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  1. Likewise...also a great transaction with @Phil Adler Force 3 Shins shipped quickly and in good condition as described
  2. I bought a set have used them...they really *do* work. Yeah...it's more expensive than it should be...but it absolutely works...and works well.
  3. Honestly not sure if there's a supply issue or not...could be related to supply chain issues from you know what. I bought one like 18 months ago maybe....quite possibly the best purchase I've made in protective gear from a cost to performance ratio consideration. I can't think of another CP that I would even try at this point. The Wilsons are just WAY too hot.
  4. I can't seem to find it anywhere on their website anymore...i know they had them years ago.
  5. Amazing that anyone set a field up where the sun is essentially in the batter's eyes at dusk....I've never seen a field laid out in that way...as far as how to help you out...that's really tough....the only thing I can think of is to focus on his throwing hand as much as possible to try to track the ball from the release...not sure if that will help or not.
  6. I'm a little late on this but just another flawless transaction with @wolfe_man a cpl weeks ago.
  7. Same setup that I have. Schutt with a 4" TG....same results.
  8. Agreed....but I believe much of what he instructs in this video can be adapted to NFHS games.
  9. Hopefully this may help some guys...I agree...this side of the game management equation is something that simply isn't instructed...and it *should* be.
  10. Mask type could also be a contributor...not sure what you are sporting in that pic....I'm typically wearing a +Pos ZRO-G....maybe my mounting location is a bit lower or closer to the CP than it would be on your mask.
  11. Stk004 has a point as well...I tend to try to really get up in the slot with my feet but do my best not to be leaning at all...I keep all of the workload on my legs and try to isolate my back from as much load bearing as possible....I need my back to hold out for 100 plates a year....leaning forward would likely not allow that to happen.
  12. Not sure how you are wearing the CP or how you have the TG mounted....but mine bottoms out as long as my mechanics are correct....and I'm not a small guy....6'1" 240...maybe body type is at play?
  13. I can easily see a situation where a pulled in, charging F6 could have issues with me if I'm in C. Bounding ball hit right at you....you could open the gate and he could be barreling down right on you. Moving closer to the cutout should avoid that potential issue...and still has you close enough so that you can get to a good position to make confident calls from the working area.
  14. I have to disagree....If you are wearing your CP as high as you *should* be and you have the TG mounted in the proper place, then a 4" should not hit your throat....and if you aren't wearing that CP hi and tight then not only are you creating more of an opening for your throat to get smashed but you are also likely exposing your clavicles. My 4" has saved my bacon more than once....it bottoms out near the top of my CP when a ball bounces up and trys to get under the mask. The key is that we need to be disciplined and do what we are supposed to do...keep our eyes down and on the ball...even if it's in the dirt. If we try to look up or away from the ball in the dirt that's when we get hit under the chin/in the throat. I agree that the 6" could feel cumbersome and has a tendency to catch on your CP or shirt from time to time...which is why I prefer the 4".
  15. No money to be made from requiring protective equipment....apparel however......LOTS of money to be made from requiring those things $$$$$.....
  16. I'll be honest with you...from my personal perspective and from a "work" standpoint, I fully believe that 7th/8th grade games should pay the same rate as varsity games. We are often times working a lot harder on those games with the varying level of skill and abilities than we have to on a varsity game. It goes back to pay....$40 isn't *remotely* close to enough to have a guy behind the plate working a 60/90 game solo....I'm not at ALL surprised there is a massive shortage with those rates. I just feel that we are compromising the integrity of the game by trying to hide the real problem here. The only way it will be resolved is if these school districts come to the reality that they are going to have to increase their rates if they care about the integrity of their games. If our pay locally was $40 for a Jr High game I wouldn't be doing them either. With the initial outlay of money required to get into this gig, those setting the pay rates need to realize that the real world dictates you will NOT have a labor pool for the compensation that they are currently offering. I would also add in though that we should not be selling this avocation to college kids as 6 weeks of work....there is no reason they should not be taking this up as the ultimate summer job for a college student. If you can work 1 game a night and 3-4 on weekends you could take home more than the average summer student job could ever provide....at least in my area.
  17. Interesting....is it me or do the pictures on the website seem to show that fabric appears to have a heathering of some kind to it that makes them look more like poly wool than the solid charcoal coloring of the Smitty Poly?
  18. The free market dictates that supply and demand would fix this issue if the market is allowed to work. It sounds like part of the problem may be that the pay rate is not high enough. Offer more money and you will find more labor supply...this is what a free market/capitalist society is based on. I honestly think that trying to recruit people to work behind the mound is setting them ultimately up for failure....plate work is the basis for all umpiring. If they don't get plate work repetitions right out of the gate to determine if this is something that they want to pursue, then isn't everyone's time being wasted in the big picture?? I'm not trying to be overly critical I just think that the idea here is trying to apply a band-aid to a gaping wound....that wound will only ultimately be solved by letting the free market work. Just my 2 cents....which doesn't buy anything anymore lol.
  19. From what I have been able to gather, I believe that is the proper fitting for this bump cap insert.
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