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  1. Just purchased from Ump000O no issues and product as described shipped fast
  2. What do you want for the set? pads and harness thanks terry shipping to 92028 Ca
  3. Never have worn the BELGARD pads so can you educate me on them what there made out of and will they universally fit on other masks? What advantages does the pad offer also over the other types? on the con cushion pads Davis sporting goods usually only has the top piece. Do you wear this also ? Any comments here appreciated thanks terry
  4. Would Team Wendy pads fit in this mask? thanks
  5. Question / anybody have any experience wearing the Mizuno Titanium mask as there is one for sale on EBay used for $240 is that price high or low? i Already have a Nike titanium so trying to purchase another titanium as well so any help here appreciated thanks
  6. Black out the W on the throat guard so you don’t have competing logos or black out the F3 leave the small mlb logo with the F3 and that’s the ticket
  7. Used New Balance Plate Shoes Model 450 9.5 EE/ EUC $25 plus shipping pics on request thanks
  8. Who in MLB wears a chopped Nike Titanium?
  9. Looking to purchase a Nike Steel Traditional Mask what do they generally go for also? thanks
  10. Wilson Davis Shield Chest Protector brand new / unused 13inch model great protector for lower levels 12U and under plus softball. light weight and streamline under shirt I have worn this protector for 8 years at the lower levels and still do with no issues and taken many direct non caught pitches and foul balls. Especially good in the heat of summer i just had another umpire order this model from Gerry Davis but he no longer needs the item $109.00 retail cost plus shipping was his cost for the item selling for $75 plus half of shipping cost
  11. Item has sold now. Close the thread. Thanks
  12. This week offering free shipping on all items listed Also for the plate shoes can switch them for another size as bought from a local vendor as well as offer the Brand New ( New Balance Low top all black version for an additional $10
  13. SIZE 10.5 D / 2018 Version New Balance Low Base shoes. Black version no white. EUC. No rips or tears / bottom in excellent condition $20 plus shipping if you want pics send me your email address
  14. How do I send you a pm?? help here from anyone appreciated thanks
  15. I have a pair used approx 10 games all black version What are you looking to spend?
  16. How tall are you for sizing on the 16.5 inch? What didn't you like about them when wearing? What did you like about them when wearing as well? thanks
  17. What is the cost of just having the protector upgraded from Team Wendy? Any idea how many MLB umpires have the same upgrade done at all if you thought about asking when you had the work done if they even know or track at all? thanks interested as well if still available
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