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  1. Remember, you don't need to make a decision on which base you are protecting him to, until the play is over. If it's a close play at 3rd, let your partner make his call, then kill the play (as long as no other play is being made), discuss with your partner what you had on the play and make the decision to safe him, or stay with the out. I would probably lean towards safe if it was close. Since he was easily thrown out, what did F4 do to obstruct? Knock him down, cause him to take a couple extra steps? That will be the determining factor on how you rule this play.
  2. Remember, in FED, from the windup position, a pitcher can only pitch or step off, he cannot attempt a pickoff, without stepping off the rubber. If he is in the set/stretch, he can step off, pickoff, or pitch. In the hybrid, he would have to step off before he initiates any movement to pickoff or pitch. If he initiates a pickoff or pitch, he has committed a balk. STRIKES AND OUTS!!!
  3. That was a useless comment. I'm willing to learn. Please explain your scenario.
  4. F3 has to do something. Neither runner is out for just occupying the same base. If he tags Young, then Bradley (or the base) it's an easy DP.
  5. Prayers for your brother and your entire family! Please thank him for his service! Prayers to all that have sacrificed their lives so we can live in this great land!
  6. Guess I forgot the link, sorry. ://www.athalonz.com/products/g-force-turf-black Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  7. Started using these a few weeks ago. Very comfortable. Size up a half size for wide feet. PM me for free shipping code. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks all! Much appreciated!! Season starts today!!
  9. I expect mine to come in the mail very soon. As they are high-gloss, what are you doing to keep them clean and shiny? I have used everything from water to Pledge to Scrubbing Bubbles. I don't want to ruin the high-gloss finish. Just looking for options. Thanks! STRIKES AND OUTS!!!!
  10. @Guidry Yes, they sit off the face, but they are snug and I don't have a problem with them moving.
  11. These are the ones I am currently using. I haven't had a problem. http://www.zennioptical.com/744412-plastic-half-rim-frame.html I got them with the transition type lenses, so I don't have to change out mid-game anymore. It makes it a lot easier. Only down side is, I have to take them off to read the lineup card.
  12. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  13. Finished up my adult babysitting duties last night, a real snoozer, 10 consecutive walks in the 3rd inning, maybe 5 generous strikes called by my partner, so I head over to the complex next door and watch a coed softball game. Team A has bases loaded, and the B/R hits a rope the hits the girl on 3rd base (it barely nicked her arm, or else she might have been seriously hurt. An inning or so later, I asked the umpire if she should have been called out. He said, "no, as long as she is on the base." I asked him if the base is a safe haven and he said "Yes". I clarified before asking the question,
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