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  1. Too much watching this replay in slooooow motion. I used a stop watch and in real time it is about .5 seconds between the ball hitting the bat and Margot's first lunge/step toward first. It would be crazy over-umpiring to say he lingered. Go back and watch the video at the top but only the live speed a few times without watching the slow mo replays. The slow motion over and over again from different angles is deceiving. It happened about as quick as it could have. 1) Ball hits bat while crouching, 2) ball pops up in air, 3) Margot sees ball pop up, says oh crap that sucks...oh sh!t I better run, 4) Margot lunges toward first. All in .5 seconds.
  2. This is sad. I follow along on/post on my college alma mater's sports forum, and the stupidity is flowing on the series thread. People love to blast umpires and this is just too far. Torre begrudgingly admitted the call was correct but it wasn't very convincing and the former players are just idiots. At least Ortiz said someone should teach these big leaguers how to run to first. It won't happen but there need to be apologies and corrections read at the beginning of the next game. This crap just fuels the already out of hand spite directed at umpires/officials.
  3. Hey good catch. I was watching the braves coverage and the angle was different and they didn’t mention the step off. So I missed that. From the angle shown on our coverage it looked like he went straight over. Still curious what would be the ruling if he didn’t step off.
  4. Surprised this wasn't answered yet. I can't say for sure but I recall hearing it was currently interpreted as when the ball enters into the glove not when it hits the back of the glove. I remember thinking it didn't make sense as the only way umpires can call that is by hearing the ball hit the glove and the replay interp does not line up with how all umpires make this call.
  5. So I'm watching the Braves-Reds game and a weird play just happened. Braves wanted to appeal that R3 left early on a fly ball to right field. Time was out so it had to be put back in to play. There was R1. When the ball was put into play, the RHP came set and threw directly to third. R1 broke on movement because the pitcher didn't step off. The appeal was denied at third but R1 was put out attempting to steal. So was this not a balk for throwing to an unoccupied base? I've always heard you need to step off to throw over on an appeal. Clearly R1 was deceived. Does an appeal count as "for the purpose of making a play?" I wouldn't think so, and the only comment in the MLB rule book says: the umpire should consider whether a runner on the previous base demonstrates or otherwise cre- ates an impression of his intent to advance to such unoccupied base. What are your thoughts? I think it should have been a balk, and was surprised the Red's manager didn't even come out to question.
  6. My POS which I loved got bent on and the weld popped from a foul ball this season. Went back to my diamond with Wilson pads (use both memory foams and tan leather). Have the chin extension removed and a Zett throat guard. It is my favorite setup. Sort of a poor man’s Mizuno set up. It is really light and comfortable. Happen to be watching the braves game right now and Iassogna is wearing his mizuno with tan pads. For those who have both, how does mizuno compare to the diamond? Is it worth getting the real thing?
  7. I love my Douglas. I’m 6’3” 220 but I still go for low profile. Just think it looks better. It doesn’t fit me yet quite as well as my champion but it feels more protective (plates are thicker). I may send it in for T hooks which I think will help it contour around my torso a little better. If you don’t like the shoulder caps on the champion then the Douglas might be your best bet.
  8. I started umpiring as a volunteer at my kids Little League. I try to volunteer there every year for their tournaments and when they host district and state tournaments. it was some of the most fun/rewarding umpiring I did this year.
  9. Interesting thread. Here in NC the various regional assignors pick the crews for playoff games. The championship series at the various levels rotate through the associations. So each association gets a state championship series every four years. I suppose different assignors have different methods for choosing the crews, but in my experience most assignors take pride in how their crews perform in the playoffs and want to have the best crew they can out there. I had a travel ball coach follow me into the parking lot after losing a game on a walk-off hit that he argued the batter was out of the box. It was the last game of the day on a poorly lit field and the chalk had been gone for two games. I just laughed at him. And then had the tournament director escort him away. I can't imagine even under the best circumstances being able to see that call.
  10. Hmm probably had to be there. But it sounds like there was a clear path to the base for the runner and the fielder collided with the runner? If that's the case then I wouldn't have MC and the runner would be safe assuming he made it to the bag.
  11. I have a Diamond (black with black Wilson memory foam pads) that I had "chopped" and added a Zett guard. It is now my go to mask and by far the most comfortable setup of anything else I've tried. It's my "poor man's" Mizuno setup. I'd be interested to try the Samurai guard. Maybe give me an excuse to chop another mask (or even better land a Mizuno frame...).
  12. Follow up question. Just trying to think of different possibilities of this happening. What if I call time, and make the award, and the coach or player asks me if the runner needs to retouch first. Do I answer? How do I answer?
  13. Sorry, meant third. So when the coach comes out I respond that I didn't tell the runner to go anywhere, I made the base award according to rule, and it is still his responsibility to retouch first on the caught ball. Got it. Thanks.
  14. I'd like to hear more about the mechanic on this. I think in most cases the runner will probably make it back to touch first by the time the ball goes out, but let's say he doesn't. Maybe he was stealing on the pitch and it was a line drive. If the infielder sails it and it goes out before R1 gets back and I yell time and point to second, aren't I inviting a HC ejection when he comes out and says his runner did exactly what I told him to do? I have not thought about this before, but several of the high schools in our area don't have a fence down the line, but a chalk line, and the ball goes out all the time. Sort of surprised I haven't run into this yet. I get I'm not there to coach the runner, but it seems weird for him to do what I tell him to when I tell him to then call him out on appeal. Are there better ways to handle this?
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