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  1. 8.01 (b) NOTE: In Little League (Majors) and below the pitcher need not come to a complete stop. They do not have to come to a complete stop in Little League Majors and below.
  2. The League has the option of not using the run rule during regular season only. It's for Major's and above for both baseball and softball. [MINOR BASEBALL & SOFTBALL] :A local league may impose a time limit on Minor League games regardless of the number of innings played.]
  3. Aging_Arbiter: I see your 5"-6" and raise you 10FT?
  4. Maine is New England but Mid Atlantic regoonal is also in Bristol CT
  5. It was the league playoffs not a LL international tournament game
  6. Had the same coach last night. Not a word from him. It was a peaceful night.
  7. Using Little League rules During a local 9-12 league playoff game the defensive team made 3 or 4 errors in a row that allowed the other team score a few runs. Of course one of the defensive teams coaches started to talk to his team. He was starting to a little loud. Then the coach starts to degrade (calling them idiots) the players that were out on the field. At that point I told him enough. He proceeded to tell me that he was not talking to me. As soon as he said that I heard the manager of the team tell him to stop. But would he? Nope. So I ejected him. The coach then asked me why I tossed him and I proceeded to tell him that it was for unsportsmanlike conduct. Would any of you have given the manager a chance to calm the coach down before tossing the coach?
  8. @maineump From one Maine ump to another congrats
  9. Would the extra pitches that were thrown go against the pitchers pitch count?
  10. JoeC


  11. wouldn't it be kind of hard to call the IFF with the fielders back to the infield. to me that's not ordinary effort
  12. I feel everyone's pain. I'm just glad you getting the joys of the snow besides us Northern folks. at least we are not supposed to start until a month from now
  13. JoeC

    How ?

    I use the HSM as well. During a game last summer I had to switch to the conventional mask and felt naked.
  14. @Stk004: trade your low 30's for -10. @BT_Blue; in Northern Maine we call that a dusting
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