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  1. NFHS. In PA we are told to make them either remove the earrings or cover them with tape. Any non medical or religious jewelry MUST come off. We are to bench warn for the first offense, then restrict the HC & player for the 2nd offense
  2. 1. Doesn't it say in the LL rule book that you MUST start a game with 9 players? IIRC- the book states that you can finish with 8, if you go from 9 to 8 as the result of anything except an ejection. In that case, the vacated spot is an out.
  3. I have game #18 tonight. Despite my request to be put on the bases more often, 14 of my 17 games have been on the plate. I requested to do bases only during the week, because I am coming straight from work.
  4. They can tape them, but a bench warning should be issued.
  5. If I am correct, you can NOT start a game with less than 9, but can finish with less than 9 (barring an ejection)
  6. I saw a sign like that while playing in a softball tournament- where the proceeds went to a gal's physical therapy, after being paralyzed in a car accident in 2011. The sign said: 1. This is a GAME 2. This is for CHARITY 3. The Umpires are VOLUNTEERS 4. You did NOT play for the Phillies.
  7. Since he was NOT in the runners lane, you could make an argument for INTERFERENCE. If he was in the runners lane, I would call obstruction.
  8. That is EXACTLY why I would say no. It's a liability issue, and I refuse to be pushed into a situation like that. A few years back- I cleared the field due to rain for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow the storm to pass over & to apply diamond dry. The HT coach sent his players out on the field after 15 minutes to loosen up, after I told him to wait 30 minutes. He wound up watching the game from the parking lot. This same coach tried to pull another one with me- I went to a game where one team had 7 players show up, and his team had 8 players. I told this coach that by rule this game CAN NOT BE STARTED, and I added on that it would also be a liability issue if I started the game. He said that he would accept any liability. I walked off the field- the first call I made when I got to my car, was to my assignor. I let him know that since neither team had 9 players to start the game, it was a double forfeit, and what the coach tried to pull. He said I did the right thing.
  9. Various leagues have tried to send me to the umpire clinic- but I told them all no. There are a few reasons why. 1. It does not make sense for me to take off work. 2. I feel that the umpires that work the regionals and LLWS should be paid for the games they umpire there, and should be reimbursed for their travel cost. 3. I disagree with them televising games with kids that are 12-13 years old. When the LLWS is being played in August, most of those kids are missing the start of school, and delaying their arrival in fall sports. I am of the belief that the best athletes play at least 2 sports. Putting a crying child on TV because they just lost a championship game is not a good look IMO. 4. With the revenue that Little League brings in on a yearly basis, and the $2,000,000 per year television contract with ESPN that they have- the incessant mentioning of the "volunteerism" is not a good look.
  10. I was on the bases for a HS Varsity game last Wednesday night. Home team has runners on 1st & 2nd. Ground ball to short- ball got thrown away from F3 all the way to the corner of the fence by dead ball territory, ball was still in play. F9 comes over to field ball, goes completely out of play, then comes back in play to make the throw. By this time- BR was between 1st & 2nd, runner from 2nd had scored & runner from 1st was on third. We put the BR on third, and scored the second run. I am 99% sure we got the call right.
  11. During a fall ball game, I broke my hand and wrist in the same game. Broke my hand on a foul ball from a LH batter. Broke my wrist on a pitched ball that the catcher made no effort to catch. From then on- the only conditions I umpire fall ball are BASES ONLY & NO ONE MAN GAMES
  12. Any schools out your way run the triple option? With all the spread tendencies permeating HS football, its a complete culture shock for DE officials when they get my team's games.
  13. This is one of the reasons WHY I refuse to umpire Little League (12U) baseball. Parents were way out of control to the point that I included "This is your warning- you are responsible for the conduct of your team's parents. If the conduct of a parent warrants an ejection, not only will they be ejected, YOU will be ejected along with them"
  14. I don't do fall ball, because I have a lot invested in football (Season ticket holder for an NFL franchise). Add on that I opted out of doing the leagues that wound up playing due to COVID- that's why. My timing was off early. I know some things mechanically were off as well... Nobody complained- I guess everyone was glad to finally be back.
  15. I believe that around me (Suburban Philadelphia) baseball and softball fees are the same, but I'm not 100% sure. I know the local baseball leagues pay $72-75 for Varsity, $60-66 for JV, $55 for freshman, and $60-65 for middle school.
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