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  1. Cheaper to just buy a Nike and powder coat
  2. I haven’t worn a gold in a while but I felt pretty exposed with it on. Don’t remember exactly what it covered
  3. To this day, the best chest protector I’ve worn is the TW power. Fits me perfectly. A very close second though is the F3 V2 with Wilson plates. I loved that thing but I got rid of it to make room for the TW power I now have(good trade IMO, lol) If I had to choose the new Wilson, I’d use the gray one just because of the new “updated” padding. And I like the looks of the gray on black. But I’m vertically gifted and it would be too short so I’m sticking with my TW power, which is a real tough choice lol
  4. MiLB umpire development/medical highly recommends that pads are replaced every 1-2 seasons. I get new pads before every season
  5. Interesting that magnet won’t stick. I too thought it was hollow steel. @MadMax what is your explanation
  6. Put a magnet up to it. If it sticks, it’s steel. If not, it’s titanium. Aluminum is slightly magnetic
  7. Big league pitchers wouldn’t dare pitch with a MILB ball. Are you crazy??😜
  8. I wear one ball bag and have no issues holding 5-7 and running. And keep your brush in your back pocket
  9. It’s the “plate” jacket they’ve worn for a few years now
  10. I have the majestic and it’s legit. Not really a fan that it’s a convertible. The majestic is cut specifically for the plate and it’s great for those days that are windy and cold that a long sleeve shirt just aren’t great for
  11. I’d hold off on buying a new CP until next year… just saying
  12. You can get em from samurai gears. Did you ever make an account?
  13. When you get them hemmed, wear your shoes and shin guards so they can be properly measured. I make sure that the bottom of my pants are almost touching the ground when standing straight up
  14. I should’ve told you that I took a shot with Hongis and never went back to them. That’s why if I do leather pads, they’re belgards
  15. They just rebranded it. Same with the smitty by Douglas CP
  16. I prefer the smitty over the majestic. The convertibles suck but the shirts are as good or better
  17. And in my opinion, nearly everything made in Japan is higher quality than stuff made in the US. Pads, way better. Pants, way better, chest protectors? Don’t even get me started
  18. Feel and fit. They are the most comfortable pads I’ve ever worn. Never been hit with them but the way that they wrap your jaw makes me feel they’re protective
  19. It won’t bend but boy will the bars completely fracture 😂😂
  20. samuraigears@gmail.com
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