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  1. Just sold it. @Thunderheads Curious why you would want to trade the MaXV? I have the XV HDX with UL harness. After the MadMax ailette shift, permanently attaching the shoulder pauldrons, and curving the plastic plates...best CP i've ever had. Made the S7 completely expendable.
  2. To all of those having issues with the S7 neck area, you can form/train the CP successfully with a mold and some heat. It gives you as tight of a fit as you want, which doesn't sacrifice any protection around the neck/collarbone. I have a 17.5 inch neck and had some rubbing at first. I put a ball into the neck hole and left it in my hot garage for a week or so, then it was fine. I'm sure you can do the same with a hair dryer on warm in a fraction of the time.
  3. I know and am very thankful you tried it out first!
  4. It really is a simple, but game-changing modification to that CP. Would still be using it if I didn't find out how good the modded Schutt/Adams CP with the new umplife harness is.
  5. Selling a used, but less than 2 year old All Star System 7 chest protector (15 inch version). Great protection, awesome harness, breathable padding, and amazing center cooling channel. Modified slightly with webbing and chicago screws (removable) to help keep the shoulder caps tight and in place. Looking for 90 shipped or 70 picked up in Denver.
  6. If you want light, inexpensive, and great sight-lines, consider the +POS ZRO-G mask with TW pads. You can order just the mask, or for 20 extra bucks get a solid harness and fine cold weather pads (their cool mesh pads seem almost identical to the All-Star LUC pads from what I can tell).
  7. Ty


    I'm a huge fan of Darn Tough socks. They are pricey (have a lifetime warranty - free replacements + pay shipping), but are the most comfortable merino, cushioned socks i've found. It seems like their knitting is just tighter/softer than other brands. I prefer the Full-cushion Tactical Hiker Socks (DTT4022 Black) for behind the plate and pair them with Amazon's defender compression tights.
  8. It looks like the article changed the language from Little League to youth baseball, sorry for the misrepresentation in the title. I heard from a coworker who lives in the area that there were also some issues in the game prior to this one, with one of the coaches nearly getting physical with one of the young umpires. Either way, this is a disgrace and will probably push at least one young umpire away from the sport.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but always nerve racking when its in your own backyard. From the article, "Police say it started with controversy over a call. A 13-year-old umpire said one of the 7 year old’s batted out of order." https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/06/18/video-brawl-little-league-game-lakewood-colorado/
  10. Nope, I installed the chicago screws directly into the plastic cladding. The padding is still attached by only velcro and fully removable.
  11. Ty

    Been awhile....

    I have not had quicker than 2 pitches, but have had one on two pitches like the OP, in a HS varsity game. First batter, first pitch: double to OF. Second batter, first pitch (second pitch of the game): single to OF, R2 is thrown out at the plate. R2 slams helmet down onto home plate (think Gronk-spike) and tells me to F-off. Immediately ejected with no argument from the VC. Kid's dad starts yelling at me from the stands, then as they are both walking to the parking lot says that I "...owe him 60 dollars." I still have no clue what he was talking about. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.
  12. In case anyone is trying to do this in the future and wanted a reference. I killed the second to last rivet on the shoulder plating (see screw with washer - larger hole) and drilled out a second hole into the carapace for a second mounting point. Just like with moving the ailettes, I used 1/4 inch chicago screws installed backwards to be as low-profile as possible.
  13. In for 1 at some point soon. Any specific reasons for the design tweak from the old model?
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