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  1. I'm in southeast PA. I have a scrimmage on 3/20. I don't do much HS baseball, because I work until 430
  2. Legion did credit dues paid in 2020 to 2021, unless you requested otherwise.
  3. I told him I opted out last year. I worked about 15 games last year, down from the 60-70 I usually do (I umpire through the end of Legion playoffs).
  4. I know a lot of legion teams here played an "independent" schedule against other legion teams that wanted to play. It will be interesting to see what they will do about the college freshmen (that don't turn 20 before 1/1/2002) who want to come back and play. Normally, a 19 year old can play for their legion team if they played for them at 18. Since there was no legion season in PA....
  5. I hear Legion in New Jersey is all but done. I got the e-mail about umpire registration, that our dues from last year will be applied to this year.
  6. Had my rules interp meeting last night. Regarding baseballs, we were told to let them play, and let them go through their excess inventory
  7. I know Legion shut down last year due to the pandemic, but I noticed the number of teams declining before that. I know a bunch of teams played independent schedules. My local youth league had maybe 4-5 teams in 2019, and the senior league may have had 7-8. My belief is that if HS plays, Legion will.
  8. Is it still being played where you guys are? what's the size of your leagues? Where I am (suburban Philadelphia)- it seems that the number of legion teams is declining, especially on the youth (16U) and senior (19U) level. It's a shame, I enjoy umpiring legion baseball.
  9. The run scores. Since the second out was made at 2nd base, the third out becomes a time play
  10. There are plenty of other assignors that I get games from- so I will take games from them.
  11. Had my rules interp meeting last night. Granted there were no new rules, due to the 2020 season being cancelled. That being said, a question has come up regarding the new DH rule. Question on the new DH rule: Assume Smith is batting leadoff and playing 1B. Jones bats second, and is listed on lineup card as P/DH. In 3d inning, Doe replaces Jones as P. I understand at that point that Jones remains in offensive lineup as DH, and Doe is simply in the defensive lineup as the P, but is not batting. No problem so far. Then in 5th inning Jones goes back
  12. I am operating under the "don't ask, don't tell" mantra. If they don't ask, I keep quiet. I have asked about his health countless times, and asked for the money countless times over the last year and a half. When I asked about the money, I never would get an answer. Hence why I think I got stiffed. Going forward- if someone asks me to help assign, I will ask for half the money up front, and half at the end of the season.
  13. I know a lot of others will not umpire for the person, for THAT reason
  14. If newer umpires ask me my opinion of the person, I give them an honest answer, and why I feel that way. If nobody asks, I keep quiet
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