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  1. I guess (of course, no video) I envision R1 holding up to make sure the ball doesn't get caught while the BR runs hard the whole way, putting him right behind R1 as they circle the bases.
  2. I agree that without video we can't really judge accurately. However, if the BR is attempting to score and the lead runner right in front of him had to slide into HP then that lead runner probably won't have time to get out of the way, and as such would not be guilty of INT unless he did something intentional.
  3. Sounds like the coach is a creampuff. The father was not threatening or rude in any way according to what the article reported. Certainly there was no reason to ban him from games. Maybe there is more that wasn't reported. That said, is it really worth the expense and trouble of a lawsuit? Suck it up, dad. I am sure the daughter is embarrassed beyond belief by her dad's behavior.
  4. It does appear that the F# was watching the ball the whole way. Perhaps if he could see the BR actually running it out he would have just caught the ball.
  5. Under NFHS where dead ball appeals are allowed would it make any difference if, for example, F4 of F6 notices the miss and immediately says something to an umpire? It is a dead ball if the ball was hit over the fence, but must the action be allowed to "play out" before a dead ball appeal will be entertained?
  6. That lends itself to how far must the BR be past 1B to not be guilty of interfering with the throw. Level of play would be a factor in that.
  7. Just get rid of the stupid pitch comm. These are grown men. Can't the men of our time understand the signs? It worked for 140 years prior to now!
  8. See the part I bolded. The batter would be out on the IFF. Would this then be a 2 base award for the base runners?
  9. Are there any games where we don't go over a couple of calls in our minds later on wondering if we got them right? Maybe I'm the weird one. Maybe it shows we do care.
  10. I will say my partner was a 16 year old young man. He played in this league when he was that age and just finished his sophomore year of HS ball. So he knows the game. That said, he would probably not have known to kill it if he saw it. I'll mention it the next time I see him.
  11. The other night on the game ending play the batter grounded out to F1, who threw to F3 for the out. Teams come out and line up. As we are leaving the field the batter (12U) runs up and says the ball hit him on the foot. I said I did not see it and I looked at my partner and asked if he had anything. He did not. After we were outside the fence the coach asked (through the fence) and I told him the same thing. A few steps late a parent asked too. I don't know if the coach and the parent actually saw it or were going off of the player's report. I don't have any reason to think the player was lying. What can I do differently?
  12. The first manager is just being childish. The second should never manage again. That is just uncalled for. No umpire needs to put up with that. If I had someone screaming in my face like that I would fear for my safety.
  13. We all take ourselves too seriously sometimes. Not only on this subject. We're umpiring because it is fun. Just go and have fun and let the chips fall where they may.
  14. I agree with you guys. And, aren't the catcher and F3 taught to go either inside or outside to be able to throw a completed pass?
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