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  1. rcjhyman


    Not to belabor a thread that's gone astray, but: This was ball four. The runner stealing second and possibly being thrown out is irrelevant unless the catcher's throw went awry and the runners could advance further than 1B/2B. In that case I agree with the above cites that unless the batter's action was intentional...
  2. rcjhyman

    Fair or foul ball?

    For NFHS per 2-5-1.b this would be a fair ball: "A fair ball is a batted ball which: b. contacts fair ground on or beyond an imaginary line between first and third base."
  3. +1 for all black shoes +1 for charcoal pants BB/SB I cleaned my NB base shoes by tossing them in the washer, then air dry. Came out like new. I'd suggest only a few times a season. Haven't tried and wouldn't recommend for NB plate shoes.
  4. Use the National Weather Service as your rationale for any level not covered by rule (like Little League or NFHS): 30 minutes (guessing that's where LL/HS get their rule). I'm not having a fried player or coach on my conscience - or my bank account.
  5. Today: NJ (NJSIAA) "doubled-down on its stance of a desire to play spring sports in some capacity this season — even if that meant extending the season — though it acknowledged that obstacles could ultimately prevent pushing the season beyond June." https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2020/04/njsiaa-is-discussing-extending-the-hs-sports-season-if-thats-what-is-required.html
  6. AdBlock (they're different apps, but very similar - and free) also works.
  7. Try AdBlock. It's free and it works. I'm sure there are other similar..
  8. rcjhyman


    Try AdBlock. It works.
  9. NJ umpire here: lawump's quote above is what our interpreter explained to us: Rather than the balls being safer (although perhaps they may be) the NOCSAE standard re balls is to ensure more performance consistency across manufacturers.
  10. I spray my gear with a mixture of about 1/3 white vinegar 2/3 water. Vinegar is a natural anti-fungal/bacterial agent. And, no, I don't end up smelling like a salad.
  11. There's less than 3/1000 of second between ball touches/smacks (figure a 90mph throw = 1584 inches/second, three inches between touch/smack). Realistically, even with slo-mo replay, that's pretty hard to detect.
  12. rcjhyman

    No fence

    OBR 5.09(a)(1) comment: A fielder, in order to make a catch on a foul ball nearing a dugout or other out-of-play area (such as the stands), must have one or both feet on or over the playing surface (including the lip of the dugout) and neither foot on the ground inside the dugout or in any other out-of-play area. Ball is in play, unless the fielder, after making a legal catch, steps or falls into a dugout or other out-of-play area, in which case the ball is dead. OBR 5.06(b)(3)(C) Comment: If a fielder, after having made a legal catch, should step or fall into any out-of-play area, the ball is dead and each runner shall advance one base, without liability to be put out, from his last legally touched base at the time the fielder entered such out-of-play area.
  13. OP was for OBR, but just a note re rule differences (from my dated - 2015 - BRD): Fed: A fielder need have only one foot touching fair territory - which seems to imply even that one foot need need not be entirely in). Penalty, if both feet are out: illegal pitch (ball/balk). NCAA: Same except BRD states "in" fair territory - which probably means same as above. Penalty: none, unless play benefits defense in which case play is nullified. OBR: All must be in fair territory. Penalty: Pretty much same as NCAA. Interestingly, most of the examples cited in BRD are for F7/F9 sneaking in/around to make some kind of play.
  14. rcjhyman

    FED Pitcher's Feet

    How about in the windup position, only the heel of the pivot foot in contact with the rubber (foot in the hole in front of rubber)? Legal position? Rules seem to stipulate only "pivot foot contact."
  15. I feel your pain. I had the first "revised" question you posted above. Unfortunately, because I had "locked in" the test questions/answers, I was only able to access the responses for a and b - c and d simply do not appear. No way to select the revised answers. I'm confident my answer of b was graded incorrect.
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