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  1. I rang up a guy on a 2-2 count on 2 outs in the 2nd inning with a big punch out. The batter and fielders started towards their dug outs before my mistake was caught. Everybody got set for the next pitch after a big chuckle. Then the Baseball Gods spoke and they got me good! Next pitch was a foul ball to my thumb which dislocated it! I said "Oh man" then the catcher ask me if I looked at my thumb which I didn't want to look at it. He started walking out to the pitcher to give me a break but I told him to come back. Next pitch was a swinging strike. Thank God! The coaches and my partner thought I should've gone to the E.R.. It did look nasty with my thumb knuckle way out of place. I ask my partner if he and I could switch to finish the game, which we did. I pulled my thumb in place will switching gear. I finished the game on the bases with out another mishap. I think I could of blown a call without the coaches complaining. Yeah.. I screw up now and then!!
  2. I retired my HSM's after 16 years of use after several shots to my TW rig without my ears ringing and sore jaw. I ask myself why I didn't switch back sooner and I feel safer! Those shots to the top of the HSM grill only have a 1/2" padding on your forehead. They seemed to rattle my brain the most. Bottom line is that it's your choice and it's great there are choices!
  3. I also have the Jim Evans Balk DVD and I agree with grayhawks reply. First base is truly the only one I will call if the fielder is positioned as if a fielder without a runner on would and the ball is thrown directly at him. In other words the fielder does not move from his fielding positioning and looks like there truly wasn't a play on.
  4. I switched from using a HSM for 16 years back to trad mask this year. Weight & heat were the top reasons for the switch, after the first shot without my ears ringing and my jaw hurting. I told myself I should have done this sooner. I went to a HSM for better coverage & protection years ago but last summers heat had me thinking I needed to change. I feel the protection on my mask is better on front shots. The padding on a HSM is no where near as thick as my TW's. I'm sure whenever I take a backstop shot to the back of my head I will bitch at myself for switching!
  5. The harness will not work on WV Gold. I'm a big guy and the straps need to be 8" longer for it work correctly. I bought it from UA but never returned it. They have it listed as it would fit, maybe if I was 150#, maybe.
  6. It took an 1 1/2 innings for me to find out if I like my iX3 with tan TW's. I took a foul ball heater almost straight on. My first thought was wow, the 2nd I thought was that my ears where not ringing like my HSM did to me. It barely made any noise I fixed my mask and kept rockin!
  7. You tried bro, let him keep sailing his own course. Some people can not simply be helped.
  8. Truth is... He's an umpire making a call. I'm sure would take a pair of poly-wools and a pair of new NB plate shoes along with new shin guards. But he's doing the job with what he got. He does have a good CP on! I wore shin guards over jeans over 15 years ago when I got ask out of the crowd, because they needed an umpire. I did it & loved it! He's still a brother, right?
  9. Great video of a great play! It gets you into the moment! Good job on the plate.
  10. I think he must take a mongo for sure! I just smile back with approval. The Nutty Buddy strikes again!
  11. It seems your league is getting themselves out of some form of liability and dumping it on you. Very sneaky!
  12. I think they are referring to not tossing the coach on a quick thought. At a recent clinic I attended they covered a similar topic. They talked about giving the coach a little bit of rope to hang himself by letting him act a little bit nuts and you keep your cool. This lets everyone see that your not a RedA$$ along with you tried to not toss the clown but he was acting like a clown! Don't get me wrong, he doesn't always get "A little bit of rope to hang himself." if his actions are of the wall, send the Rat on his way. Best thing to be know as is, He's a nice guy but don't piss him off!
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