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  1. My Pre-game conference quote, "If we have an appeal-able play, pulled foot, swipe tag or bobbled ball, get a time out after everything happens and go to the ump that made the call, if he needs help, we'll get it, if not, then we are playing ball. You'll lose your appeal if you do it wrong. And only you 2 managers are allowed to appeal."
  2. would he not just be on first safely? In the judgement of the ump, where would he be if the OBS had not happened? First Base IMO.
  3. Situation is this: Little League rules, 9-10U District Tourney, in between innings, the 3rd Baseman picks up the game ball at the edge of the mound and begins to toss the ball with the shortstop, and pitcher until the catcher is at the plate. Third baseman never toed the rubber and never warmed up with the catcher. Offensive team claims that since he picked up the ball, he is now the new pitcher. Tourney director never found specific mention in rule book, but umpire judgement was that since he didn't toe the rubber, he's not the new pitcher. Who's right and can you cite a specific rule? Thanks, Ax3
  4. Just to answer, the President of the League, who's son was on the scoring team, called the District President and they made the ruling then and there, after looking at the green book.
  5. Big question. LL Rules. Is Umpire interference limited to interference with a throw? Situation: R3, 1 out, Pitch in the dirt, Catcher and Umpire go same direction and catcher's movement essentially trips the ump, who reaches out to keep his balance and basically knocks the catcher down on the ground, impeding his scramble to the ball so the catcher cannot make a play on R3 scoring from third base. Umpire rules ump interference and puts runner back on third. Long story, short, a big discussion ensues and the ump is overruled cuz apparently they read the rules and figured out that Ump interference only applies to a throw from the catcher. Can Blue invoke 9.01© in this situation?
  6. Looking for two nice navy ball bags. Can anyone help a brother out on the cheap? Got Paypal, hehe P.S. I'm in Houston
  7. My 14 yr old wants to start umping with me. We need to find him some inexpensive charcoal pants, and powder blue and cream shirts. His pant size would be 34 or 33 waist x 30 or 31 length. His shirt size is Med or Lg. Thanks for any info/leads.
  8. Ax3bL4d3

    Quiet Swearing

    I can take anything he says and NEVER feel the need to reciprocate, at any level. I personally won't toss him until: 1. I feel that he is trying to show me up with emphatic body language and/or loud verbal abuse w/ or w/o vulgarities, 2. uses the words 'you' and 'you're' in a negative light. As soon as either of those happens, in the words of a great bunch of duck hunters in La. that I love, "He Gone!"
  9. I took the microplane from my kitchen and shaved my blunt-nosed Rawlings cheapy down to a NICE edge. Can even karate chop a sunflower stalk with it. hehe
  10. I am also in need of some plate/combo pants. Charcoal is the color and I need them a big 42 or a regular 44 with an inseam of 32/33. Any help is appreciated, just pm me.
  11. words to look out for: from my upbringing in South TX. hehe puto - male prostitute hoto - f*gg*t fondio - D*ck verga- D*ck penocha - P*ssy culero- slang for '*ssf*cker' cabron- bastard anything preceded by 'pinche' usually is bad also. - Damned, or GDamned
  12. Sorry I double posted this, but it might belong here better than in Free for All.
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