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  1. It should come with a box that is protective
  2. You don’t need a sheen, mesh all around will do for me.
  3. I’d rock bakers shoes before I rock another pair of any patent leather shoe
  4. Plate shoes look pretty interesting
  5. Google chrome will automatically translate
  6. You have to make an account. The main site is in English
  7. Max I drove for high school was usually no more than 30 mins. Mind you, I’m in SoCal and I have 10 schools within 15 mins. I wouldn’t be driving 2 hrs because another unit would have those games. Because alabama is so rural, I get those long drives but they better be giving you mileage on top of the game fees if they want you to drive that far. For college, I have 10 JCs within 45 mins and no D2 or 3 further than 2 hrs. It’s just different out here
  8. Anybody have a pair of gray Wilson wrap arounds? UA is out of stock on them. Lmk
  9. Aluminum frame with Wilson or TW pads with the GD concussion thing
  10. All navy shirts should be burned, even for softball
  11. He said his cream and blue shirts have stains. I didn’t see that his black shirts were stained 🤷‍♂️
  12. I used F3 until I switched to Douglas. They’re more expensive but 100% worth it
  13. It’s super heavy and designed with catchers in mind, not umpires. One of my buddies got one and returned it pretty quickly
  14. I’ve umpired with the clock now for 130 games. It is the best rule change I’ve been apart of. The game actually has pace now instead of what it was. Y’all will learn to love it, as most people have in affiliated baseball
  15. Pretty sure Wegner and Wendlestedt are still using the mag
  16. He’s all talk, he won’t actually do anything 😂😂
  17. 3n2s are garbage and should never be used by anyone at any level. Hurt my soul when my CC used them a few years ago in the NWL.
  18. New all star only available to professionals right now
  19. The umpire in question can do whatever he wants, as far as I’m concerned. As I’m local to this district, I know who @Mudisfunis referring to and this big league umpire could wear shorts and high neon green socks on a LL field and I bet nobody would bat an eye
  20. That thing is so messed up. I offered $5 and for some reason, he didn’t accept
  21. Every single one is sold out of 12s
  22. As of now, the academy is not in operation anymore. Wendlestedt is the only umpire school as of now
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