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Found 29 results

  1. I was PU during U12 tournament played under FED rules. In middle of game, HC asks me to "watch the other team" between innings because they had "too many batters" in front of their bench area between innings swinging bats while his pitcher was throwing warm-up pitches. I told him I'd "keep an eye on it" but the game ended early (mercy rule) and it never came up again. Post-game I looked up FED rules and all I found re: this situation is 3-3-3: "Players loosening up to bat shall remain in the area of their team's on-deck circle while the pitcher is warming up." Does anyone know if FED (or other rule sets) limits the amount of players who can warm up between innings?
  2. Had a situation yesterday as follows: JV Fed Game. Bases loaded, no outs. I'm PU. Groundball to SS, R2 plows into SS as he is trying to field the ball. Partner did not kill the play as he thought it was a delayed dead ball, so I stepped in and killed it and called R2 out and returned R3. I know we can get more outs based on the possible prevention of a double play. At the time we did not rule any additional outs, but immediately after the inning I was thinking we should have potentially gotten 3 outs. R2 for interference, and R1 and BR for the prevented potential double play. Is this too many outs to get from this play? For sure I am thinking we should have gotten at least 2, R2 and R1 at least. Thanks for your thoughts, this play doesn't occur too often and I want to be better prepared next time.
  3. Had 2 different situations in our game tonight I want to ask the group and see if we did it right. FED Varsity. Situation 1 Visiting Team is batting. #12 is up to bat with a 3-0 count. Home team coach comes and out and mentions "The lineup says #19 is supposed to be at bat, they don't have a #12 on the lineup anywhere." The coach wanted an out which was incorrect no matter what since even if it was an incorrect batter, the correct batter would take over the count. I ruled that he had the proper name of the player written even if he had written the wrong number down and therefore he was the proper batter. Is this correct? Situation 2 Runner on 2nd. Runner breaks for 3rd. Pitcher steps and throws to 3rd without disengaging. My partner ruled this a balk. I thought you could step and throw to an unoccupied base for the purposes of making a play without disengaging. What's the correct ruling here? We stuck with his call since I wasn't positive. And for a fun way to start, we had to eject a player in the bottom of the 1st inning. R1 got in a rundown between 1st and 2nd on a pickoff. Ended up being tagged around the head/face area and didn't like it but the play was fine. No MC or intent, just a baseball play. I was PU. R1 got in the face of the kid who tagged him. My partner broke them up and warned them both to not say another word. As R1 is going back towards his dugout he yells for the whole park to hear "tell him not to hit me in the f-ing face." I promptly acknowledged his desire to no longer participate.
  4. Since most of us are off the field for the foreseeable future, I thought it might worthwhile getting the insight of the masses on this "situation" that occurred this previous spring. This happened in a HS county final, which in NJ is a dig deal. I have spoken to some here about this already and have the input of a lot of others who are not. Those who are aware should resist the temptation to join in the fun of what ifs or coulda beens if at all possible. Here goes...... I am PU in a 3 man crew. Bottom 7, 1 out , R1 and R3, Fed rules. BR hits a seed to F5, about 6 inches off the ground. R3 is moving on contact. F5 tries to sell the catch of a short hop, but U3 clearly signals and verbalizes no catch, which F5 does not see or hear. F5 runs to 3B in what looks like a DP as R3 was about 20 feet off the base. As F5 touches 3B, VT pours out of the 1B dugout celebrating the apparent county championship. BR squats on the 1B line about 15 feet away from HP, thinking he has lined out to F5 and it is a game ending DP. R1 makes his way to 2B, but slows to a stop just before reaching the bag.VT forms a dogpile between pitchers mound and 1B in their haste to celebrate. F5 recognizes that U3 has called no catch and throws to 1B. R3 takes off for home and crosses the plate. HT coach (in the 3B coach's box) begins to windmill his arms and R1 touches 2B and heads for third. F3 catches the throw from F5 and steps on 1B as R1 begins to round 3B and head for home. BR never made a legitimate attempt to advance to 1B after he squatted on the line. F3 fights his way through the mass of humanity between the mound and 1B in an effort to beat R1 to HP. R1 is tagged out about 6 feet from HP. Now what????
  5. Ok ... I got this ad from Wilson on my Facebook feed today and for fun ...I posted the following: HYPOTHETICAL: Your first HS game starts with the pitcher walking to the mound with this new customized Wilson glove. What do you do.... NOW .... I did this primarily because although TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL ...the amount of gray isn't egregious and I thought, well maybe I see if something is said, as to not be a "Barney Fife" and be an OOO right out of the gate. Thoughts?
