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  1. How to eject a spectator? You can handle it yourself, or you can tell the manager to control his fans, and either he handles it or you handle him, at which point an assistant will handle the fan if they don’t want to follow the manager to the parking lot. I’d rather eject the fan myself, but my assigner doesn’t want me to. Never understood why.
  2. She needs to go. If you let it go, it opens the door for more BS. Profanity over a call in a LL game? I don’t think so. And this was in travel ball? Go figure.
  3. "Thanks for letting me know that you're finished for the day. Enjoy the parking lot." "Well, I did. Either you can handle it or I can stop this game and ask the league director to handle it, your choice." "I'll be sure to let the league director know about that. He'll be in touch." Lmaoooooo you’re an animal I did let my assignor know about him though. He said: “Well fine, f*** him then.” I wish I could use the crying laughter emote on this forum.
  4. I thought I heard that rule before. So I should have let the runner go home because they were rounding third?
  5. You took way too much.
  6. I wouldn’t say that’s worse than keeping score, but i feel you on the score card. I did a few games for this league further south of me last year. In that league, not only did I have to keep score, I had to grab both managers at the end of the game to sign the book and name MVP of the game for their team that day. Surprisingly, in spite of taking a fair bit of heat over there during a couple of games, nobody made any remarks like the aforementioned VTHC did when I had them sign the book. They always just shook my hand and said “good game, blue!” after signing. Still wish I didn’t let a few of those guys reach that post game conference, though.
  7. Due to a game ending with a fight in the handshake line last year, we have to observe them now and make sure nothing breaks out. Used to be we could just go home. I didn’t say anything to him. I was observing the two teams line it up and then he went on this diatribe at me.
  8. I gave him too much rope. But it did get handled and anything similar in the future will result in handling it right there.
  9. Guess I’ll find out
  10. 10u softball. VTHC was arguing balls and strikes. Started earlier in the game when I called a borderline strike on his batter just below the armpit he claimed was too high. “That was at the chin!” I told him that was enough. He said “I’ve had enough too.” At the end of the game, he told me “you were so unfair to my team, if you were consistent i’d have said nothing. But you didn’t call it both ways.” Me: Gone. VTHC: “Yeah I’m gone. The next time you have my game I’m forfeiting.” There was also an incident earlier in the game when one of his parents said the F bomb at one of my calls, and he didn’t do anything. Me: Coach, one of your parents said the F bomb. VTHC: “I didn’t hear it.” This parent was right by us. The final score was 14-8. I mean.. I COULD have ran him for saying “I’ve had enough too.” or groaning at me sending his runner back because the pitcher had the ball was on the rubber earlier. But, he still went at the end, so.
  11. You’re joking. I get $28-30 just for 8u depending on which league I umpire in. There’s 3 different leagues I work for, one pays $28 and the other two pay $30. Here I thought the main league was underpaying me at $28 for 8u.
  12. No. I call Dead ball and just put the runner back at the last base they touched before the ball crossed the infield. The outfielders do actually try to get the ball to the infielders. But of course this being 8u they never really make the throw accurately.
  13. If the thrown ball hits the ground before they were halfway to 3B, yes.
  14. They don’t need to have possession, as soon as it crosses and lands in the infield, the runner goes back to the last base they touched if they weren’t halfway to the next base.
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