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  1. Good for you. I had a guy do the exact same to me. He then calls me the next week asking if I have games he can work. I said I do so he came in to work. I put his ass on t-ball and said enjoy the $10 a game. Well he got mad and I said you know I would have gave you the extra 5 dollars but you wanted to lie to me. He left and I had a good laugh.
  2. These complexes set the tone and allow this to happen. I worked a basketball game last year and coach got in my partners face over a call and was being aggressive. The league president showed up, told the coach to leave, apologized to us and said the coach will never coach in this league again. I asked if he had been a problem and the president said no but I will not allow anyone to treat our refs like that.
  3. I have never had one I thought was against a team. I never offer anything up unless asked by my partner. I actually fired an umpire for screwing his partners over.
  4. I would agree why is this kid even playing?
  5. I work as a UIC and take a lot of pride in knowing the rules. I also know when an ump is not where he should be etc. When my son plays a tournament at other complexes and we get really bad umps I don’t say one word. Parents and coaches ask me to but nope not going to be that guy. The worst one I ever had was a basketball game. I got a 2nd year referee with me for a 8th grade game. Partner calls a foul and guy in the stands starts running his mouth and screaming at the ref. I walk towards him to inbound the ball and this POS is wearing a referee jersey. He says to me your partner is horrible and you need to either take control or be held accountable. I was furious that a fellow ref would do that so I said take the ref jersey off, he said screw you so I ejected him. Long story short he had the next game until I called my assignor at halftime. May the end of the day we are a brotherhood.
  6. That is crazy to me their is no one in charge there, I would not work somewhere like that. I work as a UIC, every ump has my number and call or text me when they need balls, water, coach has been ejected or fans are getting out of hand. It has worked really good and 9 times out of 10 the fan apologizes the other one finds the parking lot. Glad you are sticking with it and feel bad you had to experience that. I would suggest buying some pepper spray. It should never come to that but people are crazy.
  7. It sounds like you made the right call and the ejection was valid. How was there no TD, GM or UIC there? If you ever feel threatened on a field call ball game walk off the field and find a safe place to go. Either way absolutely ridiculous that you had to deal with that and this is why we are losing umps.
  8. Umpires and basketball officials got screwed over when youth tournaments exploded. These complexes depend on that money and will kiss that coaches ass to keep him. Btw if you think baseball is bad basketball is worse - Did a baseball tournament last year at a complex I never worked as a favor to a friend. We were told before going out we were not to eject, tell TD or UIC and let them handle it. Well coaches must have either been told or caught on cause it was bad. Long story shot I dumped a coach in the first inning for telling me my zone F-ing sucked. After the game the TD and UIC come in to talk to me, long story short I got home early cause I walked off the field and 3 umps followed me. - Several years back we had an ump get attacked in the parking lot after his game by a coach with a bat. Thankfully parents grabbed him after the second swing, ump was not hurt but wow!!!! It is one of the reasons I carry a gun in my car. - 2 years ago had a coach come to one of my umps car (I am a UIC) get in his face and push him. My ump was 58 years old and the coach was 30. I lost my cool and shoved the coach down. He is banned from the park for life. I know we are taught silence can’t be quoted and be professional etc, but I just refuse to allow anyone on the field or in the stands to treat me like trash. I either give it back or eject.
  9. Younger umps as we all know are scared to eject. I had several talks with them and explained the 3 P’s. Talked to him and when I was standing there he was great but after I left he acted up. I am not going on the field to eject. We have a board but they are never there and can’t tell you the last time they were together. One of them comes by on Friday to sign the checks that’s it. Any actions are handled by me and the GM. Right now the coach in question is serving a one week suspension and has been told the next ejection is going to be for the rest of the season. We do not use the ladder scale for ejections because too many things can be factored in.
  10. This is a perfect time to bait and eject. We have a coach who is like this in our league. 10U and below we use younger umps so for 4 years he has pushed umps around that were scared to eject. So far 2 weeks into 12U and he has been ejected twice.
  11. I started carrying my gun with me after a fellow UMP was attacked with a bat in the parking lot years ago after a game. I know some will view this as extreme but so is taking a bat to the head.
  12. If a coach calls me a POS he gets ejected, if a player calls me a POS he gets ejected. If a fan calls me a POS we are supposed to ignore? I am not thin skinned, I do not generally listen to fans and let 90% of it go with a smile or laugh but fans are held to the same standard as coaches to me. My favorite saying is people will treat you how you allow them to treat you. I am not going to allow anyone let alone a stranger who feels entitled because they paid to get in to abuse me. I do not engage fans but drop an F bomb or get personal and you are leaving. I also have no problem telling a coach to get control or he is leaving. I get tired of hearing how we signed up to UMP and it’s part of it.....no it’s not normal to be abused by strangers and asked to deal with it.
  13. I had a coach a few years back that I ejected 4 times in two years. First time I ejected was in a community rec league. I umped there as a fill in only as a favor to the sports director. It is 12U I am PU, his team is up by 10. Full count and kid throws kind of a rainbow pitch but hits the bottom of the zone so I punch him out. He going crazy. His own coaches are telling him to stop but nope. First pitch next inning ball and I hear “ball you are raping us blue” nope you are done. Ejection 2 next season he is now HC at the park I work at 90% of the time. It is now 14U and I again am plate. His team is down 1 base hit and his son comes sliding into home, catcher gets ballon first base side and swings to the right for the tag. He hits runner square in the mouth with the tag and bust his lip open. I call him out because he for some reason had his leg off the ground and never hit the plate. He comes running out screaming at me (his own parents were saying he was out) before I can explain he says my kids is hurt and this is your fault you POS!!! Bye coach. Ejection 3 Same year plate meeting he says hope your zone is better and you don’t get my kid hurt again. I say coach choose your words wisely and let the past be the past. He says then stop being a horrible fu*king UMP and I will let it go....there is the parking lot Ejection 4 I pick up a tournament game 30 miles away cause they pay good. Get to the park and as I am walking to the field I see him and his team on the field. Go back explain to the TD the history I have and suggested he trade me to another field. TD says cant do it but I will have UIC come watch your game. I am PU and just had a feeling this was not going to be good. He sees me and yells out you gotta be f-ing kidding me. We get started and mild chirping from him but I ignore. 4th inning his team is in the field tie game. His son is now the catcher and I am actually happy cause he is good at it and was tired of getting hit. I call ball 4 inside, his dad screams where was that and catcher holds the ball over the plate and says it was a strike UMP is screwing us again. I again don’t wanna eject so I say catch it’s enough play ball and he says then stop screwing us over and do your job....yeah your gone. Well here comes dad throwing F bombs so he is gone for number 4. Parents after the game apologized for coach and said they were finding a new team next season. Never saw him again. I heard he went to different league the next season and got banned.
  14. Dotteump

    Been awhile....

    I threw a manager at plate meeting 5 years ago. He says hope your zone does not suck tonight (I give a consistent low strike) I say coach if I was you I would choose my words wisely. He says just saying your zone is fu*king horrible. I look at partner as he gives me the he has to go look so I dump him. He walks of calm as if he wanted to go.
  15. Horrible ejection. He was mad about the call and was not over the top about it
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