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  1. I am, two little leagues around here have informed me I can join them in the spring. And I’m waiting on the travel league to get back to me, I’m hoping they do because that’s the bulk of the work at these levels.
  2. Thank you everyone for welcoming me back so warmly! I'm excited to learn more and become a better umpire. Yeah that'd be the issue for me too. I work an 8:15-5 job in the insurance business and am already the newest guy in my division so that kinda flexibility isn't available to me. That's what I love about the little league, recreation and travel games I'll get to work, nothing but 6pm starts and weekdays only. It'll let me work the day job, get a solid chunk of games and do my continuing ed requirements on the weekends.
  3. I’m considering that, I probably need at least one season of rec ball/travel ball back before I would do that. I umpired from like 15-18 I was basically a kid my whole time as an umpire. So I think getting my feet wet is gonna be important. Why do you ask? Is there a shortage? And when do PIAA games happen? I work 8:15-5 so i don’t know if I’d be in a position time wise for that.
  4. Are 3n2’s a bad shoe for someone who works 16 at most?
  5. Hi everyone. Not new here but returning, with years of college and working retail being an umpire fell to the side, but now that I’m working a 9-5 I’m picking it up again. I’m excited to hit the field again and to be back in this community again!
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Yes they are absolutely available!
  7. I’d reduce it or make it free, varies based on shipping distance. I messaged you
  8. In the interest of just getting them sold, the Douglas is marked down to $120 now and the All Star is $90 now. Looking to move fast.
  9. Sorry I’ve been away! Yes the shoes have sold. The pants are hemmed to roughly 32-34 inches
  10. I’ll be honest I didn’t even think to mention that, it’s just normal to me so I forgot that’s not standard. I’ll make mention of that in the post, sorry about that. Wasn’t trying to cover that up, just escaped my mind.
  11. I updated this listing to include more of my gear. Everything must go!!!!
  12. Hello! I know I haven't been on here for a while, I got busy with college studies and haven't umpired in years. As I do not have any plans to return to the field I would like to sell my equipment. I have a 15 in Douglas Chest Protector with gap protection and reddish/orangish colored pads, this only has about one season of use in it (probably not even that much). And an All Star MVP 2500 Hockey Style Mask, also with around a season of use on it but probably a little under that. I am looking to sell quick so please shoot me any offer you have, I'm willing to negotiate. I have other gear as
  13. He also hasn't been sending his email flyer in awhile, he seems to be completely mia.
  14. When you have both do you put the dangler on the bottom of the built in guard or behind it?
  15. No, Air 2 is the newest moat up to date model. It's faster, 4 gen isn't very new it's starting to slow down a bit as newer tech arrives, you bought the best model. The 4 is nice but as new models come out it will eventually be dropped by Apple for OS updates.
  16. Great deal on sub-par head protection! They can't give thesethings away.http://m.ebay.com/itm/LOT-Diamond-Sports-Catcher-Umpire-Face-Mask-Baseball-Softball-Replacement-Pads-/261962290097?nav=SEARCH
  17. I suppose 9.01C could be used here, is there any rule saying you can't restrict?
  18. I have a set of never used Tan leather Wilson wrap around pads, I'd like to trade them for black pads. Pretty much any black pads but Wilson wrap arounds. I'll be out of town so ill answer any offers asap.
  19. Seeing this thread makes me think I should add a few colors, right now I have navy, polo blue with black trim and red(don't laugh it was a Christmas gift, used once or twice). Nobody here has anything but navy and light blue. Might add black and cream in case I work with someone who has them but the league I work for is pretty much a navy and light blue only league.
  20. I'll post one later for some reason my phone won't allow me to post links here.
  21. For anyone else searching 5th region has stock of most sizes.
  22. I have a pair of old wilsons that I'd sell for shipping+ $.01 they are a little beaten up but if your just looking for something to get by they might suit you. If your looking for something that will last and you will love all the suggestions above are better options.
  23. The thing with any hsm is that they do weigh more than a traditional mask but it is more evenly distributed and feels like less.
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