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  1. ​Ummmm isnt that what I stated without quoting the rule book?
  2. ​Agree with just tossing the bat, but just telling the runner to "Move" doesnt always work as some teams have that runner direct the trailing where to slide. Just telling the runner to "Move" doesnt mean he still wouldnt have gotten tangled up with the other runner.
  3. ​NCAA - the runner should have been ejected for MC.....look at the end when he extends his forearm & literally crashed into the catcher who clearly has possession of the ball. The bat was not the issue but the runner was & the runner was the reason the PU tripped & fell hence the distraction of seeing the MC.
  4. ​If batter reacts right away, dont split hairs, give him 1st base. Go by the "sell" as often as you can. That will keep you out of the most trouble most of the time.
  5. ​One of the 1st rules of umpiring they teach is NEVER see/make a call on the run. He moved his head to get the same look if he took one step to the right.
  6. ​You are preaching the gospel. Some guys just dont get "it". You are spot on correct.
  7. ​NOT legal under NCAA because if runner slides, he must slide directly to the base. Clearly the Cardinals runner did not.
  8. ​He got an out didnt he? LOL
  9. ​Well put Majordave. No reason to turn & look at an infielder whos asking you to move a step one way or the other. Hearing is the sense needed in this situation. BU should NOT take his eyes off the pitcher to look at an infielder.
  10. ​I believe you are incorrect. In this video, had the umpire only been a step or 2 in fair territory, he would have easily seen the foot off the base. In most cases, the throws do not pull the 1B to the RF foul pole. Once in awhile, no matter what the umpire does, he will be straight lined on a call from time to time. It happens. If you can always read a throw to avoid being straight lined, you should be above MLB level because obviously even this MLB umpire got straight lined.
  11. ​New York must have felt "For the spirit of the game" like Bowie Kuhn did in the pine tar incident involving George Brett.
  12. ​Really? You as the PU cant see when the runner on 2B has cleaned himself off & is ready to go? You have a set of eyes like the BU dont you? Every school & camp Ive ever attended ALWAYS said KEEP THE BALL ALIVE as much as you possibly can. So, if a pickoff is attempted @ 2B while you clean off the plate, why take that off the board just because you want to call "Time" to clean off the plate? Or how about when after a base hit & the ball comes back into the infield & the SS asks for "Time" to get the ball back to the pitcher? Or on a pickoff with a tag involved, while the runner is laying down on the ground asks for "Time" to get up? Will you call "Time" in those situations as well since it only takes a "nanosecond"? Nano seconds add up.
  13. ​No. Leave the ball LIVE as often & as much as possible. Bases are 90 feet. If a runner breaks from 3b U will hear people yell. Take a step or 2 back & read the play. Its simple.
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