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  1. I'm also told by someone who's on-site that there was a brawl at the end of the game, but ESPN cut the feed when the replacement reliever came in from the bullpen, prior to the final out. They came back once the game was over. I'm trying to get more information...
  2. PU just ejected Louisville's closer after a 2-2 borderline pitch was called a ball. I thought the pitcher held his cool pretty well; he did nothing to visibly show up the umpire, but he did say "That's horrible". He didn't scream it, didn't wave his hands, nothing, although obviously he said what he said. This was a pressure-packed elimination game, where host Louisville was trying to close out a W with the potential tying run in the batter's box. To me, it's a case of an umpire not understanding the enormity of the situation, and reacted poorly when challenged on a pitch which he very well might've gotten wrong. I'm going to try to track down some video, but for those of you who saw it, any thoughts? Personally, there's no way that I run the kid in that situation. There's never a good time to over-react, and this was a really lousy time to do so.
  3. Curious how y’all would’ve handled this situation I had this past Saturday, as well as whether any of your states/associations (other than New Jersey, which I know does) have rules that’d apply here… I was working a JV game solo (as is typical here in the Chicago area). Bottom of the third, bases loaded, two outs, HT up something like 8-1. Right-handed batter hits a sinking, slicing line drive to right. The RF dives, and I see him make the catch, with no chance that it was a trap. Since the bases were loaded, I couldn’t gain any kind of ground to get out closer to the play. Immediately after making the catch, and while still on the ground, I see him scramble to pick up something just beyond the end of his glove. At this point, I haven’t called the batter out, as I wanted to see the ball to confirm that he’d made the catch. I didn’t process that he could’ve been reaching for anything other than the ball (which I couldn’t see on the ground, given the ~175’ distance and long grass), and he made no effort to show it to me, so I signaled safe and yelled “No catch!” The batter-runner and the runners had all pulled up, and the HT first base coach was approaching the batter-runner to take his helmet, so at that point I had a pretty good idea that I’d hung myself out to dry. I immediately killed the play (figuring that I could simply place runners if need be), just as the VT head coach starts yelling “HE WAS REACHING FOR HIS SUNGLASSES!” I processed about a hundred thoughts in a millisecond, started walking out to right field, and instructed the right fielder to show me his sunglasses. He did, I changed the call to an out (which ended the inning), explained the call to the HT first base coach, then jogged across to explain it to the HT head coach. Neither had any qualms with the end result, which I can largely attribute to the fact that the first base coach had a clear view (~90’ closer than I was) and didn’t squawk, as well as the fact that they were up seven or so runs. So, I realize that I got it wrong, but then was fortunate enough to be able to correct myself to get it right without anyone melting down. I also realize that I could’ve (should’ve?) asked to see the ball before making a call either way. How would y’all have handled it, given the situation? If I’d had a partner, I probably wouldn’t have gotten myself into this mess—or maybe I would’ve, since the right fielder was moving to his left, which means he was outside the cone, making it the PU’s call regardless. Also, please don’t suggest not working solo…it’s simply not an option around here. The NJSIAA specifically has a rule that says “Sunglasses are to be worn as designed by players, coaches and umpires. They are not be worn on the bill of the cap or dangled below the face. If observed, the violator shall be directed to wear the sunglasses appropriately. Failure to comply shall be reported to the Head Coach for corrective action.” For the remainder of the game (which only lasted another inning-and-a-half, before ending 15-1), I was rueing the fact that Illinois doesn’t have a rule similar to New Jersey’s, particularly since five of the VT’s defensive players were wearing their sunglasses on their bills. In the end, it was a nothing-burger, but had the stakes been different, it could’ve really bitten me in the butt. Thanks for any and all feedback that y’all might have!
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