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  1. looking Forward To Getting Back On The Field

  2. I agree with you HokieUmp. P.S. Who is angry
  3. Does anyone have/use this? http://www.baseballsavings.com/customer/search.jsp?search=umpire What do you think of it?
  4. I feel the plate umpire should keep an eye on the batters foot if he or she knows it is an issue. Even without lines. Whether you notice it or it is brought to your attention - watching the foot is the plate umpires responsibility. I do not watch the foot every batter. However, the catcher has just as much of a responsibility to catch the ball as you have to call the pitch. If he can see a foot out of the box you should be able to see the foot out of the box. I watch the foot the best I can behind the plate. As a player more than once the plate umpire told me he had other things to do - that would just piss me off. What if the batter was gaining an advantage. You are not stickler if you make that call - its a rule, and a coach cannot argue with that. There are many responsibilities that come before watching a foot, but it is still the plate umpires responsibility.
  5. JaxRolo do you were the Champion Sports Outside Plastic Shield Professional Model Chest Protector - if so do you like it?
  6. I have a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE interest in new protective products. I have recently developed a new style of throat guard that is slowly making its way through the patent process. I feel new protective products are extremely important for the future of umpiring. I began developing forearm and elbow coverage about a year and a half ago, but stoped to concentrate on my throat guard. After reading these posts I am going to continue that development. I have been umpiring for 11 years, and the injuries that I have seen people go through - for lack of a better word - SUCK! About 8 years ago before I was thinking about protective products. I saw a good umpire turn terrible after one bad hit behind the plate. I have not had a devastating hit behind the plate, but I know it is coming. Personally, I want to be ready. I have not seen the shock doctor products before - I don't think they have it right (my opinion). If a company creates something similar to what I am thinking about - I will buy it and will wear it.
  7. Your partner was out of line. That is your call all the way. Just because there is no line for a batters box does not mean there is no batters box. The batters box is always there - 3ft in front of and 3ft behind the center of home plate and 4 feet wide. Your partner can not see the batters foot position from the C post as well as you can. I don't think it would be a good idea to call a batter OUT for being out of the box (with no lines) if you are not sure (border line). If you know he is a foot out of the box - I say get that OUT every time. You should be ready to explain that to the coach though when he comes out though. Keeping your eye on the foot print or a reference spot in the dirt will help. There are many times in a two man crews where you are not be able to get in the best position to make the call. When that happens and the coach wants you to get help from your partner - ask your partner - he may have had a better angle. However, because you are asking you partners opinion does not mean it is now your partners call. If the call is originally yours it remains yours. Take what your partner says into account, and make your decision. I have been in a situation where I was over ruled by the director of the tournament on a baseball field - so I know how you feel. He said I was not allowed to eject a coach after I ejected him.
  8. If you are set up in the slot and the catcher completely blocks your view of the plate - What can you do? Should you ever move to the other side of the catcher? I have herd "No" but sometimes I feel like that is the best option. If you have eniough time.
  9. I am looking forward to your update.
  10. Well, I dont know yet. What ever people will pay for it I guess. I am thinking $40 - $60 but I am not really sure. As of right now it is a custom product. So it is allot of hands on work for me. The idea is to stop injuries to the neck/throat area completly. Eventually, I hope it will be something you can't live with out behing the plate - like shin guards or a chest protector.
  11. Thanks for the replies fellas.. http://www.nuttybuddy.com/fox-sports-science-nuttybuddy.html Im buying one.
  12. Thanks for the replies fellas. I have always thought the scissors would be a more vulnerable stance (thank you BrianC14). My thinking behind that was because your arms are right up front, and your arms are on of the few things not protected. However, the few umpires I have talked wouldn't box out for anything.
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