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  1. I'm also told by someone who's on-site that there was a brawl at the end of the game, but ESPN cut the feed when the replacement reliever came in from the bullpen, prior to the final out. They came back once the game was over. I'm trying to get more information...
  2. PU just ejected Louisville's closer after a 2-2 borderline pitch was called a ball. I thought the pitcher held his cool pretty well; he did nothing to visibly show up the umpire, but he did say "That's horrible". He didn't scream it, didn't wave his hands, nothing, although obviously he said what he said. This was a pressure-packed elimination game, where host Louisville was trying to close out a W with the potential tying run in the batter's box. To me, it's a case of an umpire not understanding the enormity of the situation, and reacted poorly when challenged on a pitch which he very wel
  3. Curious how y’all would’ve handled this situation I had this past Saturday, as well as whether any of your states/associations (other than New Jersey, which I know does) have rules that’d apply here… I was working a JV game solo (as is typical here in the Chicago area). Bottom of the third, bases loaded, two outs, HT up something like 8-1. Right-handed batter hits a sinking, slicing line drive to right. The RF dives, and I see him make the catch, with no chance that it was a trap. Since the bases were loaded, I couldn’t gain any kind of ground to get out closer to the play. Immediate
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