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  1. Need to work on catcher interference missed 2 this year college adult summer league both times catcher set up inside and pitcher threw it there. Work on pregame get lazy when you have the same partner for a lot of games bad habit. Always trying to improve knowledge and mechanics which should be every year.
  2. Same in jersey with the Geese, we have 2 seasons to hunt them in jersey one for domestic ones and then fed. But state has not figured out the ones they want us to shoot are on ballfields etc where we can not shoot them.
  3. He is something I find myself doing have plate partner in B with runner on first 2 man, that scribbler down first baseline slow roller that could go fair or foul, I take extended first base to watch fair or foul and if fair runner interference or foot off the bag and then try to hustle to cover third. I had old time umpire say Ineed to get to third it is my partners call. My point if ball foul it will not matter and if fair I am watching for items mentioned and will hustle down to third. Your thoughts.
  4. Agree with above , 14 years ago I was told to report to my station and was told to put together enough supplies to last 3-4 days food water etc. we where going in to do rescue. Was allowed to go home for clothes, took my son out of school and awaited the call, never so scared about doing my job then that day. When it became clear it was recovery we where told to stand down, went into the woods with a bottle to decompress the fire/ems will never forget nor forgive.
  5. congrads and one of the guys I meet in week 11 has second
  6. Own my own independent insurance agency for the last 35 years, started at 25
  7. alan2703

    Heat Issues

    It is once in blue moon and for most part NEVER during season, did that once during 2 a days in college felt if I died would feel better lesson learned .
  8. alan2703

    Heat Issues

    Thank you we preach this at the FD hydrate year round Coffee,soda, and energydrinks are not hydrating50/50 water and sports or just plain old water, though drinking and carousing is good for soul and fun
  9. alan2703

    Heat Issues

    WE are taught as FF/EMT to get body temp down so AC is an option the along with diluted sport drinks .in between ice pops help. We had a class on heat issue at an EMT class if you need to eat something ham,turkey lunch meat sandwich. They have high water content salt etc and carbs.
  10. I always found it better to wash them down with a few beers after the game you know how those pills can get hung up in your throat.
  11. I agree in high school I seem to work the same group of schools and have seen the same coaches for awhile now, they all to seem to be respectful when questioning a call as I will listen and explain what I see and will work hard to get it right. I think that you get respect when you give it. I have been doing an adult league for the last 3 years and see the same players for the most part and again I give them respect listen and explain to them what I saw and have no problem going to my partner to see if he saw it different than I did to get the call right. Again the respect that is given is a t
  12. alan2703

    Heat Issues

    I got to use my EMT training for heat exhaustion 3 sundays ago, heat index 104 with high humidity, no breeze, bad air warning, hydrating like hell. Pulse rate was like machine gun, sweating had stopped skin cool and clamy. Only problem was it was me, stripped down, cold towels,sport drinks cut with water. Once I got pulse rate to normal 68 went home felt like hell for 3 days, y partner almost went to ER most of the players where just as bad the league would not let us just play one game so we did 2 . Some times no matter what you do it will not help.
  13. I would change 1 myself and make it all dead ball area and tell them to me it is a safety issue. Have had fields with 2,3,4,6 mostly combo type fields smaller HS . If the cage could not be dumped over the fence how did they inform you to play it vs. how you told them it will be played. I did have a high school filed where there was a sewer line issue and they dug up part of right and put fencing around it covered most of right about 250 out from plate. The rule was if it went over that fence it was 2, over field fence HR, Next time there it became HR they had some LH hitters that where hitting
  14. I have never had any issue to date and I am unaware of anyone in our hut having any.
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