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  1. Hibberts Sports has the HDX for $76 and free shipping and return
  2. Go up a half size, I had to on plate shoes try Purchase officials in Ohio
  3. Try purchase officials they have some smitty compression shorts
  4. Have 460 plates shoe, looking for lighter plate shoe, new 460 low cut or 3n2?
  5. I have emailed OHSAA about using the light blue in hot weather, they said no, who knows why
  6. You can wear plate coats in Ohio
  7. Check Purchase Officials price, Joe DeRosa use to own Purchase
  8. Murphys soap and Water works very good
  9. Ump Attire has XV back in stock, anyone has them in stock?
  10. Joe DeRosa former NBA official and works D-1 NCAA now, owns Smitty.
  11. Ohio high school, you have to wear red under the navy blue.
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