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  1. I had a LL coach this year who wanted me to call it on a girl who wasn't stepping at all, but she was up in the box. He said something on the second pitch of the AB and I let it go. Third pitch, I said I had her in the box. Fourth pitch, he's still whining. Finally I call time, take off my mask and tell him that's enough. He tries to argue and I shut him down. Finally, he says, "Well, can I at least come talk to you?" I looked at him like he was crazy and said, "NO! Let's Play!" Some coaches just don't get it...
  2. I saw this and it looked good - I just wasn't sure if it matches CCA. Thanks!
  3. Hey Umpire-Empire, long time no talk... Had twins last August and it's been a whirlwind since then, so I haven't really been around. I'm hoping some of you fine gentlemen can help me out. I've got playoff games tomorrow and Thursday and we're doing three-man CCA mechanics. We were supposed to get a handout with those, but haven't. Looking online, I can't find anything definitive of what that is. Can someone point me in the right direction? Diagrams would be great, but written is fine too. Thanks!
  4. Pretty dumb call by the PU. I mean, you either gotta have the stones to live with this call (wrong though I think it is) or you don't call it. It's obvious to everyone what's going on when the kid swings at the Intentional Ball. If you're going to call it a ball, you have to be prepared to defend that ball call to the death. This way, he just looks weak and stupid.
  5. My longest was 15 innings - 4:30. It was the first game of a doubleheader too. Luckily it wasn't too hot (mid-80s) but it was cloudy and probably 90%-95% humidity with light sprinkles most of the game. My waterproof ball bags soaked through in the 11th or 12th and I had to have them throw balls in from the dugout... Of course the second game was 13-0 in 4 1/2 innings...
  6. Well according to extremely credible eyewitness testimony, it was enough. How are you gonna argue that without at least a HTBT? Thanks for considering me a Credible Eyewitness Trout. Pretty sure he was talking about the 3B Coach...
  7. I hate it when it gets stuck way down in my pocket. The coaches really get frustrated when I'm fiddling around for it. I never let them get close enough to see that it says "Out" on both sides.
  8. I'm guessing the penalties are called in 90' increments?
  9. So I had a tournament this weekend with several teams from South Florida and most of the players on those teams spoke spanish. One of the players and I had a small disagreement (in English) about the size of the strike zone as he walked back to the dugout on a called strike 3 for the third out. Our disagreement became a little more pronounced as he ran across the infield and screamed something at me in Spanish. At that point, I dumped him for arguing balls and strikes. No big deal, easy call, etc. However, I was curious if anyone had a list of EJ worthy spanish phrases.
  10. Johnny, I'm sure I'm being obtuse but I have no idea what you're saying... "Look across the plate"? What's that mean?
  11. This is the story I'm much more interested in. Why IS he working an All-Star game of even Tiddlywinks? Like the E-trade baby once said, "This is not the venue." That's how I got my start... My 2nd and 3rd games ever were 12YO AS games as PU. Needless to say, they weren't that great... Some places are just that desperate. I went to a clinic before All-Stars, wanting to work some games in the next fall season. They needed people so much they scheduled me every time I was available.
  12. I don't think that's correct Johnny. Based on the definition of interference, it says return to last legally touched base at time of interference, unless otherwise specified by rule. This is one of those situations where there's no advancement, but typically it's return to TOI base, not TOP.
  13. 7.09(f) is this situation. "In no event may bases be run or runs scored because of such action by a runner."
  14. Not correct for LL. LL is very close to OBR with some safety modifications and a few modifications for the teaching aspect. This would be an appeal.
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