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  1. What is the rule set being used? It matters in this case.
  2. Jasper_C

    Rain, No Pay

    In my area of Washington we have what I think is a very reasonable deal. Games not canceled 2 hours prior to first pitch are assumed to be on. Umpires are paid full fee (plus travel for HS games), even if the teams are not there. I ended up getting game fees on back to back days due to games being called and neither team showing up, but no one canceled the umpires. If I start going to a game I have blocked out the time to do so, and for some of us that means we have passed on other ways of making money, be it passing on working overtime, taking a double shift, working on a day off or even taking time off work. All of those scenarios cost the official money. The game fee is a reimbursement of your time. I can honestly say that if I was told that I would get nothing for a rain out, I would tell my assignor to not bother giving me games in advance. I'll call him and tell him the day of the game if I want one. And if that sounds ridiculous to you, that is exactly what teams are doing to you by not paying IN FULL for your time in showing up to a game on time. For an average game of 2.25 hours it actually takes me 4-5 hours of my time to work, once driving to the site, getting dressed, pre-game with my partner(s) and changing afterwards. I have blocked out 4-5 hours of my day to work a game, it costs me a heck of a lot more then that $50-60 game fee to miss 4-5 hours at my job. So full fee is the only thing that is acceptable to me in this case. EDIT: Forgot to mention, on a DH we are to be paid for the next game if we leave the field to get changed and are not canceled before we leave. I go a game fee this year at a tournament that re-bracketed without telling the umpires and ended up not needing the 2nd crew at my site. It was going to be my 3rd game of the day, so I didn't mind leaving, but the organization was billed for the full fee anyway. This prevents TDs from being able to pull shenanigans like "pre-scheduling" their makeup games and then deciding that they don't want to make them up at the last minute. I will say that if we had been told that the 3rd game had been canceled as we were leaving the field (rather then 30 minutes later with my partner putting on his gear) they wouldn't have been billed for the extra game.
  3. Actually because ground rules cannot conflict with the rules in the rule book, you cannot make say a "ground rule triple" for a ball going out of play. The way the fix this is to have the fence contain the field, or move the out of play line to not be even with the outfield fence (Admittedly weird, but you can do it). Ground rules are things like declaring parts of the field (like a tarp) that are normally in play, out of play. 90% of the stuff I listen to at a plate meeting like there is "a hole in the fence" is important to know however it dosen't make it a ground rule. Clairfying if netting behind home plate is in play our out of play is a ground rule, but we don't have to say, it is 2 bases on a thrown ball or 1 on a pitched ball, etc. that is part of the rule book, and we cannot say for example 1 base for a thrown ball off the netting, or "that fence is really close and has a gap under it so only 1 base if a thrown ball goes out there" that conflicts with the rule book and would not be a legal ground rule. Jasper
  4. Good to know, I have never met him but he seams very knowledgeable about the game and prior to the mass resignation incident he seamed like he was on pace to get quite a few WS assignments as a crew chief. Like I said, I have no first hand knowledge but have ready some articles and know some guys from both pro-schools and was trying to read between the lines. Jasper
  5. Evans school was booted out of the PBUC "rotation" and if I understand it correctly he is no longer involved in any official training. Based on talking to those who when to Evan's school he is still very bitter with the union for not getting him "his" job back (He was released and not rehired in the mass resignation) in 1999 and with MLB for not taking him back when they took back guys like Bob Davidson and Angel Hernandez. I think the comment was a subtle backhand that he was very good, and while he could have been better, he was plenty good enough to be rehired and wasn't treated well at the end of his career by not being rehired.
  6. Not only does he "hang" his foot. He illegally disengages. He jumps towards the plate before making a move to 2nd. That is a very easy balk. Jasper
  7. First, you are base umpire, not the Field Umpire (look at the bolded letters to see why) Second, there is nothing to appeal. By rule appeals can be for missing a base or not retouching a base. (I know there are others, illegal equipment etc., but that is not the point of this thread/topic) The coach can ask you to ask/talk your partner, but that is not an appeal, it is you asking your partner for more/better information. This is generally done by a head coach/manager but in most rules codes there is noting to prevent as assistant from doing the asking. Personally as long as the assistant is being civil I will have no problem going to my partner for help on most plays. However, this play, you making a catch/no catch in the outfield is not typically a play I will be going to my partner for. And further more, your partner has no right to change your call. If I had a partner do that to me I would strongly consider walking off the field, at the very least we would be talking about it before another pitch was thrown. And in the parking lot after the game I would be reading him the riot act. It is plays and umpires like that, that cause real umpires headaches because we are asked/told to "overrule" our partners calls. At no point should you over rule a call made by your partner, if asked you can offer help to something he may not have seen, but to overrule what your partner has called to me is grounds for a minimum of re-training, and possible removal from future games until such problems can be discussed with an association board. Jasper
  8. I am counting the run, but I am also not getting a 3rd out on the play. As written the BR is "given" first but is liable to being called out on appeal, absent an appeal the BR is staying on first base. However I assume that either the runner missing first was either quite obvious or you just failed to mention such an appeal, in that case no run can score on the play as the BR is the 3rd out prior to "legally" acquiring first base. Just a wording FYI, the BR is not forced at first base, just a semantic thing, but it is a big deal to umpires as there are quite a few semantic rules in the rule book. Jasper
  9. I had a varsity coach do a very similar thing in the 7th inning of a not so close game. Bot 6 ends on a force play slide rule violation, coach comes over and discusses the call as his team is warming up. First batter hits a two hopper to F6 who plant and ... never throws, some how on a dry field his plant foot never plants and F6 goes down hard. Coach comes out again to attend to his player, right before he leaves he says I guarantee I have to come out again. Next batter strikes out, but after that, during the 3rd batter of the inning R1 steals, F6 covers 2nd and blocks the bag, the ball is way late but because of how he blocked the bag he takes a cleat to the "lower mid-section." For those wondering, yes it should have been obstruction, but the guy was safe anyway and the ball was recovered by F4 very quickly, no I didn't call it because it wasn't necessary to make R1 safe at 2nd. Coach comes out and as he jogs past me to F6 he says "told you". I couldn't help but chuckle a little.
  10. Jasper_C

