dad did a it a couple of years ago and it was awesome. But with teams being squeezed with money nowadays, nobody around my area is going anymore. Jax, I hope you're having/had a great time at CDP.
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