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  1. Just to give everybody an update, my shoes came in. I've worked 4 games in them so far, and in every game I have taken one off of the foot. 3 of the shots probably would have knocked me down, but the Reeboks did a great job protecting my feet. Looking back, it was reeeally stupid of me to wear base shoes behind the plate. One of the hits in particular (16U fastpitch) definitely could have broken something in my foot had I not been wearing the Reeboks. The force of the impact shoved my foot back, but I felt no pain at all! This was easily the best investment of all of my gear to date!
  2. Good Choice on the Reeboks! Why thank you! I just hope they will fit ok!
  3. Thanks for the input guys! I ordered some Reebok plate shoes (low, all black) last night from Ump-Attire and they should be here by my next double header on Wednesday. As for the mask, I had the same thought as most of you. It is possible that I was set up too high in the slot, thus looking down at the plate to expose my head. But it seemed to me that I was set up right, and wasn't tracking the ball with my head. I wish somebody would have seen it to tell me what happened. Either way, it wouldn't have happened with a bucket on.
  4. Interesting day today. I worked four games at a 10u softball tournament, two of them on the plate. First game went pretty normal for a softball game at that age, as my shins were getting tagged at least once per batter, or so it seemed. My DavisShins did a great job though, and this was a non-issue. My second plate is where the "eye-openers" happened. It started with two shots straight to the end of my left big toe. I was wearing my Mizuno base shoes. I have been meaning to buy some Reebok plate shoes for some time, and I was planning to buy them with the check from this weekend.
  5. The tournaments that I work at in my hometown pay 25 to 30 a game, which adds up to around $200 for the weekend. Not as nice as 40-50 per game as stated above, but we are treated to free food and a nice air-conditioned changing room, plus I don't have to travel (it $ucks to put gas in my truck). I would say that 75 for the weekend would be waaay too low!
  6. So, tonight was one of those nights. 10U double header, I had the plate the first game. Didn't really have any issues with fans and coaches, but I felt that my zone was terrible. On one occasion, I rang a kid up (34, visiting team) on a ball that was maybe just a bit high, so he proceeds to go to the dugout and ball his eyes out. Whatever. Play goes on, and the game finishes with the home team winning by one. Second game I'm the BU. 34 from the VT is up, and his team has a big lead. A pitch floats in high and inside, and as he tries to move out of the way, the pitch hits him on the kn
  7. Zippy

    Wall of Fame

    So, does anybody else do anything like this at tournaments? I will say, I learn alot by discussing the situations that caused the quotes, mainly about how to manage coaches.
  8. Zippy

    Wall of Fame

    Hey all. I was going through the pictures on my phone and stumbled across pictures of the "Story Board" in the umpires dressing room where I work most of my tournaments. Basically, the board contains any quote from a rat or fan that likes to think they know it all. It serves as a way to get a cheap laugh in with the other umps as we change between games. These were taken with my cell phones 3 mega-pixel camera, but I hope it is readable for everybody. Enjoy! (please excuse some of the spelling, it was hot on both of these weekends!) Also, some of the stuff is HTBT, but alot of
  9. Yes, I am done for the year! It seems like it went very fast, but school is coming up, and I need to start focusing on moving back. I am probably done officiating any sport until wrestling season starts up.
  10. As I sit here cleaning my gear and hanging up my shirts for the off season, I figured this is a great time to reflect on this past season. I worked six tournaments and several weeknight travel games, ranging from 10U to Legion Ball. Now, that might not seem like much compared to some of you guys who have worked 200+ this year, but I feel like I gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge from the both the umpires that I have worked with and the fine folks on this lovely website. But thats not the only thing I gained this year. I started out the summer with a new featherwe
  11. Some of you might remember when I was considering ordering a Diamond iX3 CP and shin guards. My main concerns with ordering a Wilson hard shell type were cost and comfort. After some schooling from some of you on the "importance of good gear" I started looking for a hard shell CP. For a while I was looking at the lower level Wilson CP and shins, but didn't order them. Good thing I waited. Thanks to Aaron Kristoff and the Classifieds section of the site, I am the proud new owner of a set of DaviShins and a Wilson Platinum CP! And both were a very reasonable price. Aaron was very e
  12. Rest assured...I learned my lesson and will never do anything that ridiculous again!!! Please look into your hearts and forgive me. That wasn't one of my fondest memories...i'd like to move on.
  13. Just curious Nate...what did [you] do to you that is so bad that you feel compelled to leave?
  14. Zippy

    ASA Certified

    I just checked and the Kansas ASA chapter charges $50 for the test packet and all of the manuals and materials. Yeah, it's a bit pricey once you add in all of the extra uniform stuff, but with the abundance of ASA tournaments in my area, I should have plenty of dates to pay them off and then some.
  15. Does anybody here do ASA? If so, what is the certification process like, and does it cost anything to register? Or do they make all of their money off of the ASA shirts and hats?
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