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Found 17 results

  1. Black & White Reebok Field Magistrate Plate Shoes - $95 shipped These were not worn for a full season and are in great shape. Size 11.5 (4E) extra wide.
  2. Not even worn a full season. Still in incredible shape. $100 shipped
  3. Please forgive me if this maddens anyone, but I’ve been debating between the 460v3 and the all black Zigs for Plate (if I’m lucky to find some). However, I wanted to see if any of you out there had both the low 460v3 and the Zigs for comparison (pictures are worth a thousand worths) since I would like to see them side-by-side. Thanks and sorry again.
  4. All Black or Black and White. Thank you for looking
  5. They're he-e-e-re ! I needn't have worried about whether they'd fit well. I couldn't ask for a better fit. These will make a very nice backup pair of plate shoes. Or who knows - some days they will be primary. Thanks @Thunderheads. Oh - the title... that was just click bait. But these are "new" to me, since I've been wearing NB shoes for the past 10+ years.
  6. Hello Friends and buyers! (errr.... I hope!) There are some items I must make disappear from my home, hopefully you have the magic wand. Make offers if you think it is not the right price. 1. Force 3 Ultimate Chest Protector, v. 1: Everything is there, worn 25 games or so. Asking $175 shipped. 2. Powder Coated Mizuno Mask with Wilson padding and Mizuno Harness: I purchased this mask two years ago from an outstanding member of this site. The color is great! However it is a flat-view mask and I can't use it because I use an 8 stitch hat behind the plate. Used 5 games, padding and harness are good, and if you buy it you will enjoy it. I will throw a mask bag in with it. Asking $150 shipped. 3. Repaired Force 3 Roller bag, with good zipper pulls! This is the older model Force 3 bag that had the miserable zippers that did not work without bending and breaking off. I took it to a shoe repair store and the great owner replaced the tabs and pulls on the bag and a minor repair. I am getting rid of it because it is not big enough for my gear, size 15 feet and long shin guards do not a happy Force 3 bag owner make. Asking $70 + shipping (I am going this way on price because the last time I sold an equipment bag it went a long distance and I ended up losing money on the sale. Free shipping if we can meet somewhere near Columbus, Ohio). 4. Brand New, Never Worn Reebok low-cut Plate Magistrate shoes, Size 15. I have never worn them, and while I hate to get rid of them I will probably never use them except in case of emergency. But since big sizes were always hard to find in Reebok shoes it's unfair of me to let them sit in my house. Asking $105 shipped. I have other items heading toward ebay because nobody on here would want them, including some XL and 2XL shirts, a carry bag made by Cece Carlucci including shoe bags, and maybe one or two sets of Carlucci ball bags. If interested, let me know. Pictures going up late tonight after Ash Wednesday service. 10% of sales will go to charity. Thanks for reading and looking! Here are the Plate Magistrates!
  7. Any Reebok fan(atic)s out there? Show your brand loyalty on your mask with a set of black Reebok memory foam & microfiber pads and a black Reebok harness. . I'm asking $30 shipped.
  8. Reebok’s most technically advanced training shoe to date, ZigTech Black Referee Shoes allows key leg muscles to do less, so you can do more. Its patented sole technology conserves and returns energy for a soft and springy ride. ZigTech, one-of-a-kind zig-zag-shaped sole, absorbs the impact of heel strike and propels you forward, while reducing wear and tear up to 20% in key leg muscles. Synthetic/mesh upper ensures comfort, fit and durability.DMX Shear cushioning panels for added comfort and reduced heel stress; forefoot flex grooves for added flexibilityPU sockliner for added cushioning and supportGlossy black patent leatherThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  9. Reebok Zig’s unique design allows key muscles to do less, so you can focus on officiating the game. Its patented sole technology, traditionally available for athletes, conserves and returns energy for a soft and springy ride. This all-black shoe with cleated bottoms provides great traction is a great football or lacrosse referee shoe. ZigTech EVA outsole for excellent lightweight cushioningAll-black synthetic leather upper is breathable flexible for easy break-inBreathable Play-Dry mesh liningAnti-Friction lining reduces friction and heat build up allowing superior comfort and performance.Cleated soleThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  10. Field Magistrate II Turf baseball shoes from Reebok. This pair of shoes features: Performance synthetic leather upper is lightweight, breathable and requires little break in. Molded padded collar for ankle comfort and protection. Breathable lining with Play Dry wick moisture away to help keep the foot cool and comfortable. Dual-density, anti- microbial footbed with ETC adds breathability, top cover helps reduce friction and heat buildup. Full length 3D MF-EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning. Rugged rubber outsole with cleat like surface offers excellent traction.
  11. I've had NB 450 (i guess) for the last 3 or 4 years...probably 350+ games...I love them but starting last season and then really escalating this season, the cushion around the top of the shoe (where I would grab and tug it onto my foot) became exposed and deteriorated, which caused the lining to come away and slip down..i took them to a shoemaker who replaced the cushion, but it's not ideal and clearly time for a new pair. Has anyone else had this problem (it seems like a little boot strap on the bag would solve it)? Does 350 games sound like a normal lifespan? And, does anyone endorse anything other than the new NB's? Thanks
  12. Anyone own the Zig Magistrate all black shoe, and attempted to white just the stripes?  If so, what was your method?   Thanks!!
  13. Ordered a new pair of Reebok Zig mid plate shoes Wed night after taking a foul to the toe in the first game of a dblheader. I just used standard shipping and got them today! 3 days from order to delivery is pretty good in my book! As for the shoes, I have worn them inside for an hour or so to stretch them out but don't have a game until Monday. They are a little more comfortable than my old NB but I'm not sure they cover as well yet. This was my first order from UA but won't be my last. They even included a $5 off for my next order.
  14. Has anyone had the unfortunate experience of seeing Ump-Attire's facebook page and the post of the upcoming new Reeboks ???? CAVEAT: THIS IS NOT A SLAM TO UMP-ATTIRE! http://www.facebook.com/umpattirecom#!/media/set/?set=a.10150920824073153.427026.65017933152&type=1
  15. https://officialssupplies.com/cart/index.php?p=productsMore&iProduct=240&sName=Reebok-Field-Shoes-B-W-SALE-ITEM-SZ-12-ONLY
  16. On sale at Ump-Attire.com. I picked up a second pair. While I'm a convert to Zigs, I really like the comfort of these plate shoes. Got my first pair at the NCAA clinic for $79 and these for about $100 (including shipping). "If you've been putting off buying new plate shoes now might be the time. For two days only you can save $25 off our New Balance MLB Plate Shoes."
  17. Anyone make the switch from Field Magistrates to the new New Balance MU460's? Looking for some feedback on fit/comfort/performance differences. I've had my Reeboks for 3 seasons now and am starting to look for a replacement. I really like the Reeboks and know how they fit, but the MU460's do look tempting, especially with the different width options. I've seen different views on-line of whether or not the MU460's run true to size or need to be sized up. I went against the size-up advice when I got my Reeboks and they fit perfectly, but I got a pair of the ZigTech base shoes in my true size and they were too small, so trying to get some perspective on sizing from actual users before I put in an order. Thanks!
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