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  1. Black & White Reebok Field Magistrate Plate Shoes - $95 shipped These were not worn for a full season and are in great shape. Size 11.5 (4E) extra wide.
  2. Not even worn a full season. Still in incredible shape. $100 shipped
  3. @ChrisUrbz, First customer, man! Thanks for the endorsement!
  4. @MadMax, That’s awesome, thank you! I am happy to get that information about Honigs. I still haven’t seen any site, Honigs included (as they don’t have it listed), that has the white/black/light blue combination for the jackets, especially not in the correct font. Maybe Honigs would take a special order request for them? You’re certainly correct about the red. I plan to keep the numbers in the same style as the MLB, so if those Majestic plate pullovers become more widely available I will look at doing the gray back numbers next.
  5. After years of attempting to purchase authentic umpire numbers from various online stores, I realized that there is no standard for quality or authenticity and decided to start custom cutting and stitching numbers for my own shirts. When I first put the numbers on my shirts I started getting questions about where I got them, so I wanted to make these available to everyone else. I have setup a website (umpirenumbers.com), where you can order any of the three styles that are currently worn by MLB umpires, and I will be working on adding more colors and sizes as it grows. Check it out! I would love to get some feedback from fellow umpires. Thank you!
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