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  1. Very cool! Must have been awesome to work on that field.
  2. I think there is a couple of ways to handle this situation, and this can help you in others, as well. 1. You could have just ejected right after the F-bomb. Kid was mouthy, maybe it was time he learns in a Fall Ball game rather than a regular season. I'd have no problem with you dumping the kid. 2. Rather than saying, "please watch your language," a stern "That's enough" in conjunction with your hand up giving the stop sign, is a better warning. Now if the kid doesn't get the warning and mouths off again, he's done. He got his warning, after that, it's on him. Saying, "please watch your language," and wanting a response back, sets you up for needless banter with the player. What if he doesn't answer you? Now you have to decide if you want to escalate the interaction. You told him twice to watch the language, and you got a snarky remark back. Keep your conversation to a minimum. Give him a stern warning. If the player decides to continue with being a jerk, then he gets dumped and learns a lesson. Saying "please watch your language" is asking him to comply. "That's enough" is telling him to knock it off. You're the one that is in charge of the situation. Don't let the kid be in charge. Hope that is helpful.
  3. JonnyCat

    Foul ball

    I agree, that could happen, but that could be said for many other rules, too. It's the interpretations that often provide clarity to many of the rules. It would be nice to have an interpretation on this one. I also thought about the recent guidance you mentioned on fair/foul on the line. Similar to the home plate blocking rule, I'm not even sure that MLB even knows what they want! I was hoping that the Wendelstedt Umpire Manual would be able to add interpretations every so often as situations would arise. It seems to have lost traction in recent years. I think my newest edition from 2012. I don't know if there is an updated one. I thought that was really going to be the go to interp manual, I mean it still is valuable, but needs to be updated.
  4. JonnyCat

    Foul ball

    I don't have an issue if it is both over fair and foul territory as it passes 3rd base. I would just apply the same standards as a ball touching the foul line. If any part of that ball is over fair territory, then I have a fair ball. That is what I have been taught at many training's. Think about this situation. A bounding ball that touches the foul side of 3rd base, by rule is a fair ball. It that situation, the ball is almost entirely in foul territory, but by rule, it is a fair ball if it touches the side of the bag. Now I understand that the rule explicitly states that a batted ball that touches 1st or 3rd base is fair, and the bounding over the base part is less than clear. I would just apply the same standard and not really worry about it. Yes, the rule could be more clear, but for practicality, I think that any part of the ball bounds over the bag in fair territory is fair. Seems to me that is more consistent with other batted balls being declared fair. JMO and YMMV.
  5. JonnyCat

    Foul ball

    That would be a fair ball, as described. If it bounds over 3rd base, it is a fair ball. The definition of a fair ball in OBR is found in Rule 2.00, (same in all codes) reads like this (in part): "A fair ball is a batted ball that settles on fair ground between home and first base, or between home and third base, or that is on or over fair territory when bounding to the outfield past first or third base," Hope that helps.
  6. JonnyCat

    Balk conundrum

    That's what I thought. Is that how you would rule, though? Call the BR out for abandonment, enforce the balk? BR back to bat, and R2 to 3rd? I think that's how I would rule. Seems the cleanest outcome for a very non-standard play.
  7. JonnyCat

