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  1. I was on the bases for a HS Varsity game last Wednesday night. Home team has runners on 1st & 2nd. Ground ball to short- ball got thrown away from F3 all the way to the corner of the fence by dead ball territory, ball was still in play. F9 comes over to field ball, goes completely out of play, then comes back in play to make the throw. By this time- BR was between 1st & 2nd, runner from 2nd had scored & runner from 1st was on third. We put the BR on third, and scored the second run. I am 99% sure we got the call right.
  2. During a fall ball game, I broke my hand and wrist in the same game. Broke my hand on a foul ball from a LH batter. Broke my wrist on a pitched ball that the catcher made no effort to catch. From then on- the only conditions I umpire fall ball are BASES ONLY & NO ONE MAN GAMES
  3. Any schools out your way run the triple option? With all the spread tendencies permeating HS football, its a complete culture shock for DE officials when they get my team's games.
  4. This is one of the reasons WHY I refuse to umpire Little League (12U) baseball. Parents were way out of control to the point that I included "This is your warning- you are responsible for the conduct of your team's parents. If the conduct of a parent warrants an ejection, not only will they be ejected, YOU will be ejected along with them"
  5. I don't do fall ball, because I have a lot invested in football (Season ticket holder for an NFL franchise). Add on that I opted out of doing the leagues that wound up playing due to COVID- that's why. My timing was off early. I know some things mechanically were off as well... Nobody complained- I guess everyone was glad to finally be back.
  6. I believe that around me (Suburban Philadelphia) baseball and softball fees are the same, but I'm not 100% sure. I know the local baseball leagues pay $72-75 for Varsity, $60-66 for JV, $55 for freshman, and $60-65 for middle school.
  7. Since I don't umpire fall baseball, and I opted out last year- I umpired my first game since 7/2019 last night. HS Varsity, 7-3 game. Having not umpired in over a year and a half, I missed a few pitches the first inning and a half.
  8. I would call the ejection bush league, but it seems to go way beyond bush league. With as horrible as that ejection seems to be, there HAS to be video of it. If I was this guy's assignor, he would NOT get any more games from me!
  9. Phillip Wellman's meltdown... THAT. WAS. EPIC!
  10. This would put an end to coaches taking liberties with umpires. I'm not sure if this is a NFHS rule- but the PIAA has put an end to assistant coaches arguing with umpires. What the PIAA has done, is if an assistant starts arguing a call with an umpire- he's ejected, and the HC is restricted.
  11. In 18 years (and close to 2,000 games), I can count the number of coaches I've ever ejected (3) on 1 hand.
  12. No. The request for only 1 umpire each for the Varsity & JV scrimmages came from the school's AD.
  13. Both of my scrimmages Saturday were cancelled. One because the school only wanted 1 umpire to cover their Varisty & JV Scrimmages (2 total), and I was supposed to be on the bases. My other scrimmage was cancelled due to field conditions... It was the first games I have umpired since 7/2019. Since I have a lot of time and money invested in football ($1,309 invested in season tickets to an NFL franchise), I don't umpire fall baseball.
  14. My season starts Saturday
  15. My first scrimmage is Saturday
  16. I've had this happen to me, twice... One kid stuck his foot out to get hit, another stuck his arm out over the strike zone... 1. Call time right away 2. Call the play dead to prevent any movement by any baserunners 3. Tell the hitter to stay where he is 4. Call the pitch a ball or strike
  17. That game in Cooperstown, the coach of the team that won 39-0, asked me to keep opening the strike zone on his kids. They kept hitting & hitting & hitting. The PIAA has a 15 run rule (after 3), AND the 10 run rule (after 5) on all levels. Most HS leagues around me have a 2 hour time limit for MS baseball, and one league has a 2 hour time limit for all sub JV games. The summer leagues I umpire all have the standard 10 run rule. A few others (Junior & Senior League, and Prep Legion 14U) also have a 2-1/2 hour time limit.
  18. It was either one of two... 1. Cooperstown Dreams Park (Week 7, 2005)- I know you get some serious mismatches during the pool play games up there, and I had one of those. A travel team from West Palm Beach beat a CYO team from NYC 39-0. 2. I had a High School JV game a couple years ago that was 41-2 (2-1/2 innings). It was 28-1 after 1, 41-1 after 2.
  19. I've had catchers try to get interference on the throw to third. Their coaches tell them they have to go around the batter if he's in the batter's box.
  20. Agreed. I know that most HS assignors don't want their officials to get 1099'd as well. The HS assignors out my way encourage us to tell them when we are close to that $600 threshold, so they DON'T send us to those schools.
  21. Yup, it's those paper cuts. That being said, why should we pay more in taxes than we are required to?
  22. Most of the officials that I know get 1099'd, its due to them officiating multiple sports. As far as getting a 1099 from Arbiter, I make sure I do not do many games at schools that use ArbiterPay. When I know I am getting close to that $600 point at one school, I let my fall assignor know. This coming season, I have 5 games at one school (1 scrimmage, 4 varsity). Knowing this, I will not take more than 2 games there in the fall.
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