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  1. Maybe because Brian is so nice...
  2. Brian is in good spirits and seems to be just fine. Yeah real scary to watch!
  3. It would be interesting to have kept track of how many times a manager comes out and does not challenge.
  4. Okay Jeff... I will bite. What are you referring to?
  5. Thanks all I'm so proud of Brian!
  6. Tim - I was not directing my post to you I just thought it would be interesting to see what other rules others ignore. I really dont care just thought it might make for some interesting comments. I think we acually see eye to eye on more than you might know.
  7. Okay so now my question would be "what other rules to you bend or ignore?" / I hear this type of logic from time to time and I just don't buy it... "it's early in the year"... you should not call that_________ / really? or these kids are so young you gotta let that go.... really? Just my opinion... but if the rules were enforced at an early age... when the players are older they would get it and so would the coaches. It does not take long for the players and coaches to see what kind of an umpire you are and they will play the game right .... yup all ages 14 and up. Good example is the "Foot in
  8. Good subject... seems some tend to let things go because of the age or skill of the players / makes sense but I really do not like kids comming up with bad habbits only to find out that the umpire let it go! That all being said I am not into creating problems in a game but a balk is a balk at any level... most leagues are over 13ish before we use any balk rule.
  9. That is a clear balk... should be called IMO at all levels of play. Why would you let this go?
  10. I always take every play at first the same way... watch the ball only half way to first to determine if it will be on line or not... then turn and watch the bag and listen for the ball. If the throw is off line move and widen your vision to include the ball but still watch the bag for the runners foot... practice between innings by watching the infields warmups.... ball only half way then focus on the bag and listen.
  11. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=15425575&topic_id=&c_id=mlb&tcid=vpp_copy_15425575 See if this works...
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