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  1. I'm 5'11" and bought the 16.5. To add some more feedback on the shins. I just bought these and used them today. I have used a Diamond leg guard for the last seven years, but was buying new gear(the UE CP, and mask) so I figured I would get shins too. At first I didn't like them as they stuck up a little above my knee in my HOK stance, and my pant leg "hung up" on the top of the shin in a way that my Diamonds didn't. The Diamonds have an additional cap/pad just above the knee. I always tuck the inside flap from the Diamond in my NB460 over my ankle because I don't like how it sticks out. The outside flap doesn't bother me as much. I wore these with the flap out of the shoes. Turns out, I like the way the shin sticks up past the knee, as I was able to "tuck" my thumb behind it on the top of my leg, as my fingers are usually pointing down by the side of my leg. Although my old shins did a fine job, I think these new ones are just a bit better. Being able to remove the inner pad to wash is a bonus. YMMV
  2. First time poster, but a long time lurker. I trust that I am not breaking etiquette with this being my first post. I have used a West Vest Platinum for the last five years and a champro for two years before that. After reading much of what was discussed about the UE, I thought I would give it a try. I have been mostly content with the WVP, but having my stomach exposed and having to tighten up the harness every few games, I was interested to see if there was something "better". Also, I had done a lot of high school games and had some money to burn. So it wasn't a need, just a want. I got the UE yesterday and adjusted it so that I could use it behind the plate today. At first, I thought it was a total bust. The stock harness tightened all the way at the midsection was still too loose. I did buy a Delta Flex as I read it was highly recommended. So after putting it on things got better, but the neck extension hit my throat no matter how low I went with it and my neck was pinched. The little wing flaps below the shoulders at the chest bound me up just like my WVP, and I didn't like that. Swapped out the harness to the original, but was making no progress. A few stats: 5'11", 180 pounds, so not huge but not rail thin either. This morning I had an epiphany. I ditched the neck extension, even though I "paid" for it, put on the DF harness, and dropped the optional wings… and my neck was no longer being pinched along the sides, my throat didn't rub, and no binding with the wings. Progress. The last thing I did was get the shoulder "caps" dialed in, checked everything in the mirror in my stance, compared it to the coverage of my WVP, and had a winner. The game today was uneventful, and the CP stayed in firmly in place. No hotter or cooler than my WVP. The only complaint I have is that the clips are dismal. The convenience of the the front slot on the WVP is way better. At my age twisting/fumbling around for the strap/clip is a good way to pull a muscle. I also bought the mask and shins and am heading to those for a reply as well.
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