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  1. We did this in the 70s quite a bit. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. We even had a version where BB with R3, BR continues passed 1B and gets into a rundown hoping for R3 to get home. The skunk doesn't always go to the outfield. The point of the play is to distract the defense enough for R3 to make it home. As an umpire, I have seen it a few times and the offense is usually successful. Of course there are a few different successes: R1 gets 2B R3 gets home R1 gets 2B R3 gets home R1 gets 1b R3 gets home R1 is out The best you can do as PU is move to 3bx and watch the action. The higher the level of ball, the most that is going to happen is R1 goes to 2B and is ignored by the defense.
  2. I usually don't volunteer feedback on my partner's zone. If they ask, I will generally tell them what I thought about their consistency. I don't believe that I have an adequate view to judge balls/strikes from A, B, or C.

    WSJ tweet

    I probably should put this in the equipment forum..
  4. Your strike zone definition is inaccurate Fed - The strike zone is that space over home plate, the top of which is halfway between the batter's shoulders and the waistline, and the bottom being the knees, when he assumes his natural batting stance... MLB - The STRIKE ZONE is that area over home plate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the hollow beneath the kneecap. Maybe you want to rephrase your question.
  5. Interference is an immediate dead ball. R2 is out. I believe in Fed, you can get a second out if you believe the double play was possible (imminent?).
  6. All income is reportable, with or without payer documentation. Remember how they got Al Capone.
  7. Sorry about that …senior moment. a runner leaving early is a dead ball and the runner is out, so the illegal pitch never happens.
  8. This is a softball question, folks. An illegal pitch is a delayed dead ball and a ball on the batter.
  9. In my HS association, we generally follow what is assigned. It is not uncommon for one or the other to ask for a switch and there is no problem. The assigner asks to be informed afterward in case there is an issue to be documented.
  10. It was a judgement call. The guy on the field, his judgement counts.
  11. I haven’t been on much since this topic came to life. I usually just lock the sold topics if I get there before @Thunderheads. I pretty much follow Jeff’s thinking. I prefer to throw a warning out there first.
  12. I used a silver dollar from 1883. I found that most of the participants were uninterested in history. After that I carry a variety of "challenge" coins; heads/tails baseball; zebra tail/head(from my football days);ASA national school. I have found that participants continue to be unimpressed with my coinage.
  13. Here are some action shots of my uncle and his balloon mechanics. These go back to the early 80s.
  14. LMSANS


    I'm locking this one up.
  15. LMSANS

    Runs Scoring

    You’re question was answered and clarified.
  16. The rule is time of throw. The deflection (new impetus)is not a baseball thing.
  17. So the thinking that the mask falling off from a hit is no longer a good thing? I am not familiar with the science.
  18. No difference for NJSIAA. Straight NFHS Force Play Slide Rule - the runner is required to slide (legally) or avoid getting in the way of the throw. I have a double play.
  19. Coaches are responsible for spending in this particular district. If he uses up his allotment before the season is over, he may be buying them himself. This district also takes months to pay.
  20. I wear 2 bags for baseball and 1 for softball. most HS games I start with 3 baseballs and the pitcher has 1. Softball is usually 1 for me & 1 for each pitcher (covid excepted). Some schools have gotten more liberal with baseballs due to field limitations. Had a game in the local minor league field and the home school went through a whole box. Coach was beside himself. Softball fields seem to be in more open areas and foul balls are more easily recovered.
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