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  1. The “leather” straps are not the problem on the shoulders. The goofy double gap protection is the problem. For my Frankenstein CP, I have All American plates, cobra shoulder caps, and champion padding. If I can ever find a WV gold to steal the gap protection off of, I will have my perfect CP. The cobra has lots of issues, two layers of padding, cheap, flimsy aluminum rivets that catch on your shirt after one game. Then you get into the under sized strap loops.
  2. PayPal is fine, it just doesn’t fit me right, and I’ve been thinning the herd.
  3. It’s a few seasons old, but very little use. Maybe 5 games. I can probably find the stock Douglas harness, or for an extra 10 dollars, I can throw in an old delta flex.
  4. I’ve done everything I can think of. My file size restriction is so small there is no way I can post a decent picture.
  5. I just bought an A-A. The padding was in rough shape so I put the better A-A plastic on the champion padding. Will report results after Feb. 24th.
  6. I’ve cannabalized it to sturdy up my champion.
  7. My personal opinion of the cobra, after finally getting one... don’t. Unless you’re ready to replace ALL of the aluminum rivets with Chicago screws, remove the redundant gap protection so you can raise your arms, and spend quite a while with a heat gun forming the shoulders to you. Don’t mean to sound so cranky.
  8. 15 inch grey Douglas with t-hooks and gap protection. I’d really like to set up a trade, but am open to reasonable offers. Working on making pictures small enough to post.
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