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  1. Items For Sale: Masks: Silver Diamond Frame and Black Diamond Pads - $55 Shipped OBO Black Honigs Frame and Black Honigs Microfiber Pads - $40 Shipped Shins: F3 Shins - 14.5 - $90 Shipped OBO Package: VSport Shin Guards and CP - Like New - $230 Shipped Shoes: 1. New Balance V3 Plate Shoes - sz 10ee - $100 shipped PM a message and I will get you some pictures of the things you are interested in.
  2. Yeah. Got to take off parts you want to stay white. Some use painters tape but I duct(white) to stick to the soles better.
  3. If you are going to do some blacking out I would suggest buying some decoart patent leather shoe paint. Putting a couple coats of it on the white areas before moving to the leather luster. I think it worked pretty well and looked like I hoped it would.
  4. So due to the abundance of time I have been given during this pandemic, I began a project to update some of my shoes using leather luster. Creation results were positive I hope durability results on the blacked out Zigs is positive when prayed for testing occurs during Iowa Summer High School Baseball Season. Thoughts?
  5. Masks Available: 1. Brand New Wilson Ti Original view- New Memory Foam Pads and new MLB harness - $200 obo 2. Wilson Aluminum - Memory Foam pads and MLB harness - used 3 times in great condition - $80 shipped Can separate parts. CP’s Available: 1. Douglas: 15in, Black , T-Hooks, additional customized side pads - 95 shipped obo harness not in pictures but included Used Shin Guards available - Prices include shipping. Champro Sz.15- $30 Diamond Sz. 18.5 - $35 Wilson Platinum Sz.15.5- $55 F3 14.5 - $90 If interested in Pictures pm me your number and I will text you some pictures. Thanks.
  6. You could cut a splice in the cloth part of the band and run elastic through it and make it like a flex fit hat.
  7. Actually they haven’t sold. I still have them.
  8. Any one have an original shovel and can take a picture of it’s thickness so that comparisons can take place?
  9. Multiple Items: Will send pictures upon request. Masks: 1. Original Champro Magnesium: Frame has no dents or dings. Two-Tone Pads show use, but in good condition original all black harness - 60 shipped 2. Honigs: Black frame, New Two-Tone Honigs Pads, New Honigs Harness - 45 shipped CP’s: 1. Douglas: 13in, Black, 3 piece top, clip attachment - Good Condition - $105 shipped 2. Douglas: 15in, Black, T-Hooks, additional customized side pads - 90 shipped 3. Douglas: 13in, Black, T-Hooks, Good Condition - $120 4. Diamond - No arm or belly extension - $40 shipped Shin Guards: 1. Douglas: 16in, Black - $55 shipped 2. Wilson Platinum - 15.5 in - $55 shipped 3. Diamond - 18.5in - 40 shipped
  10. What is the code for free shipping?
  11. Tried it once. Padding Velcro attachments didn’t line up.
  12. @Thunderheads - lock it up. All sold
  13. 3 Pair of Reebok plate shoes available in varying conditions: 1. Reebok Magistrate - All Black - 11’s -most used less than two seasons - $110 shipped 2. Reebok Zigs - Black/White - 10.5’s - used less than 5 games - $140 shipped 3. Reebok Zig - All Black - 10 - used 1 game to small - $210 shipped obo. PM for pictures and offers.
  14. Update. Adidas is gone. Wilson and diamond are still available.
  15. 3 masks available: 1) Black Wilson Aluminum w/ Black memory foam pads used less than 5 times. 2) Diamond Aluminum Silver - Stock materials, but diamond replacement pads are available 3) Adidas Mask Powdercoated Flat Black - w/ New adidas pads and harness - SOLD PM for pics or offers.
  16. Brand new - traditional view - first version Wilson TI - available with Wilson mlb harness, new original 2-tone wrap-around Wilson pads or new Wilson black memory foam pads. PM for pictures and offers.
  17. @BT_Blue - Do you have pictures?
  18. I have that set up and it has some slack on top and side straps, but I am a small guy. 5’7” 165.
  19. Like my daddy said, “The lower the level you are doing the more you should put on!”
  20. It was me! Hope you can get the issue worked out. It is a beaut.
  21. http://www.mcall.com/business/manufacturing/mc-majestic-mlb-uniform-provider-bought-20170404-story,amp.html
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