  6. An umpire working at a high-school seeing pitches video taped a pitcher warming up, and noticed what he was doing ....and....posted it to facebook and it's turned into an argument (shocker). Thoughts? PS ... it's a big file, so it'll download on your computer and you can open it in your 'video player' from there. If someone can embed it for me, that'd be great! Balk No Balk (1).MPG
  7. 9-1-1 Situation A R1 and R2 (R1@2nd R2@1st) 1 out Batter hits a pop fly to F8 (appears uncatchable) but, F8 makes the catch. R1 advances home, but misses 3rd base. R2 advances 3rd, doesn't retouch 1st. If defense appeals R2 before they appeal R1, does that change the situation? or if the coach asked (during dead ball) that R2 didn't retouch, we rule R2 out and award the offense the run? or do we give the coach the option?
  8. FED Rule 4 Starting and Ending Game - Section 1 - Article 2 If there are unusual conditions, such as spectators or obstacles too near the playing field, the home coach shall propose special ground rules. If sanctioned by the visiting team, these shall be in force. If the teams cannot agree, the umpires shall formulate ground rules. Ground rules do not supersede a rules book rule. All special rules shall be announced. Recently in our meetings, some mentioned this, but I don't understand it. I've been trying to picture or come up with scenarios, but nothing comes to mind. Could you share some ground rules that coaches try to put in place that supersede ground rules? .
  9. Trakes2


    FED RULES: In-Between Innings, the First Base coach(who happens to be the teams Pitching Coach) Is coming across the field from 1st. He stops and grabs the ball off the mound and waits for his pitcher to get out there(Waited roughly about 15-20 seconds) Pitcher gets out there and he and his coach talk(on the mound) for about 20-25 seconds on how to attack the first 3 hitters. Coach pats him on the ass and walks away. Do you have an official visit on this?
  10. I wanted to get y'alls thoughts and opinions on a play we had in a select tourney yesterday. Fed rules, 16 yr olds. I am BU. Outs don't matter. R2. Batter hits a single to F9. F9 comes up gunning to home. Ball is cut and then relayed to F2. R2 is beat by quite a bit. R2 ends up making contact pretty high on the catcher and hits him in the throat area. I don't believe he intentionally tried to truck him, but there was a lot of contact. The ball comes loose and the catcher is on the ground. Offensive HC comes down to discuss the play. My partner rules that he is calling the kid out for the contact, but no ejection. The offensive HC disagrees "He was trying to go around him, etc. He slid feet first" which i don't think he did since his shoulder and arm are what made contact with F2. The general question is not whether or not this was MC, its a HTBT I know. The question is whether you can have an out for the contact and knocking the ball loose without having MC. Can you have interference on a play like this? The catcher had clear possession of the ball and had every right to block off the plate.
  11. I put this in the High School forum to get FED reaction .........   Not sure what rule-set this was played under but ........call it.........   http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highschool-prep-rally/woah--little-league-player-pulls-off-perfect-home-plate-leap-171406073.html
  12. Had a situation tonight that I wonder if I booted... High school JV (FED rules). Home team's jerseys have large sleeves - enough that when the batter is in position the sleeves hang down about 3" below his arm. Pitch comes in high and inside and barely brushes the hanging-down sleeve. Runner takes off for 1B, and I call him back and call a ball. HC argues. I said that clothing only applies if it is "reasonably well fitted" (2-40-1). However, in reading 8-1-1, it appears that that only applies if the shirt is not being worn "properly", and all the uniforms are that loose. Batter ended up getting ball 4 on the next pitch anyway, so it didn't make any real difference, but I'm trying to make a learning opportunity for myself from this.
  13. kylehutson

    USSSA vs FED

    I've searched this online, and found this forum because of that searching. Seems like a friendly place to ask a question, so thanks for letting me join in! I started umpiring several years ago for a rec league that uses FED rules. I'm now in my second year at the high school level, also using FED rules. I was asked to work a tourney next week that is using USSSA rules. I've looked and haven't even found what USSSA rules are other than http://www.usssabaseball.org/rules-by-laws . Those 13 pages don't even come close to covering all the rules, so do they use OBR except the ones on this list? If so I can consult http://www.stevetheump.com/nfhs_pro_rules_dif.htm , which I've seen widely cited. If not, what do I need to know to go from FED to USSSA?
