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  1. Still waiting to make my first mistake so I can own up to it! But seriously, I thought I was the only one who admitted a mistake. Feel great knowing others do also.
  2. www.nj.com When I coached, one assigner had a crew that had fun. Not like this guy, but not the by the book mechanic. Never bothered us. To the contrary, we enjoyed it. Again, it's a game. I don't ump in the pros, and very few kids are playing past HS. In the right environment, I see no problem.
  3. This field is 30 minutes from me. The article was posted in our paper. He is a HS umpire, but this is an adult league where he makes it fun for all. Said the players love him for making it loose. He also quoted as saying he would never do this at the HS level, but rather games like this where the league also has fun with it. If everybody is fine with it, by all means, it's a game, lighten up everyone. Its supposed to be fun!
  4. Kicked it. Won't next time. Thanks guys.
  5. Happened out of my sight line. I was watching the ball to F2. No, couldn't get an out at the plate, but INT happened prior to the run scoring. No matter what, I got at least part, if not all wrong.
  6. Fed rules. R2 attempting to score on single to outfield. Throw short hops F2 and ball gets away. F1 while ball is hit to F8 starts coming in to back up play at the plate. As I get into position for a play I hear a collision and after R2 scores see the on deck batter and F1 on the ground. F1 gets up and gets the ball. I call in my partner and he explains what happened. On deck batter started to come to the plate to tell his runner to get down. Whats the call. R2 had not scored when collision took place.
  7. th3 is exaggerating. It was more like 3 dozen. Only kidding. It wasn't half as bad as he says.
  8. soapbox


    I was BU for a game. It was an overcast, rainy day, but we started the game and rain would not be an issue. However, we got into late innings and it was clearly too dark to continue. I struggled on the bases and while in C, F6 told F4 he couldn't see a thing. My partner and I had discussed the conditions an inning earlier when a bat went flying out of a batters hands (I'm sure because of the wetness). It was the 2nd bat that went flying. Though there was no puddling, one of the F1 fell on a delivery. After I heard F6, I went to my partner, but he wanted to finish the 6th as HT was up. If I'm sure that it is unsafe, but am clearly not the UIC, what do you do?
  9. soapbox


    My bad. I only read Softball 100. Been meaning to get the new 101 version. I bow to your superiority. I now remember why I mostly read and never post. The joke is, we are really saying the same thing, but in the future will not participate, but only read. I look forward to always continuing to learn from you.
  10. soapbox


    Here's the thing. If the runner "gets the attention of the pitcher", I would assume that means the pitcher is now making some sort of play which nullifies the LBR. The only way to get an out there is for the girl to pause between bases with F1 ignoring such act and in the umpires judgment, the pause was longer than allowed. Of course if she also started bouncing between the bases and was still not having a play made on her, that too would be an out.
  11. soapbox


    Are you asking me a question?
  12. soapbox


    In FP SB the girl has the right to make a momentary stop at which point she must either return to 1B or continue to 2B without further hesitation. However, if F1 makes any play on the runner or even makes a motion as if she were to make a play, the LBR is no longer in effect.
  13. If the ball came out as a result of R2 running into her, then you'd get an out regardless for failing to slide or avoid. What you do with the runner after that becomes a HTBT.
  14. Rich, the difference is that I wouldn't consider myself an expert when asking the mason a question, whereas, the coach certainly feels he's an expert when asserting his opinion on INT/OBS.
  15. Since you learned a new rule, I'd like to share what I learned on Monday. R1, grounder to F5 who throws ball into DBT. R1 gets home. I was really thickheaded though and left R2 and R3. Same thing happened next inning and again I was stubborn. OC and fans really let me hear it. I will be attending the "Base Awards for Dummies" clinic giving by 40 year old moms of players who were cheated. Guest speaker will be the 25 y/o coach who got his parents in an uproar.
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