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  1. I got the Delta Flex as I thought it might just fit my Platinum for my body size. Not quite. I can get it on but it's way too tight. So close... I don't have good enough skills to add a couple of inches to the straps. So I won't bother for now.
  2. Hey, some of us need to bring our own water and supplies for just about everything with us. But I would not purchase this. I have other ways and I don't need a purse for my mask.
  3. I don't like them. I still prefer the look of Reebok and besides they don't usually make extra wides with the all black.
  4. I just got a pair of the field magistrates for the bases. Haven't tried them on yet, but I believe because my RBK plates are so awesome, these will be too. Also, they couldn't be worse comfort and looks wise than my NB.
  5. Looks great. Can't join this short of order. Maybe in the future look at an open source course management solution such as Moodle to conduct the course.
  6. Nice! You will enjoy them thoroughly. I wish I could have all black, but the ones I have will last me a while. I don't mind the color for now.
  7. I hope they are just playing along with it for now if it's true what Keener says that they LIKE the system. Maybe we'll hear differently sometime after it's over. I'd imagine one or more think the system is entirely overblown and oversteps its intention. There is a lot seriously wrong with the system as implemented that being new is not a valid excuse for. Yet, it's being portrayed as flawless and great by the media.
  8. A few of them had clearly checked their self respect at the door. I don't mind replay in LL if they feel it is necessary. I to find distaste in and find unreasonable the way the did it. I would be offended if I were there. The umpires there have seemed to find that having your opinion trampled on by overturning plays that are clearly inconclusive or too close to have a valid reason to overturn it a good thing. Also, being made to look like an idiot by calling conferences on bang-bang plays for no reason just makes it look worse. Now they just do it because a coach disagrees. Helping kid
  9. I don't bring a brush out either. Most leagues around here either use bases with basically a tongue and groove type style or are rubber with a large square that inserts into the ground. The groove type ones I can just kick the dirt out and it goes back in place. The other, if it won't set you need someone with a spade anyway. So I usually just have the player at the base fix it anyway.
  10. Not to mention it wasn't THAT obvious. I'm pretty sure they were just taking ESPN's word for it.
  11. Yeah, I saw it happen too. At the plate the kid had no reaction. The ball did deflect but it could of been off a bad spot in the dirt, etc. He then ran to 1st because someone said he was hit. The PU calls him back. Then he calls the crew together and he keeps the decision. He is about to resume play when he's called over. I would either have not gone over at all. Or, I would have said, that's my call, it judgment and walked away. I wouldn't put up with that crap. What are they going to do, give me a bad evaluation?
  12. willv28

    Unknown Rules

    Few games go by where at least one batted ball doesn't bounce off the plate. Never have I had it questioned. But I did have one that bounced off the plate and I had it questioned that it should be an IFF because "It bounced higher than the batter's head".
  13. Honig's sells fitted mesh hats, I think they are Richardson. I have one, I prefer the wool, but with my head the crown of any hat flattens out after a while anyway.
  14. Well, I'm pretty good in most depts with good stuff. NEED: -More shirts, can't ever have enough shirts, going to try a new brand. -More hats, fitted both mesh and wool, navy and black -Honig's poly-wool plate and base and/or Smitty's heather plate and base pants (I may decide to bypass attempting to match colors as you usually aren't matched in something), I don't like my Davis plate/base pants. -Equipment bag, need to upgrade what is essentially a hockey bag. -Additional backup accessories, indicators, ball bags, brushes, etc WANT: - thicker regular leather belt. The one I have t
  15. willv28

    Unknown Rules

    IFF is huge around here for not being understood. I had a game where the defense thought the ball was dead and all kinds of other things that made no sense. Also, recently I was asked why IFF wasn't called on a foul ball. I said, one, it'd be IFF, if fair, two, the play wasn't ordinary effort, three, the ball was hit extremely foul, no possibility it would be fair even if it was caught, which it was. Thinking contact has to occur on OBS/INT and the runner has to "avoid" the fielder who is just standing around picking their nose. Or in the case I had, F3 standing directly next to the bag
  16. I'd rather it be cold. It could be 20 degrees and I'd be comfy. I'd had an awful game this year where it was about 90 at the start of the game and that was 10AM. The dew point was 74 it felt like 110 out there and humid and I had the plate. I lost several pounds during the course of the game.
  17. I've never done that, never had the need. I've never had a problem seeing everything because of a runner. I've angled myself and it's always worked, I just do the same thing as on the big diamond. Nice job on the site.
  18. Do you live in a drier climate? It wasn't the fact that it was in the 90's the dew point was 75F at the time. I stepped out of my car and I immediately started sweating. Lost 3 pounds in 2 hours that day.
  19. Excellent! We're about to wrap 10/11BB sectionals up this week and then I will likely be done. We're doing 6-man for the final. Position assignments by random draw.
  20. I've been blamed for not only the loss in one game but also receive get blamed on behalf of the previous umpires for the previous 4 loses.
  21. That sounds awful. I had a game at 10AM this past saturday. It was almost 90 degrees when the game started, had to be well over 90 when it ended. It was real humid and I was facing the sun. Not much fun. I got a raw spot on the side of my eye from sweating.
  22. +2 or murphy's if not much dirt.
  23. It depends on if your league or association has a uniform code and what that code is. In our LL there is no set uniform style, though everyone just defaults to navy. I have worn MLB black and polo blue shirts in LL games when by myself. Both of which look tons better on me than navy does. Clothes never fit me right, and those styles lessen that. LL has used those styles in regional and world series games. There's nothing wrong with using these shirt styles. MLB umpires used to wear the navy, look back at the mid to late 90's for that.
  24. You've done more games this year as our LL district has combined games in the tournament for all divisions. That's a lot of games. Congrats?
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