  14. For those of you that use Facebook. I am the admin of a closed group called Umpires - Federation Group Feel free to join us. We have almost 500 members. I try to keep it civil. Umpires - Federation Rules
  15. I live and work in MA so we don't have Fed, however some of the high school leagues/conferences have begun to adopt the Fed re-entry rules. I had bases in a JV game today in one of these leagues, per usual my partner was not given lineup card. Coach comes out to make a pitching change. The "new" F1 had started the game as F6 and had been removed. Starting F1 goes to dugout and after warm-ups opposing coach approaches my partner to alert him of an illegal substitution (the new pitcher was re-entering but not going into his original spot in batting order, his sub was still in game at F4). My question is, what are we supposed to do at this point? We allowed the illegal sub back out of the game and allowed a legal sub to warm up and pitch, should we have made the illegal sub pitch because he had warmed up?
  16. Thunderheads

    FED - Bats

    All, there's not a rule that would cause INT, or anything else if while during play, and end-cap is released from a bat and it distracts a potential fielder? That ball would be in play, play stands, and you'd remove the bat at that point.   yes?   I can't find anything ...   Thx
  17. Childress is blowing my mind with the BRD (2011 edition) regarding Fed FPSR. For those that have it, it's on page 226, Section 329. Basically, he says that in Fed, if a runner slides in the direction of the fielder on a force, that this is not an FPSR violation unless he makes contact or alters the play. Here is the case play: The above is in direct opposition to what I know about Fed FPSR. Is he just flat out incorrect? Has this been changed in later editions of the BRD? I looked this up because I am watching GT/Vandy right now and have seen two instances of a runner sliding toward a fielder on a force (not directly into the base) and wanted to look up the NCAA rule. The BRD clearly states that in the NCAA, sliding towards a fielder who is not in the baseline extended, is a violation. In neither case was it called.
  18. Had a 9th grade and Varsity Doubleheader. 2 different opposing teams. I had the plate for the Varsity game. The home pitcher is blowing through batters fairly quickly. it ends up being 9-0 going to top 7. The catcher mentions that the pitcher has a no hitter going. I had been wondering why they hadn't pulled him. He ended up closing it out. I told the catcher to make sure he gets that game ball. Very cool to be a part of. Now just need a perfect game to go with it.
  19. Had a varsity game today. I had the bases. Turned into a a good ball game. We get to bottom seven, Home Team is down by 1. They manage to tie the game and get to bases loaded with 1 out. HT tries to squeeze, batter misses. We get a run down on R3. F2 chases him back towards 3rd. F2 throws ball towards F5, contact is made between F5 and R3. Ball drops to ground as F5 tries to catch it, and R3 makes it back to 3rd. HC for Home team immediately points and says "That's interference". We won't get into his arguing the wrong rule, but he actually knew the rule for obstruction, he used the term "possesion of the ball". I get together with my partner, we discuss the call, he tells me he has nothing to offer me. I end up calling it a "nothing", and the HC for Home Team called it a "covering your ass" call. In retrospect after the game, I have to say I think he is right. I didn't have the balls to end the game on a controversial call. They ended up winning on a passed ball 2 pitches later. In replaying the play afterwards, it should have been obstruction, F5 never had possession of the ball when R3 was trying to get back. Makes me upset at myself that I wasn't willing to make the call and stand beside it, and took the easy way out because of the circumstances. I talked myself out of obstruction, and I know it in my own head that i didn't man up. It is a definite learning moment for me, and I won't be afraid to make the call again. Make the call and own it, no matter the situation.
  20. First game(s) of the season last night, ....and .....my first Varsity game   Pretty darn smooth all in all, 1:50 min 7 inning game.  I could tell it was game one as the pitch tracking wasn't the greatest, but all in all I felt pretty comfortable.  In Michigan, only Varsity does lineups, etc (JV just goes 'by the book'), so that was pretty fun logging changes, pinch runners, etc.   I did have an issue though, and I think it should be a lesson;   1 and 2 count with 2 outs .....all of the sudden my CP feels strange, loose on the right side, "crap, my strap must looped through" .....next pitch, ball 2 ....another pitch and he strikes out swinging.   I run to the HT bench and whip things off to try and get the strap fixed to no avail, I quickly get my partners attention and send him to the SUV for my 'back-up' CP!!  WHEW!!  I USUALLY don't, but yesterday, I brought both CPs ....   And, ...in game 2, ....I got to call a balk on a double set!  Scored a run also .... EZ-PeeZee!    I also had to explain to the visiting coach that R1 was NOT out of the baseline, and had to have the "his baseline NOT THE baseline" discussion.  I'm not sure he liked it too much, but I think he believed me ....oh well, it is what it is   Anyhow, Varsity isn't really a big deal because I've done U18 stuff before, but just that it was a MSHAA Varsity ball game made it somewhat "official"?  Whatever,...that's that!   Varsity belt notched!