    Bobbled ball at 1b

    How do you know it was Fielder, it could have been Votto, Davis or Duda as well. ;-) But I agree with the others, lack of secure possession when the BR touches the bag makes him safe. Jasper
  11. My interpertation is as soon as the AC comes out, I don't get into a discussion I just tell him he is restricted and then go to the HC and if he wants to discuss it I will discuss it with him as I walk him towards his dugout and inform him because his AC is a knucklehead he has to watch from the bench. When this rule came in 3 years ago my first game had a scorekeeper/AC comeout to argue a banger at the plate. I just told him he was restricted andthe HC(also 3BC) just nodded as he walked to the dugout when I said he was restricted too. We had a new 3BC for the rest of the game. The AC only "pays" for the conversatation if he is getting dumped, if he is going to watch the rest of the game he better realize his mistake and not compound it. Jasper
  12. I am just dissapointed I wasn't there to see it because I was sleeping before working the graveyard shift. Yours was even eaiser then the 2 I have had this season. Jasper
  13. No But... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald_ash_borer The Emerald Ash Borer is threatening the entire White Ash population in the eastern half of the United States. It eats through the wood and makes it useless for furniture, baseball bats, and pretty much anything but firewood. Jasper
  14. I must be lucky, as I have only had one catcher block me out repeatedly in the last two years. He was so bad at it the coach never said a word to me he told his catcher that he had to let me see the pitch. The coach even came over and told me it was a problem he was having and thanked me for not letting him get away with it because it was JV. He knew that the kid was going to be his varsity catcher next year and he also knew if he didn't get it fixed now our varsity umpires were not going to let him get away it next year. This catcher was coming out of his crouch as the pitcher was releasing the ball, I was lucky to even see it in the last 50' to the plate. The coach, who I found out later is also a catcher in a local adult league worked with him over the summer and last year I had the same catcher twice and never had a problem. The only thing I could do was go up and back, before the team when to their other catcher (the starting catcher had to go pitch) I was almost standing straight up just to see over the catcher's shoulder (he was 5' 10" ish and I am only 5' 5"). It made for an interesting game, not one of my better ones as my zone was bad as a result of having to change my stance so much, I kicked a catch/ no catch by looking away and I kicked a ruling on a batter's interference, at least I looked it up and know the rule backwards and forwards now. One of the things I have found that works is getting the schools to invite us out to a inter squad scrimmage/practice, we do this for free and in exchange we talk to their whole program about (frosh to varsity) rules and rule changes, we answer any questions and we watch pitches from behind all of the catchers and let them know some things that help like not cutting off our view of the plate and the difference between pulling pitches and framing pitches. I really see the difference a during playoffs at lower levels (13U-15U) where guys who have been told/asked to give the umpire at least part of the inside corner vs. catchers who block out umpires and even after being told can't figure out why they can't get strikes during the playoffs. Jasper
  15. Charlie Finley, former owner of the A's was the one who tried the experiment in he 70s for some day games. It didn't go over well for many reasons: The balls were painted yellow, not made of yellow died leather and the paint came off in the players hands. The paint was also on the seams and the batters complained they couldn't see the rotation/spin of pitched balls. The yellow ball had a tendency to blend in and disappear against the yellow sun. The last problem which doomed it from the start was it is akin to blasphemy to try to change something in baseball as sacred as the ball itself being white. I haven't heard or seen anything like it since the experiment by Finley's As of the 70s. Jasper PS This is the same guy who got the team to where white baseball shoes, paid bonuses for players wearing a mustache and hired a sprinter to be a pinch runner (Herb Washington).
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