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  1. Are there any umpires on here with mobility issues or physical disabilities? If so, how do you compensate on the field? For the record, in March of last year I suffered a herniated disc in L1 L2 that completely compressed the nerve roots that feed my right leg. I had surgery 1 week after the sneeze that caused it. I had lost a lot of the feeling and function in that leg. The main effects are weakness in my quad and some drop foot and ankle weakness. I cannot run and need to watch my step on rough ground. Some strength nd function are coming back but I don't know if the nerves will fully r
  2. Every team needs a spitting coach!
  3. Really?! Just suck it up and learn to work with what you got! He can't be that bad!
  4. You better not wear long sleeves under your short sleeved shirt. That is unforgiveable! LOL
  5. And even more people believe that you need contact in order for it to be INT or OBS.
  6. You are right about what you should have done. Don't sweat it, we don't see BOO that often.
  7. Mussgrass

    dead ball

    If it is the defensive teams on deck circle wouldn't they just disadvantage themselves. Can't penalize the offense for something the defense did.
  8. Can the defense initiate what looks like a live ball appeal when the ball is dead? Must a dead ball appeal be a verbal appeal? Would tagging the plate or the runner be a legal appeal when the ball is dead? My thinking would answer my questions no, yes, no. I may be wrong.
  9. If it is a strike I will call it a strike. I don't care what happens after the ball passes through the strike zone.
  10. Boy you guys really complain about old threads!
  11. Someone please remind me, in this situation when does the runner need to be tagged and when can the base be tagged?
  12. And also be prepared to then announce that the run doesn't score if the defense executes a proper appeal on R3 leaving early.
  13. Mussgrass

    sac fly

    And R3 is gonna get a good *** chewing for not tagging up in the first place!
  14. Thanks! I missed the touched in fair.
  15. OK I'll bite. How is it not a foul ball if it was touched in foul territory?
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