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Found 11 results

  1. Just a weird hypothetical based on a play in an MLB game the other day: Close play at the plate on a Sac Fly, runner is sliding headfirst, catcher swipes the tag and gets the runner on the helmet just before he touches the plate. But it's a one-flap helmet, and is coming off his head as the tag is applied. Question: how "off" does the helmet have to be for it to be for the runner to be safe?
  2. R1 outs don't matter. OBR rule set. R1 breaks early on the pitch to the batter. R1 arrives at second base at the time the batter fouls off the pitch. Can the runner be allowed to stay at second? Or do we have him return because the base he last occupied at TOP was 1st when the ball was fouled off? I seem to recall reading about this a few years ago, but I can't find the correct reference in the BRD. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  3. Guest

    Common Pickoff Dilemma

    I have a feeling this has been a common topic but I can't seem to find any answers that specifically answer this as right or wrong so please help... Situation: Runner on 1st only - Pitcher set position. Pitcher begins wind up and runner takes off to steal second base. Pitcher turns and throws to player covering 2nd base to tag runner on the steal. Now here's the controversy...all umpires I speak with on this give me different answers. Some say balk, some say legal. I know, and I have shown those calling it a balk, that rule 8.05(m)(b) gives a pitcher the right to make this move as 2nd base is not considered occupied in this situation. The next dilemma is this...If the pitcher makes this move and then the runner stops and goes back to 1st, I am being told that it is NOW a balk because the runner stalling his movement to 2nd cancels the pitchers justification to throw to 2nd "for the purpose of making a play" since the runner is not stealing. My problem, and hope for clarification for, is this accurate? Is the runner stalling a way to "defeat" the pitcher able to throw to 2nd during a 1st to 2nd steal or is it still a legal move whether the runner continues or stops? Thank you for any help and clarification I can get because it's been a point of contention since before the season began, we have 3 games left and I STILL don't have an answer so I don't let my pitchers make the move in fear of an unknown balk call because of an umpires interpretation of the two lines; (1)"for the purposes of making a play" and (2)"With a runner on first base the pitcher may make a complete turn, without hesitating toward first, and throw to second. This is not to be interpreted as throwing to an unoccupied base" Because depending on interpretation, the second line could cover the move as legal regardless of the runner stopping his steal or not. -Richard
  4. Here's the situation and what happens..... runner on first, no outs, batter hits a pop up that goes directly up and comes down almost exactly on first base. First scenerio...... runner on first does not move at all. 1st basemen slides over to make the catch and just before the catch he bumps into the guy standing on first causing the 1st basemen to drop the ball. Second scenerio..... runner moves off 1st base towards second base and 1st basement moves over to get under the ball and is now standing right on top of 1st base. The runner not wanting to be called out for leaving 1st comes back to first and just as the 1st basemen is about to catch the ball he bumps into him and once again the catch is dropped. Personally, i have seen both things happen and both times I called dead ball runner interference. In the first scenerio, it was my judgement that even thou the runner doesn't need to leave the base which would result in a double play, he could of stepped over to the side of the bag and kept a foot on the bag and allowed the 1st basemen to make the catch. I know the runner didn't intentionally interfere, but he also did nothing to not interfere. In the second scenerio, I again called runner interference because although the runner has a right to get back to the bag, he could of slide in or went low to corner of bag which would avoided the bumping of the 1st basemen trying to make the catch. Were my calls correct? I know the offensive team did not think so in either case. But to me getting called for interference has the same result as allowing the guy to catch the ball. Both equal one out and avoid a double play. Also, please confirm that the runner is out, and the batter should be granted 1st, and if there was a runner on 2nd or 3rd they would have to return. thanks.
  5. Didn't happen in my game, but a manager/board member asked me a question after one of my games. He said that during one of his teams games (U10), his runner successfully stole second, but at the next pitch he took a lead off of second towards first. He said that he knew the pitcher and was trying to mess him up. I said that I can't think of an exact rule, and I later checked, saying that he couldn't do it, but he would have to make sure he touched second to go to third, and that he is not on a base so he is eligible to be put out. I also said that, had I been the BU, that I would just tell him to get back on the base because to me, that's unsportsmanlike conduct. Thoughts?
  6. I was watching the Pittsburgh & New York game this weekend. This was an incredible pickle play that took place. The umpire ruled the runner safe on the play. There was a lot of discussion about whether the runner should be called out for running out of the baseline, and what exactly establishes the baseline. Take a look at the video, what would you have called and why? http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/11493214/v34110303
  7. Guest

    Returning to missed bag

    We had a play in a game yesterday I hadn't seen before and I can't find it explicitly covered in the rule books. Runner on second (no one on first), batter hits a clean single. Runner misses third base, passes the bag about 10 feet and attempts to return. The defense throws the ball to the base, no tag was made, and the umpire called the runner out. He said once he passed the base, it became a force play to return. I still contend it is a tag play. What do you think?
  8. http://deadspin.com/5988229/pitcher-forgets-he-is-playing-baseball-tackles-runner-trying-to-score Has anyone else seen this? What is going through this pitcher's mind? EDIT: Thread already exists, locked to consolidate. http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/52153-ummm-what-f1-tackles-r3/
  9. Guest


    Situation: R2 is stealing 3rd. The batter steps back out of the box and clearly interferes with the catcher's throw to third. Ruled as batter is out and the runner returns to 2nd. Correct ruling?
  10. Guest


    Varsity high school game / FED: Bases loaded, one out. F1 throws a pass ball and F2 hustles after it. F1 comes in to cover the plate as R3 is running home. The batter (left handed hitter) makes a fairly non-chalant attempt to get out of the play, but the throw from F2 to the plate hits the batter in the back of the helmet. The ball richocets off the helmet far enough for a second run to score (R2 from second base). Umpires say that "the batter got out of the box, so it's still a live ball. Both runs score." The coach disagreed, but wasn't going to win the arguement. The team on Defense ended up losing by 1 run, so this was a big play in the game. The way I read the rule book, is that this is a "delayed dead ball" situation and since no out was made due to the Batter Interference and there were less than 2 outs R3 should have been called out and R2 should have been sent back to 3B. What's the right call?
  11. Question: While reading through the FED book, I ran across the INT... 8-4-1g(1) "this infraction is ignored if it is to avoid a fielder who is attempting to field the batted ball or if the act does not interfere with a fielder or a throw. NOW... I thought quality of throw was not considered in FED for the "outside the 3 foot running lane" INT call .... note 1 under (g) tends to say otherwise ..... yes?
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