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    I haven't been on in a couple of weeks. It is closed now.

    Foul Ball

    Fair ball as long as nothing other than dirt/grass was touched in foul territory.
  3. Rules have been changing for 150 years. Not always well liked. 🤷‍♂️
  4. My hometown team. My HS association interpreter is the official scorer for the Blue Claws. I go to about 10 - 12 games a year. He's been EJ twice this week and his hitting coach got tossed for coming out of the dugout. Must be frustrating, they have only won about 40 games in total this year.


    Invite to VON?
  6. the bad ones are actually from Staten Island, NY.

    Balk high school

    Be nice...you can't treat guests like members.
  8. I'm not a lawyer and I did NOT sleep in a Holiday Inn Express, but I remember being told "when you do a civil suit, you name everybody and anybody that could have been connected to the incident. The liable will be there at the end.
  9. Locking this one down. We've gone way off-track.
  10. It does need to be allowed by the admin. I've worked for admins that did not allow any blocks.
  11. NFHS softball changed also... Jewelry Permitted in 2023 High School Softball Rules Changes By NFHS on July 12, 2022 nfhs news Share Print The NFHS Softball Rules Committee has approved the wearing of jewelry in the sport, effective with the 2023 season. Previously, only medical and religious medals were permitted. The removal of the previous Rule 3-2-12 from the 2022 NFHS Softball Rules Book headlined a set of six rules changes forwarded by the committee. The six proposed changes were compiled at the committee’s recent rules meeting held June 13-15 at the Conrad Hotel in downtown Indianapolis and were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. “The NFHS Softball Rules Committee has entertained this possible rule change on multiple occasions based on previous proposals submitted by the membership,” said Sandy Searcy, NFHS director of sports and liaison to the NFHS Softball Rules Committee. “This year’s overwhelming member response in favor of permitting the wearing of jewelry strongly influenced the Committee’s decision to approve this proposal. Rule language, however, continues to allow umpires the authority to expel items they deem dangerous or distracting to any player.” In a causal change, Rule 3-6-11 strengthens language to emphasize that electronic devices only be used in the dugout during games to prevent teams from utilizing them as an on-field signaling system under the new jewelry-friendly regulations. Color restrictions for gloves and mitts were also loosened as part of Rule 1-4-1. Previously, gloves and mitts could not consist of more than two colors excluding lacing and manufacturer’s logos. For the 2023 season, there will be no limit on the number of colors as long as no part of the glove/mitt – including lacing and seams – is the same color as the ball; has markings that give the appearance of the ball; or is made in a manner that is distracting to the umpire. To more accurately depict final scores and individual and team statistics, a new clause was added to Rule 4-2-1 stating that all baserunners involved in a game-ending home run will be scored and credited to the winning team. Previously, only the number of runs needed to win the contest were officially counted in the final score. Rule 8-2-7, which deals with batter-runner interference, was reformatted to address the infraction in fair territory – “with a fielder attempting to make an initial play on a fair batted ball” (Rule 8-2-7a) – and in foul territory – “with a fielder attempting to field a fly ball over foul territory” (Rule 8-2-7b). The final rule change for the 2023 season is the insertion of Rule 2-20-1g pertaining to the definition of a fair ball. This new language clarifies that a batted ball will be ruled a fair ball and a dead ball in the instance an offensive player interferes with a defensive player while the ball is in fair territory. Placing this language within the definition of a fair ball also makes it consistent with the definition of a foul ball that is covered in Rule 2-25-1e. A complete listing of the softball rules changes will be available on the NFHS website at www.nfhs.org. Click on “Activities & Sports” at the top of the home page and select “Softball.” According to the most recent NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, fast-pitch softball is the fifth-most popular sport for girls with 362,038 participants in 15,877 high schools nationwide. The survey also indicated an additional 6,602 participants in slow-pitch softball.
  12. I would try that, but my name isn’t Kevin.😜
  13. It always confused me when reffing youth football, coaches would call me “blue”. in baseball, I don’t mind either way.
  14. I thought it interesting that he took his mask off with his right hand.
  15. You be you. I will follow the official guidelines I am provided and officiate accordingly.
  16. I was BU in a JV game on a complex that included the V game and a lacrosse game. I heard thunder, stopped our game. The other games continued. After 30 minutes of silence, we went back and then heard another clap. Pulled them off again. This time after 5 minutes I started to walk over to the V game. Before I got there, lightening struck a transformer beyond the left field fence. There were much taller trees all around. It was comical watching the BU in the V game hightailing it to the dugout. BTW, he was our interpreter. I don’t play with thunder or lightning.
  17. LMSANS


    And a one hour drama series has only 40 minutes of actual show. What's the difference?
  18. Pick one. And it can change as the situation evolves. For instance, if it’s windy and you initially think F1 will make the catch, then the ball drifts towards F3. It’s all part of your judgement.
  19. A follow up article with the state ruling, says that the official counter was wrong. l don’t know any specifics beyond what has been reported. the umpires have no role in the pitch count unless there is a question from a coach. That didn’t seem to be the case.
  20. First HS scrimmage this year, kid hits a double and stands up and flips the double-bird to his bench while laughing. This is a team that has a lot of fun around the game. We were joking with them when reading the jersey statement and discussing war paint and jewelry before the game. I caught the double-bird and in a friendly manor told him that was not acceptable. He started to say "but it's my team". I shook my head and he said yes sir. We moved on. Change one or two of the facts and I might have an eject, but I am not looking for it.
  21. Vinny Smith is an umpire, but was not acting in that capacity during that game. After retiring from being the state baseball interpreter a couple of years ago, he has been working only softball. I know him personally. He is as precise and by-the-book as someone can be. He is easily recognized around the state, in name and appearance. With only the article as a source of "facts", I would say the pitch count at the game was accurate.
  22. LMSANS

    Run / Bat

    When we were playing on the sandlot, over 50 years ago, if you touched first with the bat in hand, you were out. No real rules basis for this, but it was common in my neighborhood.
  23. So shirt color does determine skill level?😜
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