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  1. Tough one for me to see... http://m.mlb.com/video/v36036425
  2. I think in UmpireWorld, that's viral!
  3. I am the Safety Director for a concrete company, so I get to be annoyed by both!
  4. Umpete

    Walk off OBS

    One of the questions was, "What could Middlebrooks have done differently?" I would have loved to see Torre say, "Catch the baseball!" Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Umpete

    Walk off OBS

    Good question. I noticed where Joyce was looking also, but I don't know the coverage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. Exactly! I agree it was correctly ruled as NOT interference.
  7. We've discussed this before - interesting to see it. And it cost my Nats the game. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=27063973&topic_id=&c_id=mlb&tcid=vpp_copy_27063973&v=3
  8. Umpete

    Line Out Question

    Two bases TOT. All runners liable to be out on appeal if they don't retouch before advancing.
  9. Appropriate screen name. Now for a serious question - What if you are umpiring in a so-called "gun free zone" as may be the case in some schools? Do you ignore it? I know we have a "no weapons" policy where I work that is not worth the paper it's written on.
  10. Two questions: Can't you still see a pulled foot from 3BLX (maybe not as well but...)? Isn't his primary responsibility HP, and shouldn't he be in the best position for that potential play?
  11. Expected call? http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=26304991&topic_id=&c_id=mlb&tcid=vpp_copy_26304991&v=3
  12. As I am headed out the door last night to do my 11-12 YO rec game, I get an alert on my phone for a "Winter Weather Advisory." I get to the field with temps hovering around freezing but we get started. Driving sleet begins stinging the side of my face in the third inning. After walking a few batters, HTC asks his pitcher if something is wrong with his hand. Pitcher replies, "Yea, I can't feel it!" Next half-inning pitcher goes 0-2 on a batter and his coach tells him to "Give him something nasty." I turn to the coach and say, "Just read him the weather report." We made it through 4 before every
  13. I've met just one. I bought him lunch when he was working a concert in Charlottesville. But I guess he doesn't remember. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. This is what cured my tunnel vision. Head still, eyes turned slightly left (for a RH batter). Then when the ball comes in, follow with your eyes and when it comes through the zone your eyes are looking straight ahead across the plate. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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