  21. Called my first balk tonight. FED rules, with R2, the pitcher was in contact with the rubber and went to his mouth. He did it twice, the first time i warned him and the second time I balked him. No one argued and play resumed as normal.
  22. Got another one for you guys. Varsity Game. Fed rules. Top 1. R1. Batter squares to bunt and R1 steals. Batter pulls bat back and hits catcher's mitt before catcher has the ball. Catcher unable to catch the pitch, he picks up the ball and throws down but doesn't get R1 at 2nd. What is the ruling? I'll tell you what I did after getting a few responses. I have been getting the fun ones lately.
  23. A couple of situations or plays that I had last night. I wanted to run them by you. I had the pot for the game. This is JV, FED rules. My partner is a very senior guy, in his 60's. No one on. Outs don't matter. Had a dropped strike 3. Ball rolls away a bit. The B/R starts running to 1st, he is in the running lane. Catcher yells outside, throws the ball, and hits the B/R in the back. B/R makes it to 1st safely. My partner goes "No no no, we got an out here." The offensive head coach comes out to argue. I creep up towards the conversation to listen. My partner's explanation is that since the defense yelled "outside" that the B/R has to be on the inside of the line. The coach of course was unhappy, and said "So it's up to my player to listen for the call, and move accordingly? So that means we could just lie if we were on defense." He asked my partner to get help or ask me. My partner didn't. The coach comes and asks me to get with him. I called my partner over, and I told him I thought he was applying the rule incorrectly. The B/R has every right to be in the runner's lane, that is what it is there for, and it is up to the defense to work around him. He told me he disagreed, and that he was 100% right, but that I was the man in charge and it was up to me. I reversed the call, and the defensive head coach comes out to discuss the call with me. He asked me how I could overturn my partner's call. I told him because it was a rule misapplication and not a judgement call that I was changing it. Between innings he told me he knew I was right, but that he had to come out since I changed it. So 2 questions. 1. Did I apply the rule correctly? I am 100% positive I did, but I could be wrong. 2. Was I wrong to step in and overturn my partner? I never would on a judgement call, but I felt I had to on what I believed to be an incorrect rule interpretation. Situation 2. Later in the game. R1 and R3. R1 walks off and tries to get in a run down. F1 steps off and catches R1 in a pickle. R3 breaks for home and they throw to F2. F2 is standing in the middle of the base path. R3 slows to a stop about 2-3 ft from F2 as the ball is coming in to F2 because he thinks he is gonna catch the ball. F2 drops the throw, and R3 then comes to a stop and turns around back to 3rd because F2 is in his way. He makes it safely back to 3rd. I call time and award R3 home on obstruction. F2 never had possesion of the ball and was squarely in the base path. The defensive coach came out to argue and I stated my position. Did I make the right call here probably? I realize it is probably a had to be there play. R3 didn't want to truck F2 since he looked like he was gonna make the play, but then F2 didn't make the play. Thanks for your input guys.
  24. Hey gents. Quick mechanics question out of curiousity. Wanted to poll you guys and see if you do it any differently. Nobody on. Book mechanic is for the PU to rotate to 3rd and the BU to rotate to home if needed. Clinic's and most guys I work with, as well as me, have the BU take him all the way to 3rd, no need for PU to rotate up. R3 only I had a partner who said he plays this as the PU rotates up to third and treats is like Nobody on when there is a clean hit. This guy is a board member and called for over 10 years. I told him I had always treated it like Nobody on. PU takes BR all the way and PU stays home. Just wanted to see if I am off base on this?
  25. I am wanting to check my understanding of the situation. This is FED. B/R hits a squibber down the 1st base line. Here are my scenarios and the ruling i believe applies. Please correct if i'm wrong. 1) ball touches B/R in fair territory. Ruling: Ball is dead. B/R is out, Runner's return to their TOP base. 2) ball touches B/R in foul territory. It is not intentional. Ruling: Ball is now foul and is dead. B/R is not out. Runners return. 3) B/R kicks ball in fair or foul territory (ball must have chance to become fair if currently foul) Ruling: Ball is dead. B/R is out, Runner's return to their TOP base. I think that captures what I want to check out. You could possibly get a 2nd out on the Interference if intentional. Just boning up on my rules before the season gets rolling.
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