    Balk conundrum

    If BR doesn't reach base safely, wouldn't you enforce the balk?
  8. JonnyCat

    Balk conundrum

    If you called the batter runner out, wouldn't you would have to enforce the balk? R2 gets 3rd, and BR is still up to bat with whatever count he had prior to the balk. The balk rule says that in order for you to ignore the balk, 2 things must happen. BR must reach 1st base safely, and all other runners must advance at least 1 base safely. In your situation, BR did not reach 1B safely. I'm not sure you get to keep the out on R2. I think you would have a better chance of calling the BR out for abandonment, although after reading the rules on abandonment, I'm still not sure that would apply. However, if you did call the BR out for abandonment, I think you still would have R2 awarded 3rd, and BR back up to bat. I could be wrong, and I'm sure smarter people than me will weigh in. At least I hope.
  9. It's the world's equivalent to fishing in the US. It's just another excuse to get drunk.
  10. You are correct, that's why I used the term "basically the same." I didn't get into the exact verbiage of the LL rule, my response was more about positioning. On an interesting note, I've run across many a LL umpire (and coaches) that doesn't know the "reaches" part of the LL rule. many say, "when it crosses the plate", or when it "reaches the catcher". "Reaches" can be subjective. The batter can reach the pitch at a number of different places. I've seen that rule misapplied many times.
  11. Okay, so basically the same as LL. (Penalty is different.) So with closed bases, BU starting position should be on the outside. Stay on the outside to watch for runners leaving early. Plus, it gets very crowded on the inside on the 60' diamond. In your game, it doesn't sound like the BU was in the proper positioning, but maybe that is how the league or association wants it. Or perhaps that is how it's being taught in that area.
  12. Generally speaking, on the 60' diamond with closed bases, (no leadoffs) you work the outside, only coming inside when the ball goes to the outfield. I've never seen a base ump start on the inside on a 60' diamond, but I guess it could happen. I don't do much Pony, (I have, but the larger diamond). Maybe some guys that work Pony can weigh in.
  13. I figured it was something like that! Still was a great post, all that advice is spot on!
  14. After the game pizza and beer. Our final dinner together. Pictured is the crew, evaluators, Uncles, supervisors. A couple of the crew went home earlier in the day. Bottom picture is me and Jason Weatherford. From the Rancho Cucamonga, CA area. Great guy and good umpire. We worked and trained together the past couple of years. He set up a couple of State games with Dean Butler for us. Look forward to working with him again. Unfortunately, Dean is moving to Florida, so we may not get a chance to work games again, but hopefully we can someday. Florida is getting one darn good umpire. Jason and I have a mutual man crush on John Tumpane! We're both folicly challenged. Can you blame us? Tump does have a sic flow!
  15. You may have seen this kid Jackson on TV. He got quite a bit of ESPN love. Probably would have done a better job than me! The second picture is after the game. I gave him one of my old indicators. I was showing him how it was notched. Hopefully we'll be seeing him work games in the future. Nice kid and great family. That's his brother in the picture. And no, that's not his mom, that's my wife. AKA my umpire critic, evaluator, and photographer! She is a huge reason for where I am today. Always supportive and comes to almost all of my games, no matter what! Celebrated our 30th anniversary this summer!
  16. It's just cool to have been a part of this. Say what you want about LL, but there is really nothing out there quite like this in any other youth baseball organization. I do a lot of HS ball, too, but this is pretty special. Sometimes I'd rather do LL games for free, than some HS games. HS varsity games are much better competition, but man, they can be such A$$holes sometimes. Didn't have a lick of trouble in any game. Even the ones leading up to this tournament.
  17. Another rotation to 3rd. You can see me smiling in the second picture. The manager Troy Silva says to me as I'm returning home, something to the effect of, "you done this before?" I just laughed and said, "a couple of times." He was a good guy and very respectful, with a good attitude and sense of humor. His coaching staff and team was the same. You didn't see it on camera, but he led both teams in an on field prayer just before this game. This was the first year this team played LL. They normally played travel-ball. They joined LL, the kids played on different teams during the regular season, and made a great run. I think he knew they were in for an uphill battle, but the coaches just kept the kids in the game, and just let them have fun. Their kids had great attitudes. I didn't see any tears or bad attitudes after the loss. They played a great game, and were happy for Hawaii.
  18. Going somewhere. I think this is a rotation to 3rd.
  19. Plate meeting before West Championship. Hawaii was a really good team from top to bottom. Very respectful and played the game right. The Arizona team was great, too. Good coaches and good players. I think the teams Hawaii faced in the West regional were the best they faced, including in the WS. Nor Cal and So Cal were very strong, too. Hawaii was just better, well coached and well disciplined. It was an honor to work their games.
  20. Waiting in the "Well" down below. Going to meet with the scorekeeper and "Red Hat". The guy behind me with the camera is longtime LL guy Art Valdez. Was one of the umpire evaluators and supervisors for this tournament. Worked the LL softball regional just before this one. He was one of my instructors when I went to the WR week-long school in 2008. He's been a long time instructor and evaluator. Super good guy! A funny story about Art. After my first plate game, like we do after every game, we go to the umpires lounge and de-brief. The evaluators give us feedback and we talk about the games. We all sit down,and before we get started, Art wants to tell us a story. Art is retired law enforcement. He tells us a story about when he was on a gang task force, they were investigating some murders that they suspected the Mexican mafia was involved, particularly one individual. The suspect, I can't remember his name, was believed to be behind these murders. He was a known gang member and assassin with numerous hits under his belt, both in and out of prison. He went by the name, "La Hatcha", Spanish for "The Hatchet". Art and a couple of guys went to pay him a visit to put pressure on him. They didn't have anything concrete on him, but just wanted to lean on him. Went to his landscape job to chat with him. Art said was the nicest most polite guy you could ever meet. Just as we were all wondering what this had to do with umpiring, or our game, Art says, "so what does this have to do with the game?" Art said "La Hatcha" was the coolest, calmest person. Never let anything rattle him, never showed anything, just cool and calm as could be. Art looks at me and says, "That's you working your game. Cool, calm, in charge, nothing rattles you, you're "La Hatcha!" I don't know if that's good or bad, but the nickname stuck the rest of the tournament. On my second plate, a pitched ball goes untouched, hits me right in the chest protector, and rolls to the backstop. Didn't hurt, but sounded wicked. No one was on base, so I just walk out and throw another ball to the pitcher. As I'm walking back to point of plate, all I can hear is Art screaming from the well, "La Hatcha!"
  21. 2nd plate, West Championship. From right to left. Myself. Dean Butler from Huntington Beach, CA. Worked a few games the past 2 years with him. Good guy, had a second plate on the last semi-final game on Thursday. He had a great game at first. Just absolutely killed it. Mark Teagle from San Jose area. We called him Padre. He's a minister in his spare time. Rob McCarthy from the San Francisco area. I'll forever be mad at him. LOL! He worked 3rd base and missed a rotation. He got to bang the kid out at 3rd instead of me! Terrence Han was the backup. He's from the Bend Oregon area. Good guy, was nicked named Tomahawk. Couldn't tell you why!
  22. Pledges. I'm 5'-11", but apparently on this game I was working with Amazons. Far left is Adam Carlson from the Seattle area. Next to him is Eric Quinney from Wyoming. His 15yo son had a heart transplant 2 years ago. Great kid and is doing well. Next to me is Walter Madden from Northern California. He got the plate for the Mountain Region championship.
  23. Walking down for the first game. The umpire barracks are directly behind us through that green door on the left. You enter the field through a gate in right field. You are escorted on and off each game.
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