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  1. I'm glad someone got the "B" reference already. You are most likely not from NJ then hahahaha
  2. mhoffman

    Squeeze out fo box?

    It's a goner guys!!!
  3. BOOOO NJ umpires, horrible!!! I seen better umpires in a spelling b competition!! Brb need to work this NJ game real quick! Welcome to the brothers in navy blue state!!!
  4. mhoffman

    Squeeze out fo box?

    Thanks for the read everyone, very valid points out there.
  5. if the ball isn't caught by a infielder you have a delay dead ball, but if an infielder secures the ball its a dead ball right away and award runners bases. Rule: 9.3.2 pg 92 BTW I agree the answer is D.
  6. I'm trying to wrap my head around some of these pitcher visits questions. But let me discuss this one first. I agree the answer is A as well because the coach comes out and REPLACES pitcher (not a visit). Warm up pitches are completed now a pitch hitter is announced so the visit if they still have them (3) available in the game will be granted since this is the first visit during this batters at bat after he was announced. And since your rule you said "NCAA 9-4-c. A coach may not make a second trip to the mound in the same inning with the same batter at bat. However, if a pinch hitter is substituted, the coach may make a second trip but must remove the pitcher;" With that said that would be his first trip with new relief pitcher, now if he comes out a batter later for a new pitch hitter that would be a different story because that would be the second visit that inning to that pitcher.
  7. mhoffman

    VHSL Test

    How can you say interference is intentional or not it's like obstruction it happened or not....you can't justified if he meant it or not....I'm not a mind reader so if it happens and prohibits the fielder to make a play on the ball or in the other case (obstruction) stops or hinders the runner to advance or get back to a base then I'm calling it. Btw the runner has a right to the base but not if it going to interfere with a fielder making a play on the ball. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Somebody told me, I get older each year but the players stay the same age...I thought about that and have been running daily with weight training as well. Some people call me crazy for that to be motivation but this is a career I love and want to grow at so I work hard now to get rewarded later! Yes I treat this as a career more then a hobby. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I had a similar thing last year, with a play at the plate coach didn't like it but it wasn't my game partner that was the problem @kevin_k hahaha.....it was the next game umpires that was told the play by the coaches stand point.....it got back to me that the umpire that wasn't there was agreeing with the coach (we are brothers we suppose to stick for each other). Well his partner called me that night to let me know what happened since we speak daily on plays and what not so he heard the play from me... Well next day who was on my schedule to work with the guy that was agreeing with the coach at the plate meeting.....we had a polite conversation in the parking lot before our game and I brought up us being part of a brotherhood and we have to watch our backs because no coach is our friend ever!! He was puzzled because the next question was I asked if he heard about this crazy play from the Friday before he said yeah and the coach told me yesterday and I would have to agree with him.....blood pressure went one tick but held my composure when I said well can I tell you other side of the story being the calling umpire from 5 feet away? He got that oh sh*t look and I said yeah that was me, we are in a brotherhood don't do that to me again. I got your back and I want to know you got my back even if we aren't on the games together that day. He like well if I knew it was you I wouldn't have agreed I said that's unacceptable for anybody we work with we are all brothers!!! Ok let's go over today's pre game..... Since your uic today let me hear it. He apologized before working on the field, I said don't apologize I'm here to do a professional job and be professional don't worry I'm not going to send you to the wolves! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. i know the field LOL.......my varsity game got rained out last year and I was moved on to this JV field as BU to pick up a game. I listened to the ground rule and my plate guy starts doing his thing and HTC says it to us and those 3 (HTC VTC and PU) are like yeah yeah thats the normal rule here.........being a polite BU I looked up gave my partner a puzzled look and he started to explain and point things out...I said ball over a fence in fair territory is a HR even if its 220 feet away that's the rule so we going to stop with that light pole out there and play fair ball is a HR. They assisted they been doing it years, I said "you been doing it wrong for years!" and we played whole fence HR for that game......i never really try to step on my partners toes or go against him out right but this had to be done this time. He later asked me in the parking lot that I don't do many jv games, I said why because I balked both teams 10 times total? Balk is a balk.....his like you must be a varsity guy..........I HATE WHEN THEY SAY THAT! I have nothing good to say so I just play it off and say I do my share of varsity games......
  11. @kevin_k would agree this was just one of the random stuff that happens to us when we are together on the field lol....(knock out) game , this one and of course good old you are out of position play at the plate game.......
  12. Sorry I'm late on this one....get so busy with everything I forget to login and check to see if i'm tagged in anything. Lets just say the runner was just a bit confused if I say myself not to mention the defense was probably just as lost. I became confused when the runner got back to first and said didn't you say it was foul. I said "safe" and watched you get up and walk back to first so no not me haha.
  13. @kevin_k @richvee I hope to get some games with you guys this year again.....kevin lets try not to have another "knock out" assignment together would you please lol....
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