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  1. I saw it first hit the ground beside the mound. It does look like it may have felt weird to the BR the way he looked at the bat. It was definitely a cleanly batted ball.
  2. That is great timing by the PU! Couple of questions... Was it ruled interference by a retired runner? If so, shouldn't the closest runner to home be called out for interference? Maybe that happened and I just didn't see it in the video clip.
  3. How would closed bases and no stealing affect positioning? If you are starting outside would B make more sense with 2 outs?
  4. A mechanics question here. When R3 comes back and stomps on the plate, is the correct signal "safe" or nothing?
  5. Mussgrass

    Force or not?

    The umpire calling TIME was the stop button, which happened before the pitcher was on the rubber.
  6. I remember riding home from an away game in the back of a pickup, going 70 mph down the highway while the driver was changing into his jersey for his softball game he was heading to after he dropped us off. Man life was great back then!
  7. What if it is a day where the sun is in and out of the clouds. Where are players to put them when they don't need them?
  8. Eject the pitching coach for allowing the kids to throw curve balls at that age!
  9. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but it probably didn't take flopping the feet around to be obstruction. As soon as the ball got away it became obstruction.
  10. That would be a proper tag with the ball in your hand in the glove. For coaching catchers especially, that is a great way to control the ball through the tag. Not a tag if the ball is in the bare hand and the empty glove is touching the runner.
  11. I told someone just 2 nights ago that this is the most asked question on this site.
  12. So, since it is not a balk the ball remains live as long as the ball stays in play. The "penalty" to the defense is that the runners can advance as many bases as they can get on an overthrow. It really punishes the defense's stupidity!
  13. Couldn't he be headed to another defensive position? Or would a different pitcher have been announced in that case? Every defensive player has to cross the foul line on their way out to their position.
  14. Let's not take ourselves too seriously! At the end of the day we're all baseball fans. That was cute and funny!
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