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  1. Mussgrass

    sac fly

    And R3 is gonna get a good *** chewing for not tagging up in the first place!
  2. Thanks! I missed the touched in fair.
  3. OK I'll bite. How is it not a foul ball if it was touched in foul territory?
  4. I would think it makes sense to add to the old thread. This discussion may still be relevant.
  5. I am sorry if anyone took my comments personally. Obviously, I do not wish death or illness on anyone. I do, though, stand by my comments that the whole situation has been completely politicized by the left.
  6. The risk to reasonably healthy people is not what the MSM is making it out to be. I get it that we need to protect the frail elderly people. Maybe 3% of people even get serious symptoms. 80% of people have no or slight symptoms. The death rate will end up being about 0.2% when all is said and done. That is just a bad flu year. It has all been blown way out of proportion.
  7. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. These are young, healthy athletes.
  8. It all comes down to your own risk tolerance. We need to protect the most vulnerable, which we are. If you are not comfortable going out, then don't. There is risk in everything in life. You can go out and risk any number of calamities happening to you. You can hunker down at home and risk blood clots from inactivity or falling down the stairs or literally going crazy from boredom. We need to open up the country and get people back to work. Let those who accept the risk go for it.
  9. The debate is centering around whether this should be IFF. The OP said the ball was dropped, so the base runners do not need to retouch their bases either way.
  10. Thank you! This is the point I was trying to make.
  11. I know you said JK but the count could matter. If there were 2 strikes when this happened it would be an uncaught 3rd strike D3K.
  12. Mussgrass

    Foul ball or out ?

    I'm warning you, if you watch it turn the sound down. Gotta love announcers!
  13. I saw it first hit the ground beside the mound. It does look like it may have felt weird to the BR the way he looked at the bat. It was definitely a cleanly batted ball.
  14. That is great timing by the PU! Couple of questions... Was it ruled interference by a retired runner? If so, shouldn't the closest runner to home be called out for interference? Maybe that happened and I just didn't see it in the video clip.
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