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  1. Don't know if you still have this or not, but I have a System 7 that I have worn about 3 times that I would be interested in Trading with you. Let me know!
  2. Trakes2


    I don't know how you don't have a balk here(unless you're an umpire who wears his hat backwards on the plate...) Is it hard to balk to second?--Yes. BUT you can't 'Crow-Hop' your pick-off throw there...
  3. ***PICTURES TO COME SOON*** I've got a pair of NB 460's Black/White Size 11.5 4E That I have worn 2 times. They will ship to you in the original box. Looking for $90.00 shipped. You can PM or respond to this...
  4. How do you not have a problem with it? That is the definition of 'Tic-Tac' He was safe, and is safe... Besides that, with all the problems that replay has had this year, they will overturn THAT play? It's stupid.
  5. It amazes me sometimes the BS that some of you guys 'worry' about... Truly there is no need to insert yourself! And if a kid takes a bat to the back of the melon, that isn't your problem either! Some things are better left alone.
  6. You're most likely not going to find any supporters of what you're asking here. And I'm certanitly not one either. Why on God's green infield would you even want to consider getting involved in that? She wasn't doing anything wrong, and simply giving 'information' that could be seen by anyone at the park. Move along, and don't over think something like this...There is nothing for you to do here.
  7. Not a Damn thing.
  8. Teddy got in there QUICK! I'd calm down pretty fast too with Ted Barrett standing in front of my face.
  9. ​Simple Answer: YES. Additional Info: Yes, I believe that the catcher did want to hit him with his throw. NO, it was not for MC reasons, or to hurt him or anything like that. It was simply to get a call to go his way. Period.
  10. ​So then what your saying is this crew got it wrong? Because he wasn't EJ'd.
  11. ​Warnings would be issued. and it would also depend on what happens, does the catcher take one off his ass, or does the pitcher try to stick it in his ear?
  12. ​Okay, fine...But I'm looking at it for what it is and the level at which it is, and there are Gentlemen on here saying they would have EJ'd at that(AAA) level...Not a snowballs chance in hell I'm EJ'ing him at that level...Play Ball!
  13. ​The fact that it was a 'Dick Move' has no bearing on an EJ. There are Dick Moves in 90% of the games I do. The catcher tried to gain an advantage, it didn't work. It's nothing, it sucks for the batter--Yes. But it's not that different than going in hard on a slide or laying a tag down in a guys face...And you don't EJ on that.
  14. I've got to say, I'm a little befuddled at how many guys would 'dump' him for this. I don't see it as being eject-able. Stupid, YES! But not anything that warrants an EJ. It wasn't MC in my opinion, just a catcher trying to get a call...Which he never will get. Although and I say this very loosely(and I'm not convinced myself) I guess some credit for trying?...
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