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  1. Congrats My wife and will be up there the first weekend hopefully we can catch your games
  2. mr magoo

    This Weekend

    lawump my prayers are with you and your family I want to say THANK YOU to a true American Hero, your brother, My wife and I just sent our youngest son off to Ft Bliss, Texas and fear that very phone call
  3. Thank you for your service to our country
  4. Wow I wish I knew about this clinic earlier it looks like something I would like to attend I see it's an annual clinic so hopefully next year
  5. . A pitch came in so obviously and hit the batter, and before I could get the words out of my mouth, "Grandpa" said "it hit the batter . . . it hit the batter!!! . . . he gets 1st base!!!". I couldn't resist, so I turned around and merely said "thank you Sir, I wasn't sure" ;-) . . . (wink, wink) . . . his Granddaughter(?) said "quiet Pop, he knows what he's doing" . . . . alas, I vote of confidence from a spectator :-))))))))))) I'll give the old gent the benefit of the doubt and think that he just wanted to impress the other spectators in the stands that he could still see ;-) Good Times, Good Times! :-) Everyone have a SAFE and GREAT Memorial Weekend!!! SJA :-) Hey it's not easy being me
  6. I would have to agree with the posts above that you called a good game and there where other points in the game where it was lost. It is easy to blame the officials, because that's what people do, it's ALWAYS somebodies fault not mine
  7. I worked a 9u game this weekend and it sounds exactly the same I worked a 9u game this weekend and it sounds exactly the same
  8. mr magoo

    Cell Phones

    I got this image in my head of a 9mm on the outside of the ball bag " Hey Blue where's that pitch " Then you tap on the 9mm and he say's "OK"
  9. Yeah I got the same message as well I'm gonna just chalk it up to the cost of doing the job
  10. Yeah I'm from Jersey ha ha Thanks Noumpern always good to get different opinions and views
  11. Ok so I have a brain fart on this question and thought I would ask for some help I'm wondering if it falls into last time by ? With R1 on second and R2 on first, B1 hits a ball in the left centerfield gap. R1 takes off and touches third base, but retreats because he believes the ball may be caught. The fly ball is not caught and R1 goes directly from where he had retreated to and advances toward home. After playing action stops, time is called. The defense executes a proper dead ball appeal of R1 for a baserunning infraction. The umpire allows the run to score since R1 had touched third base. a. Correct b. Incorrect
  12. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. After thinking this through I have to admit I am rushing the call, just another example of needing to slow down
  13. Sometimes it really feels that way ha haaaaa
  14. I should have been more clear I am starting in C and work towards 1st in the working area. I keep thinking that my biggest issue is that as stated I am rushing the call. Thanks Maven
  15. In the past three weeks I have had trouble with three bangers on first base, two where when I was in the C postion and one in A. I have asked my partners post game about them and they say they were ok calls, but its just a nagging feeling I have done alot of games so I'm wondering if I'm just worn out. I could be rushing my calls as well I just can't put my finger on it. So I am asking for any insight or suggestions to get over this hump. I have been putting off signing up for All Star games because of this. Is there any way to practice something, because these plays don't always happen in a game. Thanks in advance for any ideas
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